Tuesday, 1 December 2009

sooner or later, the things you love you lose..

today is just proving to me that the weather is getting slowly colder..however, i don't feel too down about it as i have that lovely "new shoe" feeling..i managed to nab this pair of irregular choice 'peanuts' boots, for literally peanuts via ebay, so am rather pleased, they arrived yesterday and brightened up an otherwise annoyingly stressful day..

i've teamed them with a rather simple tea dress from new look, incorporating some of the colours, a black cardi and leggings, and the cute little clown brooch, which caught my eye and cost me £3 from a street market last winter..

i've spent the last few days collecting together a pile of things to ebay from my overcrowded wardrobes, and have made a start, although there are some things i'm not sure whether to sell or keep, such as this tank top..,i'd like to keep it so long as i can think of a way to dress it for work, bearing in mind i don't wear trousers as a rule.., and all i can think of is an oversized shirt tucked into a pair of smart trousers :(

in addition, i photographed this river island hat, bought last year and never even worn, but then had second thoughts, as i decided i would like to wear it this year after all so i think i will hang onto it for a little longer to see if i would actually wear it first, especially now the weather is starting to get much colder..


  1. Those boots are stunning! What a find, Char.

    I can visualise that tank top worn over a lime green pleated skirt, pussy-bow blouse and hair pinned up randomly for a sexy secretary vibe.


  2. Those boots are awesome! I love the River Island hat, so cute x

  3. I totally agree with Vix and was going to say the same! A pussybow blouse and wiggle skirt would look great with that tank. Or you could even just throw it over a long sleeved dress in similar colours. Cute!

    Love the hat, too. So cosy!