Saturday, 27 February 2010

love the quiet of the night time, when the sun has drowned in a deathly sea..

really really speedy outfit post, as i'm off shopping..i haven't yet typed up the pre-shoppign list, but i will do a comparison of what i decided to look for (on a rough piece of paper in my purse to remind me lol) and what i actually end up with..i have a whole list of things i like the look of on the web but want to try on first - i am learning lol, as i've never been a trying on girl before..

my shopping outfit is one of my favourite dresses ever, from h&m via ebay as it sold out of stores so fast due to featuring in vogue..i love this for it's rockabilly shape, and it's summery picnic vibe..although it hasn't stopped the rain today :(
plain red new look cardi, red bow earrings and the white irregular choice boots as i'm still in a grump about the new ones not fitting :'(
red beret to stop my hair looking too awful in the rain, adn i have got with me a black scarf, and a coat i will probably be leaving in the car..
have a lovely weekend!! xx

Friday, 26 February 2010

we'll head south just hold my hand now...

red red red!! apparently it is national "wear somethign red" day, so i am doing my part ;p

today's outfit is a lovely strapless dress from the be beau collection at matalan..i love this dress, and definitely love the fact it's more loose than last time i wore it..i remembered jewellery too, this ring was accessorize i think, with it's flame-like colours, and the necklace was a cheapy primark one, which is the reason my neck is turning green today :(

and then one of my first pairs of irregular choice shoes ever - the infamous red toadstool heels, which i've worn so much they have completely worn the pretty sole graphics away..but they are sooo comfy, was so excited when i found them in my holiday wardrobe last weekend and decided to help them escape..

i tried on the dress from ebay the other day, starry one from river island, which i completely love, but something wasn't quite right with it..the lining was too big, the straps on that would have to be shortened for it to stop being so low it was showing my underwear through..but even without that, the starry outer layer seemed too loose for my liking and had to be tied really tight at the back so that it was gathering at the sides, and the front ruffley section made me feel a bit 'matronly', so i'm afraid it has to go..itook some pics anyway, but they haven't changed my mind..

my next dilemma..this dress..bought as vintage, it's just too loose for me at the top, so again i think it needs selling..i'm not exactly a vintage expert though, i just buy what i like, not drawn by specific makes or era, so i may need a little guidance to be able to list it accurately..the label says david butler, but doesn't give much more advice..

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

you've been the only thing that's right in all i've done..

feeling ill and overtired today, but also in a weirdly excitable mood..i'm not sure why, although i am having a busy week already and it doesn't look set to quieten down until sunday :S

off to feed my newfound bingo obsession this evening again as it's cheap night so my bingo-friend is dragging me along for company..which is fine by me..

just a couple of outfits to post, as i've been away from home and spent a whole sunday in guiding uniform (well, my take on it) for our county thinking day celebrations..

saturday was spent driving up and down to wales, so i could catch up with the family / pick up little sis..i wore my new nautical "love" tshirt from next, with a blue leopard print mini skirt from primark with tulle net layers underneath so plenty of volume..i added a few bangles, and my trusty grey boots, which i'm getting truly bored with after a weekend of wearing nothing but!

today's outfit was fairly uninspired as i just wore the first dress i picked up and a black cardi / tights combo..remembered some jewellery in the form of gem heart earrings from topshop, and a rose brooch..and also added the purple poetic licence shoe-boots and my pom pom scarf from accessorize when i went out for if the dress isn't colourful enough for a dreary snowy tuesday..will hopefully think of something a little more interesting tomorrow..

Friday, 19 February 2010

it's not always rainbows and butterflies, it's compromise that moves us along..

it's such a sunny morning here, how can i be miserable?! i feel as though i've said all i have to say to him, and i can't help someone if they don't accept that they need any i'm just leaving him to it, in the knowledge that one day he'll realise that he needs to do something about all this, and when he does i'll be there for him..until then, i'm concentrating on my own life..

i wish i was the organised type, who plans a whole outfit the night before to save the morning rush..that said, i'm a light sleeper and an early riser, so generally have plenty of time in the mornings..the closest i get to planning, is maybe picking one top or skirt i want to wear the following day, and then having to build everything else around it when i wake up..

today it was the new floral cardigan which i decided to wear..when i was clearing the wardrobe room out the other night i came across these green boots which i had totally forgotten about, and felt would match the colours of the cardi..i like them, think they were from new look..i used to time-share them with my mum, as she loves bottle green shades too, and luckily we just about have the same shoe size..i bought her some bottle green shoe-boots a couple of xmases ago on the proviso that these ones could come with me when i moved out :D

the brown dress is my boring neutral, as the main part of the outfit has to be the pretty cardi :) i'm not sure what to do with this dress, i've got a patch of foundation stain on it, and another random oil-based mark (prob make up as well), which have been there for ages, and don't seem to come out in the wash..any recommendations to remove them would be totally appreciated, as i do like this dress, but whenever i wear it i get that sinking feeling when i remember it's imperfections :(

ooh, last but not least..anyone fancy a bronze glittery coin purse?? it's just one i picked up on my last trip to london, but i can't seem to get on with it as it's small so got nowhere for cards..some of the glitter has fallen off, and is liable to get everywhere, but if that hasn't put you off, please leave me a PM or a comment..xx

Thursday, 18 February 2010

i wrote this letter in my head, cos so many things were left unsaid..

