Monday, 21 December 2009

first the window, then it's through the wall..

ugh, i think unfortunately, my christmas excitement has already been and gone, i hope i change my mind by the end of the week..i tried to go to the supermarket at lunch, and it was so busy i almost screamed..i don't mind queuing so much, it's more the parents who let their unruly kids push their trolleys into you, or old people who stop right in front of you, only ever when you're in a rush..grrrrr!

anyway, rant over..i did venture into town on friday in a spate of last minute christmas shopping so that i could post everything in time for the big day, and in the process was reminded of my most recent arcadia gift card, received from surveys recently, and hopped into the miss selfridge sale to take a look..i came out with the cardigan i have been admiring for ages, a huge chunky beast of a cardi in a lovely neutral oatmeal, which was in the ale down to £22 from £45, so with my giftcard i only paid £ i wore it yesterday with a floral dress from dotty p's and my trusty Irregular Choice cowgirl boots, almost worn out now, (will have to break in the replacement pair soon i fear)..along with that was a scarf with lipstick print from h&m, which i found last week and had forgotten i owned..not a particularly exciting outfit, but i only spent the day going for breakfast with a friend, and then watching tv / reading / snoozing on the sofa, so it didn't call for much more..

today's outfit for work is a rockabilly polka dot dress from h&m, which i love for the buttons all down the back (nightmare to put on, but love the effect), teamed with a red cardi, red hairband and a red beret, and my irregular choice heart print heels..i then added a gorgeously thick brown vintage fur coat, not off tomorrow, which i am looking forward to immensely as my sis will be back from uni for the holidays and is spending the day with me! :)

my only nod towards festive spirit at the moment is that i've been using my radley explorer bag, which only gets released from the wardrobe about one week per year, as i feel it's a bit too xmassy for everyday..


  1. Ohh that radley bag is perfect for right now!
    Love the new cardi xx

  2. Ooooo that cardi looks gorgeous and warm! And i'm so in love with those heart shoes, i need them x

  3. Right, I'm getting that cardigan. £22 is such a bargain! I must have it!

    You surely have the best shoe collection of any girl I've ever known. Those heart print beauts are my new favourites.

  4. Rockabillytastic! Loving the polka dots. x

  5. Hope you're having a fantastic festive season!!!! Off to India in the morning -see you in the New Year.

  6. Love the polka dots...
    Amazing blog!


  7. That is an adorable bag. The scotties are ridiculously cute. Just love it!