Wednesday, 27 January 2010

i hope the wind'll blow you back into my life..

life really does take you round and round in circles sometimes, or so i've begun to believe..i've been having a rough few days emtionally, and haven't much felt like posting anything, until i sorted my head out a little better anyway..i thought i had been through all this and come out the other side, but now i feel like i'm back where i started a few months back, as though no progress has been made at all..grrrrrr :(

as i haven't yet put together my nautical wardrobe, i will just catch up on a few recent outfits..i've been in a serious irreguar choice mood recently, have worn nothing but them for the last few days, which always cheers me up a little..
the weekend before last, my dad bought me a present as a bonus for doing well at work..the beautiful black and red handbag, which i saw in a shop window and totally fell for..hence the outfit worked around it for last friday - the black and white floral print dress is a classic h&m style which i have in various colours, teamed with a red and white tshirty cardi from topshop, which i'd forgotten about until my forage for nautical-inspired pieces..with these i wore my lovely irregular choice underwear print heels, which i so love, that and the new bag assured that i had a good friday :)
monday - still loving the bargainous cream sequin jacket from last post (tesco, £6!) i couldn't wait to wear it, so teamed it with a plain brown dress from h&m (told you i had it in different colours!) and river island floral tights, with some taupe shoes from asos with cute criss cross first the sequins felt a little dressy for day to day wear, but coffee before work with a friend meant a 7.30 start, so i needed something to cheer me up, and received several compliments throughout the day..
tuesday - having sat in pride of place on my windowsill for the last week or so since i unearthed them from the mess under the bed at the weekend, i was desperate to wear my irregular choice gold spatz ankle boots again, so decided to add to them a simple leopard print shift dress, again from tesco, and simple black tights / shrug to draw attention to the shoes..
wednesday - when i first saw it in warehouse, i just had to have this dress! it is cut so well that it always seems to flatter, whatever i wear it with, and i think it may be the only thing i have ever paid full price for in i settled for it to go with my blue can can shoe boots with the pink bows and swans on, as the colours are picked out in the floral detail in the dress..not liking my awful hair the last few days, i think it needs a styling, and the terrible tights which were not as opaque as i'd hoped this morning :S
oh and i was rather proud of the cherry cupcakes i made at the weekend, although they haven't yet been eaten, as i am still suffering from the evil sotmach pains..but trying to avoid the dr as long as possible, perhaps unwisely..


  1. What fab outfits! I wear dresses in the summer but then don't bother in the winter. I don't know why?

    Cupcakes look great too!

  2. Fab outfits, that H&M dress shape suits you so well. I love how you mix prints and are not afraid to do so!

    P.S I love your table and chair set, what is the print on them?

  3. Love all your outfits as ever, you have fabulous taste.

    Sorry things are so tough going, cliche, but do hang in there x

  4. Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS! Yum.

    I'm still loving the Tesco sequined jacket, too!

  5. P.S Those cupcakes look so yummy. There is an award waiting for you on my blog x