..still buzzing this morning from my busy evening yesterday..i got home, and managed to tidy the kitchen (swept, mopped, washing up, washing machine on, tiles and worktops scrubbed), living room (swept, tidied, furniture rearranged and sofas defluffed with one of those sticky clothes de-fluffers) and bathroom (swept, mopped, all tiles scrubbed completely shiny :D ), and got most of the clothes back in the wardrobes in the wardrobe room, all within 90 minutes before my friends arrived (as you can see from the pics, it's not just clothes - nothing really matches furniture-wise either!)..we then managed to get parked and to bingo which was mighty fun, although i didn't win anything, i think i need to take a tip from the older generation there who seemed to be taking it a lot more seriously!!

second outfit of the day (as i felt i needed to change after cleaning) : star print sundress from primark, purple thin cardi (new look) and floral bag (primark)..along with my trusty, worn-out irrgular choice yee-hah boots..these were my first ever pair of ICs, and they have been worn so many times that their cost per wear must be less than 1p!! which is a definite good thing, as at the time i bought them, they were the most expensive item of clothing i had ever purchased!

then home and a dvd on whilst i read through more of my first aid manual to plan for our guides badge after the half felt like a productive evening anyway :)

have had a productive morning all of our accounts chased up for work, as well as managing to sort out all of my parcels to post, and transfer some money (finally, although not much of it is mine truth be told :( )

today's outfit isn't very coordinated, but i'm not that bothered about that for once..the top was really annoying me, so has been changed since the pics were taken, to one with perfume bottles on the front, which im sure has featured on the blog with the same skirt! the shoes are gorgeous shoe boots i feel for in the irregular choice exclusive to schuh range in jan..i love them, and think i like them with coloured tights more than i'd anticipated..the skirt is a primark find, matched with the bead necklaces / bracelets from the phase eight sale in jan, whcih i've managed to get a lot of wear out of compared to most of my jewellery!

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

i'm not what i was last summer, not who i was in the spring..

in a major rush today, have been at a seminar all morning on employment law, which was really interesting and useful so that's good..and managed to stop off for lunch at a nice little restaurant before the snow started again..have now got to package up ebay sales and head to the post office before 5, and then get home with an hour or so to make my flat spotless before my friends arrive prior to bingo this eve, so super speedy outfit post only..

fairly uninteresting outfit as i knew i was heading all over to this skirt from matalan, which i do like as a work piece..and you can't exactly go wrong with black..i managed to rememebr to add jewellery in the form of a boring blad bead necklace and a huge teal heart shaped cocktail ring from miss selfridge, and then after the pic i added a black scarf, black beret, boring khaki coat, and a pair of blue leather gloves same colour as the skirt, as it was / still is freezing..
will catch up properly tomorrow..xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

she left me roses by the stairs, surprises let me know she cares..

i know it's later in the day than usual for a post, but here goes nonetheless as i'm fed up of trying to correct everyone else's mistakes today..

today's outfit is a pretty poppy print dress from the floral frocks range that oasis used to run (not sure if they still do, but i have a few dresses from when they did, all based on vintage styles..)..i love this because it's got a couple of petticoat layers underneath to give it a great shape, and i've dressed this one up with a huge cocktail ring (put on after the photo was taken so not added, but it's a huge round one with lots of purple/pink gems..and a big purple bangle..also found these fabby glitter heels from faith on top of the wardrobe, and felt they would hopefully cheer up my day..they've kinda worked, although have let a few things get to me that shouldn't have, based on the fact that i was already a little stressed :(

the rest of today's post is to show off the lovely new acquisitions from over the weekend..i mentioned the new look cardi in yesterday's post, here it is in all it's pearly-buttoned glory, along with a 'tres nautique' stripey top from the next clearance store with love sequinned across the front, which i think will be brilliant with a red skirt and pumps, if it ever stops raining..

next up, the dinosaur plates i got from wisteria lane with the rest of my vouchers, and my monsoon spoils from cheshire oaks..i can't wait until it's summery enough to wear the floral corsage collar, and i have no idea when i will wear the lacey gloves, but fell in love with them at £2.19 for the pair..the bangle was £3 and i really liked that as well, imagining it with a maxi dress and flip flops in the summer (anyone else wishing it was drawing closer to summer weather yet?!)

my valentine's post (so-called because there was a card and it arrived near valentines, thanks laura xx) was the silver ark necklace :D

and the embroidery book was 50p from the book stall at Attingham Park the other day, when sis and i went for our woodland walk..which i felt was an acceptable spend as it went to charity anyway..
i've had a nice week so far (other than work today which has been kinda frustrating), last night no guides due to half term, so i agreed to go to boxercise class with a friend, and we're off to the gym again tonight..tomorrow i'm hoping to persuade her to come with me to the bingo..hope everyone is having a nice start to the week..xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

i wonder, how am i supposed to feel when you're not here..

