Tuesday, 20 October 2009

i got a first class ticket to a night all alone, and a front row seat up right by the phone..

feeling a bit blue this morning, couldn't sleep and have got a cold, which is making me feel awful - shivering one minute, too warm the next..but i figured i'd be better off at work, rather than sitting at home on my own..

took a pic of the rest of yday's outfit when i got home last night, so have added that here, and also today's, which is not very inspired, just a wool tunic dress, which i saw on the tv and tried to track down on the web, and then happened to find in a boutiquey store in my town!! (had to have it there and then!), just with some black tights and boring primark pumps, as i have a mega blister on my foot from yday's boots :(


  1. I love the red tunic, so perfect for this time of year

  2. That yellow skirt is so pretty, love the print and such a cheery colour for a dull autumn day! xx