Monday, 16 November 2009

all i want for christmas is you..

..but, since that won't happen, i figure a more materialistic take on things is called for..

i know it's probably too early for an xmas reference, but i've ended up with quite a fair balance in my paypal account, from various ebay sales and surveys, and want to try and cheer myself up by treating i had a quick look through all my favourites links, and figure one of the following..
miss selfridge have a lovely range of party dresses in at the moment, the strapless sequin skirted prom dress is a tried and tested classic style, and the cute lace layered one below looks fab in the pics (they have it in a tempting purple as well), although i can't help wondering just how flattering that cut would be on anyone who doesn't resemble a rake..

my possible favourite of the lot is the 7 curses dress from all saints..i fell for it when it was first in store, but £150 was more than i could afford to spend on a dress at the time, although it's down to a more friendly £95 now and back in stock on the website..
i tried on the blue coat in white stuff last week, and love the polka dot pattern of the fabric, but was not happy with the sizing, as it's pretty big and they didn't have the size below in's a thin material for a winter coat, but that would suit me as i always seem to be too warm in a thick woolen number..
really liking the cameo print topshop have in at the moment as part of their "jubillee" collection..there was a cute dress which i had earmarked for payday, but had sold out by then, so i am happy to settle for the bag which i think would look great with some of the more gothic inspired pieces around at the moment, in an attempt to quirk them up a little..
really liking the idea of a pair of real leather flat boots at the moment, and was really taken with the button detail on this new look pair..they're also really reasonably priced for real leather boots, at only £55, so definitely an investment in my opinion..
another fab party dress (as that's really what my wardrobe is calling out for!), this time from topshop..they have this one in nude and black fabric too, but i really like the lavender..and it's the popular holly style pattern, which i have in a few other colours and really like, so this one's probably a definite!!!
really got a thing about gothic-y lacey items at the momenrt, which is weird for me as i tend to shy away from black as a going out colour..i've worked in enough bars etc that black clothes have become a kind of work uniform, which is probably the reason i usually dress in such out-there colourful combinations..but that said, i tried on this lace cardi / shrug in dorothy perkins yesterday, and it hangs very well, and looks like the perfect accessory for updating that last season's dress to fit in with this winter's trends..which is a bargain at £25 in anyone's book..
next up, a make i hadn't come across until recently, ruby belle, as stocked on the fever website..i happened to flick through a trade catalogue, as my friend has a local shop and was thinking of stocking some new lines, and really loved this dress - the kitschy toadstool print just jumped out at me from the page so i set about tracking it down on the £44.99 it's reasonably priced to compete with the likes of topshop and miss selfridge, but a little less mainstream, which works for me..
all that said, i am maybe swaying towards this chunky long cardi from miss selfridge - i've been in and tried it on more than once, just to keep checking they haven't sold out in my local store..i like the oatmealy background, as it lends itself to being teamed with a range of other colours..and the pinky and silver sections have more of a sparkle to them in the flesh, which is good for curling up on the chaise lounge with a good book now that the weather is starting to get that much worse..
so i haven't managed to come any closer to a decision yet..

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  1. Oh, I choose all of the dresses! They're so pretty. I love lace too and you can't beat black for an instant glamour injection.