Monday, 2 November 2009

on her block, all of the boys call her flamingo..

having had a busy week, by the weekend, i was pretty tired, but determined not to give in and laze around all weekend, i was inspired to go bargain-hunting, by Vintage Vixen's blog, and all of her impressive intentions were to do a trawl of as many charity shops as i could fit into a five hour trip on Saturday, and then head to a local car boot on Sunday morning..unfortunately the weather put a stop to the second leg of my plans, but i have included a pic of my finds, including a lot of chick-lit books (one of my guilty pleasures) and a book on doing up furniture, which i plan to make use of with some pieces i have received from very kind fellow freecyclers..also, i am very taken with the clock, and the pink glass plate (it's making me think "cupcakes", which i may have a go at depending on what time i return home this evening)..also, managed to pick up a few bits for xmas presents, which is making this year the most organised yet!!
my outfit for saturday consisted of a pair of pink lace leggings, from the miss selfridge sale this year, and a fabulous flamingo print dress, originally from h&m and featured in vogue at the time, a few years back - i saw the piece and managed to track one down on good old ebay..i teamed this with green nail polish, a pair of fluffy primark boots for comfort, and the green shrug from the last post, along with a darker green scarf..


  1. I love the dress, so cool with the pink tights - really brings out the colour of the flamingos! Well done on the second-hand finds - I've got that "doing up Junk" book, truly inspiring! Chazzing rocks!! xxx

  2. I love the dress, it looks so awesome with those tights.

  3. Love that rose print clock! And the dress looks great with the pink tights. A unanimous opinion, it would seem! :)