Thursday, 21 January 2010

you know the stripes of a tiger are so hard to change..

..back to my cosy flat, I'm feeling nicely relaxed after a few days away having spent my time with one of my best friends, shopping, lunching and just catching up on each other's my outfit was dressed to do a fair amount of walking so I wore the flat grey boots with berry tights and a h&m strapless rose print dress (which I also have in blue as it's such a versatile dress!)..I've noticed that i definitely seem to have moved away from boring black leggings recently, where the once used to be my standard addition to every outfit, I've taken to tights since the weather has got colder, and seem to have accumulated a fair range of colours..I like the way a bright pair of tights seem to be able to add a quirky edge to a smart outfit for work or whatever..
I also wore my fabulous panda hat yet again, which I do seriously love, along with a grey lace draped cardigan, which I was so pleased to find in primark following there being one in black in dotty p's which I had coveted for so long, I then found that i liked the grey version better..
upon my return I headed to tesco for a quick food shop, and came back with this beautiful sequin jacket which definitely was not on the list, but at £6 was a total steal, so I was glad at the self scan checkout when my shopping had gone through and my budget would still allow for it!! thers just something about a clothes sale that makes me want to rummage through all that is on offer..however, what we did notice on our various trawls around the shops over the last few days is how similar the new season stock seemed to be in every store..I've never before noticed so many similar items in all the high sreet stores, I mean I know there is usually the same trend across the board, but there seemed to be almost identical items in every store, to suit every price addition, I think I may be bored of the nautical trend, which has boomeranged back into the windows every spring for the last few yrs..I couldn't find one thing from the new season range in any of the shops that I'll be back to purchase next week on payday, which is unbelievably unlike me!! I have decided to try and find as many pieces already in my wardrobe which will fit with the trend for my next post..


  1. Wow, £6 for the sequins? That is a totaly steal. I love the colour of it, makes a change from the black and silver I've seen everywhere

  2. I didn't realise it was only £6!!! What a bargain.

    Can't wait to see it on.