Thursday, 8 October 2009

damn girl..dry your eyes..

not a good start to the day this morning, have just discovered that the standing order i set up on my online banking 5 months ago has NOT been paying my council tax as i i'm behind with that, and the bank are not exactly forthcoming with finding my money..feel like crying, but that's not inkeeping with my recent positive i'm being strong..

today's outift isn't really helping me either..i'm not quite happy with it..

the top was a birthday present, it's from Next, and has a floaty shape and a tie at the back of the neck, and a low cut back - really love the print on it, and russian dolls seem to be around at the moment..

the skirt is from primark several years back, blue leopard print on a grey background, and has the obligatory tulle net layer underneath for volume!

then the cardi and boots, same as yday..beaded necklace from H&M whilst i was at uni, and i finished it off with a black bow in my problematic hair..

did have quite a productive evening last night, finally finished turning some fimo creations into jewellery, as they've been sat around for ages..see the cupcake earrings which i made and put onto studs, finally..may make some more for xmas presents as i'm pleased with how they turned out..

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  1. super cute earrings! hurrah for another jewellery maker!