Monday, 7 December 2009

few scenes from my life or moments mean more to me than our fine nights..

a new week, and i'm still miserable as sin, and have probably cried the most tears yet over this past weekend, but i've also made some progress, i hope..

i've got a couple of outfits to post, although haven't taken a pic of today's saturday was spent doing general errands, after a late night at work the previous night, as i wasn't feeling up to much, so just added lots of layers for comfort more than anything..the tunic dress is a miss selfridge one, which i love the ditsy prints on, but not the shape, so i used this vintage looking (but actually ASOS) elephant belt to try and cinch it a little, the tshirt underneath was an impulse buy for £2 in the new look sale, but i love the rusty, autumn colour, and the gold cardi is h&m..and the scarf was an xmas present years ago from accessorize..bit of a mess, but i wasn't dressing to impress anyone so i didn't really care..

yesterday i spent my day at the clothes show live, at the NEC, which i had never been to before..had a fantastic time, despite being ridiculously tired from the night at work and came away with a little shopping, there was an irregular choice stall after all, although amazingly i managed to limit myself to only one pair..i also got two dresses, which i shall add pics of next post :) my outfit for the day was a purple floral warehouse dress, with the cropped black blazer which has been getting a lot of wear recently..the fox necklace was in the window of one of my favourite local shops a couple of weeks ago, and i just had to have it..the clutch bag was a bargainous £4 from the peacocks sale and the perfect size for all the essentials..the show was amazing (and provided the start of my christmas excitement), and i was so glad for the excuse of a day away from everything to take my mind off things..hope everyone else enjoyed a lovely weekend :)


  1. I'm so jealous you went to the clothes show! Every year I promise myself I'll save up and go, perhaps 2010 will be my turn!

    (oh, was it you who was also interested in the vintage carousel necklace? I have another charm, and wanted to give you first refusal; with no pressure!)


  2. Wasn't it a great day? Kept me busy for hours. You showed great restraint with the Irregular Choice shoes. The cream colour really suits you, it's a tricky colour to pull off but you look really classy in it!
    Hope this week turns out better for you.