Wednesday, 14 October 2009

please just don't play with me, my paper heart will bleed..

as a trade-off for leaving early, i had to be in the office obscenely early this morning, so dressed up to cheer myself up a little's not all bad though, as i'm off to wales this afternoon for the rest of the week, to see my sister, and she's joining me to see my favourite band at a concert tomorrow night, so i'm rather excited..need to get home and pack though!!

outfit today consists of a kitsch doll and polka dot print skirt from one of the ranges at new look, via ebay, and i must admit i've never seen another..and totally love it..i've teamed it with lilac accessories, the beret is from river island, primark top and the shawl was years ago at matalan, and was worn to my school prom..i love the colour of this shrug, bought a couple of wks ago from h&m..

the usual wardrobe staple, leggings, and another of the Irregular Choice pairs..these were via ebay too, and a size bigger than they were sold as, but i have managed to find some insoles to make them manageable..ooh and the mittens i found yday for £1.25 in the red cross shop :)

also, rather pleased that the first stage of my wardrobe sorting has been done, i finally got hold of a clothes rail, and have used it to hang (most of) my skirts, in order that i can actually see what i have got - quite a few to sell, and better than the suitcase where they have been stored until now..i love when you discover clothes you'd forgotten about - it's almost better than shopping!!

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  1. I LOVE the pastel tones here and as ever, your shoes!

    I want those mittens!