Tuesday, 8 December 2009

i never thought that you could break me apart i keep a sinister smile and a hold of my heart..

i'm hoping to get at least some of that christmas feeling by the end of the day - my little sis is coming to work to help me decorate my office, and then coming for tea at mine so she can put my xmas dec's up at home too, as i have exactly NO enthusiasm for the festive season as yet..but my lovely purchases from the clothes show are pictured here, as well as outfits from yesterday and today..

i'm quite proud of myself for being so restrained on sunday at the clothes show, i managed to limit myself to the one pair of shoes from the irregular choice stall, which are technically not even IC's - Poetic Licence, but i totally fell for the gold and floral print mixture.. and the dresses were compete bargains, the red halterneck one reminds me of one in topshop earlier this year, and was only £15, whilst the maxi dress was £10 and is being put away for next summer, although i'm already looking forward to wearing it with some gold sandals..

yesterday's outfit was an effort to look smarter than i usually do at work - i always feel more confident in heels, and thought i could do with the helping went for a simple leopard print dress from tesco (i'm always concerned about leopard print, as if it's not worn right i am aware it can look super-tacky) so i just went for black accessories, apart from the leopard print bangle..the black blazer features yet again, and i went for one of my more simple pairs of IC's - black pinstriped with tape measure rosettes, which i think are one of their most classic styles, and soooo comfy - managed to wear them all day at work, and then to my guides meeting, where we spent a relaxing evening making xmas cards - much fun :)

today i decided to wear a blouse for the first time in ages (i don't really have the shape for them, and so usually find them uncomfortable), but i think this purple one is smartening up the skirt to make it look a bit more officey (hopefully)..and i decided to go for another pair of heels, this time the gold and black zig zag stripe ones - think it's definitely a 'heels week' this week - i have this pair in about 6 different colours, and they are the most comfortable pair of shoes to wear ever!! i'm planning on another version in the january sales too..i think that may be the most exciting thing about christmas, although this year there are sales on now, so it kinda spoils the rush of the january ones..


  1. Sounds like a lovely day you've got planned.
    I saw those maxi dresses - really pretty aren't they? It was refreshing to see clothes priced for all sized pockets.
    The pruple blouse is a superb fit on you and I love that Tesco dress, very vintage-looking and the quality looks great.
    Have a fab day, Vix

  2. I love the new dresses, especially the maxi.

    The gold and black zig zag heels are immense...and the purple blouse?! looks incredible on you.

  3. I love the red floral dress, such a bargain. OMG those zig zag heels are AMAZING!! X

  4. Such a great haul! I love those tape measure IC shoes - have had my eye on them for years but never got round to buying them. Might have to invest - they're too cute!