Friday, 13 November 2009

i feel like i'm living the worst day, over and over again..

i must admit i haven't had the best few days..very tearful, down to a number of reasons, but am feeling a lot more positive today, as i have a busy weekend ahead of me again, which at least gives me plenty of other things to think about..

was having a route through one of my wardrobes this morning, and came across this dress i had bought from a vintage shop in london in january this year..totally love it, but still need to lose a couple of pounds before it will fit comfily enough to wear for a day at work, i have only worn it once so far, the day i bought it as we went to a gig that evening, and just remember it being a little tight on the waist..i LOVE vintage shopping for the quality and cuteness of the garments, but the sizing always makes me feel like a whale!!

in the end, today's outfit was a simple brown dress from h&m, a great buy at the time,but the first time i wore it i managed to smear makeup on it, which means there's a small pale brown mark i can't shift, and an oily patch, neither of which have washed out through numerous washes, so i always have to remember it needs covering up with a cardi..this purple one was from primark last winter but i have never worn it, so i decided it was time to take the tags off and try it out..i like it, although its a bit frustrating to do up as the buttons are only at the top, which makes it a bit cape-like and doesn't do much for the shape..

have teamed the whole lot with a pair of opaque turquoise tights, in true daisychain style, to pick up the detail in the cardi, and pearl and turquoise beads, purple flat shoes and a purple bangle..the leopard coat is my best charity shop find ever, it was £10, and i obviously thought it was faux fur, but having taken it to be repaired along the dodgy seams (i didn't want to try and do it myself, i was advised it was genuine..and obviously worth far more than £10!)..i don't want to get into the whole fur debate, whilst i don't mind fur, i didn't actually think it was genuine when i bought it..


  1. Fab coat! I bet you could sling that over jeans and a t-shirt and still look totally glamorous.

    Glad you're feeling cheerier. xxx

  2. Lovin' the snake print kelly bag! Let me know when you're bored with it. Top outfits, hope you're feeling happier today (although it's hard to smile when the rain's lashing down).
    Have a smiley weekend, Vix xx

  3. PS - I can never, EVER find vintage shoes to fit my size 8 trotters. Sigh. xx

  4. I LOVE that coat
    and your bright tights!

    feel better soon beautiful xo