Friday, 18 December 2009

the weather outside is frightful..

in a bit of a mad panic today, have just realised i need to get all my christmas post sent out today, so am frantically wrapping in between uploading drawings at starting to get into the christmas mood a little bit though, which is nice, considering the weather is freezing, and keeps promising to snow, but no sign of it yet..i much prefer this freezing temperature to rain, so i'm fairly cheerful..

have quite a few outfit posts to catch up on, have been working madly towards a deadline this week, so glad to finally have a chance to relax..

i've worn the new matalan skirt again for work this week, because i found a lovely heart print grey cardi with the same colour blue for the hearts, and dressed it up for work with the blue skirt and a pair of grey glitter heels..
one of last weekend's outfits, dressed around the floral bow hairband from new look..white lipstick print tshirt, h&m, blue tulle net skirt from rokit in london (also sometimes use as a petticoat for the volume!), and orange cardi from h&m via ebay, with tiny polka dots on..these were teamed with my ancient irregular choice cowgirl print boots, a cheerful outfit for a cheering up day spent with a lovely friend, who took me to see 'where the wild things are' (first time i have ever been to the cinema in the morning i think, was a weird feeling)..

sunday's outfit was a turquoise blue strapless primark dress, with a cream heart print cardi over the top, and obviously when i left the house i didn't wear the slippers - in fact i changed them for my irregular choice peanuts boots to match some of the colours..

sunday night was spent at a friend's for mulled wine, and then out for a few drinks in town, and i had a bit of a wardrobe dilemma, so tried a couple of outfits (above right) before settling on a black strapless river island dress with sequins and floral print, plum longline thin cardi, and a vintage brown fur coat, handed down to me from my nana, which caused a bit of debate with the people i went out with..the clutch bag was a bargain topshop sale purchase, £5 and a great size to fit all you need in, phone purse and camera at least..
finally, my work christmas party outfit, for lunchtime meal / into evening drinks..after a lot of deliberation over what dress to wear - i decided the long monsoon one i had in mind was too long for a lunchtime meal, so went with this ruffled blue one from eucalyptus, via a local boutique..i teamed it with the new staple stain blazer, black tights, and my favourite ever pair of shoes, blue patent shoe boots from topshop a long time ago, which hold some happy memories and are so comfy to walk in, which was good as we ended up walking into town later on..but all in all, a lovely time was had by all i hope...


  1. Your shoes never fail to make me drool! I love all these outfits so much

    (and thank you for the cutest card ever!)

  2. That blue dress is gorgeous, love it. My friend has those TopShop shoes, I drool over them each time she wears them, the blue is so vibrant, isn't it?

  3. You look so cute in the photos, i'm jealous of your shoes!

  4. I love your boots - those Christmas colours are so perfect for this time of year!

    Oh and now you've got me singing... 'but the fire is so delightful!'