Friday, 23 October 2009

burning bridges, making wishes..

have had such a crazy busy day at work today, only just managing to have a breather now and eat my lunch, although that's fine as my appetite has far from returned to me and i still feel sick almost all the time..maybe time to arrange a trip to the doctors???

anyway, i will add some pics of yday's outfit, and then today's, as i fell behind a bit on the's outfit was centred round the red lipstick (i always seem to pick the most random little detail and then build an outfit around it - a bit backward, i know)..
the grey dress was a bargain from the monsoon sale back in january, only one left and (kinda) my size, but i have lost a few pounds since then, and it fits much better now..i love the volume it takes from it's built in petticoat..

the black cardi needs replacing - so i now have a reason to go to the shops this weekend, as i wear it a lot recently and the right sleeve is starting to unravel..will try and find a similar one in primark i think..

the irregular choice shoes of the day are one of my favourite pairs, pale pale pink with underwear print on, and i love the clashing contrast between the pink and red..i love these so much that i bought a back-up pair when they relaunched the style last year (with a more pointy toe, which i don't like as much), and also have the flat slingback version, and two (!) of the matching clutch bag..maybe i'll ebay the spare one..when the postal strikes are over anyway..

i have officially no weekend plans, which usually would be a cause for concern, but as i still feel ill, i am actually rather looking forward to being able to just catch up on the sewing and crafty projects that i've been putting to the bottom of the list for so long..and there's always the imminent wardrobe clearout..grrr!

one of the projects, as i wandered through accessorize the other day, i decided to replicate this, as i absolutely love it, but it's completely impractical as a scarf (according to my mother who was with me at the time) and probably not worthy of the accessorize price tag, but i figure it should be fairly easy to make - remembering back to making pompoms as a little girl!!


  1. Loved the hair worn up like that! Your mum's right you can definately try to make that pom-pom scarf, there's instructions for a similar one in the "Yeah, I made it myself" book by Eithne Farry.

  2. Oh wow, I love your dress, and how you've pulled the whole look together!