Monday, 19 October 2009

i'm like a victim and all that you need is an alibi..

well, i've just come back to work from a lovely few days away to catch up with both my sister and my thoughts..went to an all american rejects concert on thursday evening (they are my favourite band), and then had a relaxing weekend of shopping with my sis in our holiday house, involving a new dinosaur for my collection (charity shop), a lengthy bike-ride, and some sewing i've been meaning to catch up on for ages..also went to see Up, at the flicks, which was fab :)

most importantly, the weekend away from the usual people gave me a chance to reflect on my recent relationship break-up, and realise how badly i've allowed people to treat me..

i only have a couple of outfit posts from the last few days, but here goes anyway..

gig outfit - Topshop fairy grey / black mini skirt, which is short, but has masses of layers, which i think i can get away with over leggings (i have to admit i have this same skirt in three other colours, and i don't think i've ever worn them, i don't get on too well with short short skirts, although i think the gradual weight-loss / confidence-gain is helping that a little)..the green All American Rejects tee was from an earlier gig, and the hairband from the Topshop sale a year or so ago..with a Primark cardi and pumps, so as it didn't matter when they got covered in beer etc..

Sunday shopping outfit with sis - we found this kitschy little puffball dress in the george @ Asda sale for £4, cute milkshake print, and just the one left in my size - it had to be done, and i was so excited i wore it the next day..with the bright bubblegum pink beret, £3 and pink pumps, £1 (sale) found in Primark on our spree before the gig..the bag is new too,£4 (i think), cardi as before..

today's outfit is yet to be photographed, but i will edit as necessary, and describe now anyway..mustard cotton skirt with cream paisley print, from Tesco (i'm not a clothes snob!) black leggings and cardi, pale gold vest (New Look) with a huge cream and gold chain effect necklace and gold bangle, and most importantly, gold 'Spatz' ankle boots, by Irregular Choice, naturally..

also, the mock croc vintage handbag i had from the charity shop haul the other day, which i have today realised i only paid £2.99 for, as she must have mis-read the £12.99 price tag - must go back!! Ooh, and a pair of taupe woolen fingerless gloves, from accessorize's sale last year, but i only cut off the tags this absolutely LOVING big chunky knitted accessories at the moment!!

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  1. I love your Sunday shopping outfit,
    and all the golden goodness.

    Hurrah for not being a clothes snob (I'm not either)

    I get sick of seeing topshop clones all over the place!