Friday, 9 October 2009

it's a new day..but it all feels old..

really haven't found that "friday feeling" yet..i think i need to get rid of some of the stresses in my life as my head never seems to stop hurting recently..

the weather forecast says it will be rainy today, so i took that into account and chose some relatively suitable footwear, and then added the rest of the outfit around that..the boots are old Irregular Choice ones, I like the 80s feel to them, whilst the dress was from the Peacocks sale earlier this year, but this it it's first wear, and i'm not entirely convinced i like it..the black cardigan seems to be my most-worn item of clothing recently, it was £25 from Topshop over a year ago, but since then had been worn for many bar shifts, and many days at the office as it seems to go with everything..

my plans this evening are to have a massive sort through of my wardrobe its a MESS!!

in response to various queries, i am adding a pic of some of my Irregular Choice's grown a lot since a year ago, when this picture was taken!!

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