Wednesday, 25 November 2009

you'll always be my bring on the rain..

i had to rack my brains at the weekend for some flood-appropriate footwear, but managed to dig out these IC's which i haven't worn before, which are leather and therefore nice and waterproof..i threw the rest of the outfit together around the boots, the bright pink shrug a favourite from h&M as it's so nice and snug, along with a polka dot skirt, leggings and a grey tshirt with skull detail, all of which were also h&m bargains..i was glad to have a nice bright outfit on, considering the majority of the weekend was spent working in boring black..

whilst on the subject of h&m, the new shrewsbury store opened last week, which was quite exciting..i managed to pop in on the weekend and there were lots of lovely dresses and sparkly scarves, and a lot of chunky knits at half price, so roll on pay day, when i shall definitely be returning!!

the boots made a comeback in today's outfit, as the grounds are getting more and more flooded around where i live, so i was anticipating puddles..i did take some altogether more sensible grey pumps with pink flowers on for the day, but i think the outfit lent itself to both types of footwear..the dress was a bargainous £4 from george a month or so ago, and i love the kitschy milkshake print..and the cardi also happened to be from george, longer ago, but i seem to have a thing for bows at the moment and the colourscheme fitted together well..


  1. LOVE those boots!

    I've left you an award on my blog x

  2. What cheery boots! Bet you're singing in the rain when you wear those beauties! xxx

  3. Hi, what a fab blog, and lovely boots too!! x

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  5. AAAHH!! Boots! They are so cute I want to eat them. Gorgeous.

  6. Great blog and those boots are adorable, i could see a lot of my friends wearing those.

  7. Love these boots! I find it so hard to pick footwear when the weather is awfull, good choice! Your outfits are lovely as well. xo