Tuesday, 12 January 2010

L-O-V-E's just another word i never learned to pronounce..

sometimes i just get the feeling that the other housework can wait, it's time to bake a cake..or some cookies, or something lovely and yummy to cheer up my best friend at work the next day (as he's usually more miserable than me), inspired by a blog swap on the swap-bot site i signed up to last week, i have decided to post a few of my baking-related escapades..

the cookie monster cupcakes were inspired by a picture i found when searching for something totally unrelated..but my sister and i were so taken with them that we had to give them a go..think they turned out rather well, they went down a storm at work, just normal sponge cupcakes with blue coconut butter icing, and choc buttons / pieces of cookie for the tops..

the robot was a birthday cake for my best friend, i just made a basic sponge in a rectangular roasting tin, and then carved him up and reassembled to create a basic robot shape, which i then iced and decorated with various sweets and licquorice laces for the wires.worked rather well as an idea from my head..i also made my friend a miniature felt version of the little fella as a present to go with the cake..

sunday night was my most recent cupcake experiment, as for christmas i received a book of 1001 cupcake recipes from a friend, which has all sorts of goodness in..i decided to try out these pineapple ones, which were just basic sponge with pieces of pineapple in the middle, which i loved..i only made a small batch as a trial, and they didn't make it thru a whole day at work, everyone seemed to like them, but i think they look a bit dull, so if i did them again i would put a piece of pineapple on the top of the icing too..

outfitwise, just a couple to add today, one from last week, where i went to a friend's house for a catch-up, having not seen her in a couple of months..due to the weather, i decided layers were a good idea, although i wanted a bit of a dressed-up feel, so wore a strapless sequin prom dress, new look limited ed. a couple of years ago, over tights and the long boots from peacocks..i then added a floral print tshirt from zara, and my chunky miss selfridge go out i also added coat, scarf and gloves, as well as the panda hat i recieved from my mum for christmas which i totally love..

yesterday i found a primark skirt with a nice paint-effect pattern in purples and greys, which i'd forgotten about in the midst of all the lovely things that are crammed into the overflow storage boxes under my bed..i added a plain teal tshirt, and a long silver cardi, with purple tights and my grey boots..the purple coat was an absolute bargain at the matalan sale, £8.50 down from £35 and it's such a lovely bright colour..also wore a pair of teal leather gloves, which i picked up in the primark sale this time last year, and was so glad i wore yday, as the reason for my slightly dishevalled appearance here is the impromptu snowball attack my guides group decided to launch on me..those gloves are now drying out on my radiator, after being the perfect thing for making snowballs!


  1. Ooooh ... you are such a good friend!

  2. All those baking goodies are making me feel hungry. I think I got the same 1001 cupcakes, cookies and tempting treats book for Xmas! My favourite so far are banana, raisin and choc chip cookies

  3. aw the cookie monsters are AMAZING and I love both outfits, especially your cutie hat!

  4. How amazing are the Cookie Monster cakes?! I want to make these. Love the robot cake too, and what a good idea to make a mini felt version!

  5. That's great !

  6. love the cookie monster cupcakes!
    homekeepingheather from swap-bot

  7. The baking is brilliant, i love the cupckaes!

  8. Whose a clever girl then? What adorable cakes! xxx

  9. I feel the same about housework... sometimes it can just wait lol
    ~Liz @ Observations n Such - Swap-bot Be my blog follower on Blogger Swap
    p.s. sorry this is a little late - i didn't have internet access for a few days here