Thursday, 26 November 2009

she lives in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find..

i have to say thank you to laura at adaisychaindream for my first award, and also this tag, which i have filled in for a bit fo fun..reminds me of the emails that used to go round in college ("fill this in or you will never find true love" etc etc lol)..but it's filled in anyway..

1.Where is your cell phone right now? on my desk at work, stubbornly refusing to ring..

2.Your hair: dark brown, today straightened by my lovely friend ellen who visited last night

3.Your father: wants the best for me, and is not as scary as one might think..

4.Favorite Food: recently very into gnocchi, with goats cheese, spinach and butternust squash

5.Last night: i went to a cocktail training session at work

6.Favorite drink: dark cherry mocha from starbucks, this week anyway..

7.What room are you in? my office

8.Hobby: making dresses, jewellery and other pretty - does that count??

9.Fear: feeling lost and alone :(

10.Where were you last night? learning to make colourful cocktails..

11.Something that you aren’t: skinny enough..

12.Muffins: not really a fan, but sometimes a skinny peach one from starbucks..

13.Wish List item: irregular choice definitely maybe boots..or anything irregular choice for that matter..

14.Where did you grow up? near to where i live now..

15.What are you wearing? a dress, and silver irregular choice shoes :) a grey beret

16.Your pets: in the office, four goldfish..

17.Friends: i choose few, but strong friendships over lots of shallow ones..

18.Sometimes you’re not wearing: trousers..never ever!!

19.Favorite Store: currently? h& store just opened - late night shopping next week!!

20.Favorite color: often pink

21.Last time you laughed: yesterday evening

22.Your best friend: is one of the biggest parts of my life..

23.Place you go over and over: the gym..the library..and lots of charity / junk shops..

24.Person who emails you regularly: my lovely sister, who i miss whilst she's at uni :(

25.Favorite place to eat: anywhere, so long as the company is good and the music not too loud..

in addition to the tag, i promised the lovely jen at alittlebirdtoldme, that i would take some pics of my wardrobe room, to make her worry less about the mess in one of her here i've added some..i tend to have a tidy up / clear out once a week or so, in case there is anything i have grown fed up of and feel like selling on, and to try and keep it all in some kind of order..but it's still all a giant mess 99% of the time!!


  1. :) I love getting to know people more through these tags.

    I must try the dark cherry mocha, it sounds wonderful. Normally I stick to the gingerbread latte at Christmas time!

  2. There's so many clothes in there, I'd love to rummage! xxx

  3. There ARE so many clothes in there! Eeeek, I do feel a little better! Although you have lots more choice than me, which makes me very jealous!

    You're such an Irregular Choice princess. You really should be their brand spokeswoman! Imagine the freebies!! :)

  4. Love these tags, and the photos too!