Tuesday, 13 October 2009

all the ants were fancy-dancing with the fleas..

today has been a rather positive day, i have got a lot of work done, and am well ahead of schedule, so taking a couple of minutes out to create a quick post..also remembered to take my outfit pic this morning too, but excuse the fact my hair was still damp as i was in a bit of a rush..

i love today's dress, florals are fab any time, but this came from one of the charity shops in my town, and cost an entire £4-00!! i love it for it's wartime chic vibe, and have teamed it with various pearly bracelets, co-ordinating bangles from river island this summer sale, and pearl studs..also what is possibly my favourite pair of Irregular Choice shoes (this week anyway!)..turquoise and pink with gorgeous cute little bugs on exception to the no-kitten-heels rule as i generally can't stand the style of kitten heels on my massive feet :X

speaking of charity shop bargains, i popped into town this lunchtime in order to try and find some material to make my halloween costume, and was sidetracked by the charity shops on the same street..i ended up with a vintage sewing box, a lovely rose print pyrex mixing bowl (perfect timing as i am making my xmas cake this evening) and a pair of mittens, two vintage jacques vert handbags and a parisienne print for the flat..all for £25 so was fairly happy, even when my material hunt didn't go well at all..

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  1. Well done on the charity shop finds! I love Jacques Vert clutch bags. That dress is CUTE! xX