Friday, 30 October 2009

just a small town girl, living in a lonely world..

was fairly disappointed with the polo film festival, it was mamma mia, which i've seen before and wouldn't have chosen to see again..but a cheap night out nonetheless and a chance to wear my popcorn necklace by tatty devine which has been in the box since i got it last year...

last night's oufit for the cinema consisted of a blue floral print prom dress from topshop last year, the recent green shrug from h&m a few weeks back, and the neclkace, with a black h&m bag, and my indigo primark suede boots..basically thrown together in a mad rush as i only had about 5 mins to get ready..
similarly this morning i woke up late, so decided to go for "intentionally-messy" hair, and the dress i got in the sale last week from miss selfridge, to try it out..have teamed it with the black satiny shrug jacket from peacocks, grey tights and blue pixie boots, with a chunky blue river island necklace..have actually got the officially worst headache ever!!! :(


  1. I LOVE that popcorn necklace. Immense.

  2. Thanks, the bracelets' for sale on ebay at the moment, i may list the necklace soon, haven't yet decided.
    Have a lovely halloween :)

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Have a happy Halloween. xxxx

  4. I love Tatty Devine stuff. Cute necklace, perfect for a cinema trip! :)

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