Monday, 4 January 2010

don't tell me that its time for going need to knock some sense into your ego..

happy new year to everyone, and i hope you all enjoyed a lovely christmas couple of weeks off work have been spent relaxing with family and friends, as well as bargain-hunting (rather successfully, as the next few posts will no doubt show)..but it is nice to be back to the familiar routine..

the first outfit to catch up on is my xmas eve one, half a day at work and then to my parents' house for a few days..the tartan dress was £5 from primark a couple of years ago now, and every year it seems to just shout 'Xmas' at me, i love the bow and the ruffled rara effect!! I teamed it with boring black tee and tights, based on the fact i was mainly dressing the rest around my fabulous new grey boots from peacocks of all places (i saw some similar ones in faith and wasn't convinced, but liked these more)..i didn't think i was a fan of knee-high boots..but i think these flat ones look great, hopefully not too trashy..

christmas day was lovely, the morning spent with my parents and sisters opening presents around the tree, and then lunch out with the grandparents as well at a hotel in town, which was very nice..i love to dress up at christmas, even if i just end up having dinner at home, so was glad for the opportunity to wear a pretty dress out for once!! for xmas lunch outfit, i wore a lovely berry coloured monsoon prom dress, bought for next to nothing last year from one of my favourite ebay sellers and has been sat in the wardrobe mournfully ever since so thought it was about time to wear it..i added to it grey tights and longline cardi, along with a gorgeous gold carousel charm necklace (made for me by lovely laura of adaisychaindream) and one of my stocking presents - gold bow bangle from accessorize..i therefore chose some gold shoes, £12 a year or so ago in matalan..


  1. I love the boots! Will definitely keep my eye out for these next time I'm in Peacocks. Tartan is so Christmassy - you look fab!

  2. oh those grey boots are gorgeous!

    (and I want the orange shoes in your latest post, too!)