have had a fairly dull start to the week, after a lovely weekend..i had a day off work on friday (a rare occurence for me!), which was great (apart from the doctors appt..) as it gave me a chance to have a cycle / wander round town, and a relaxed day to myself and my thoughts, which i haven't made time for recently..i did make a couple of purchases, i have to admit, although they were mainly vouchers, so i don't feel too bad, and i did need cheering up after the docs..the first of them, bought partially with my new look vouchers, was a floral cardigan with pearly buttons (pictured right) which i have been coveting for ages..with the vouchers i had after returning those disastrous leggings, this only cost me £6 which i felt was a fab bargain!!

in addition, my mum recently sent me some vouchers for a cutesy boutique in my town, so i went in there for a look around..i managed to get a lovely blue wrap-around heart print dress on the sale rail, and still had enough vouchers left over to get two cute dinosaur plates, to add to my mish-mash of cute overall i was very pleased with my purchases..
today i decided to give the new blue dress a whirl..i really like it, although after taking the photo i did change the shoes to some equally blue, but less high heels as it's a fairly short it's low-cut i wore a black tshirt dress underneath, which i think works ok as a slip type layer..
friday night was spent at pizza hut for a meal with some friends, which was good as i wasn't really feeling up to a full-on night out..i then stayed over, and on saturday my friend and i vetured out to cheshire oaks retail village, so that she could shop for holiday clothes..i bought some more pretty things there, also..but i am justifying it by the fact that i have sold off a lot pf my jewellery and bird brooches in the past week (thank you to all the blog-readers who have bought any of my items on here!) and that more than covered my cheshire oaks purchases (which i will show you tomorrow!)..
then sunday, i spent the afternoon on a woodland walk with my little sis, which was great fun, although a little cold, so we could have done with more layers..due to the sunny start to the day, my outfit was a vintage dress, bought on last year's trip to london, layered over a pale yellow tshirt, with my h&m acid green shrug over the top..i then added some bottle green beads (oh i still need to detangle so many of the beads!)..and of course, my polka dot wellies, which kinda went with the rest of the outfit (not planned at all lol)..

following the bird brooch success, i decided to get a bit more creative with the brooches over the weekend..these are the latest creations; as ever, leave me an email or comment if you are interested..

i also got round to the next stage of the jewellery stock-take..the ring box..rings are a piece i generally tend to forget, and there were a lot that i had forgotten about when i unearthed the contents of this jewellery box..i'm a constume jewellery girl really, although a couple of them are a bit more dressy..the silver one with the blue stones was handed down by mum, whilst the white gold band with the pink diamond was a present for my 18th from my grandparents..

Thursday, 11 February 2010

paper bags and plastic hearts..

ok, first things first, i have to admit that i didn't exactly stick to the no-buying-clothes..i went to do my food shopping last night and bought a skirt from the clearance rail..more on that later..i felt kinda bad, but i tried it on and thought it looked good, and it was the last one, in my i thought i owuld get it, based on the fact that it was reduced to £2.50 and i had £5 vouchers to partially pay for the shop anyway..but at least i have the guilty confession off my chest..

i also caved in and purchased a grey nail polish, which i've been wanting for a while now as i seem to be wearing a lot of grey (mainly down to the fact that i've been wearing my grey knee-high boots excessively, due to the fact that my other flat boots have been sat mournfully by the front door, waiting to be taken to the cobbler's to be resoled for an age! *mentally adds that to the to-do list for the weekend*

that said, i think i need to invest in a top-coat for my nails, as i have managed to ruin one already today!

i managed to eventually settle on an outfit around the new skirt, but the further i get through the day, the less taken i am with it..i had painted my nails, and knew i wanted grey..first tried the lacey shrug, which just doesn't go too well with the shade of the tights and the top (too many diff shades of grey, i thought), so i changed that for this cardi i've had for yrs and yrs from h&m..i think it looks ok, but not entirely convinced, i'm not sure if it's the skirt, or the whole lot, or what, but i was in a rush by this time and left for work..
and the jewellery-purge continues..

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

brown paper packages, tied up with string..

does anyone else really love to get home to the suprise of a lovely little parcel through the letterbox? i mean, i know we live in the age of technology, where email is king, but there's definitely something to be said for envelopes containing cheerful messages or little almost neutralises the inevitable bills in the other envelopes on the mat..

anyway, here is today's jewellery sale..i plan to gradually work through more and more of my collection, but this is what i've managed to untangle and turf out so far..if anything takes your fancy, please either comment or email me, i'm selling everything on a first come first serve basis, and the intention isn't to make a profit or anything..and please feel free to make me an offer..

first up i have a few more pairs of earrings, the first dangly rose / pearls are only from primark
mouse and cheese fimo pair which i made myself *gone*
pink dangly 'love' ones - also homemade..

next up, brooches:

silvery sparkly "starburst" effect one *gone*..

skull and crossbones with diamante bits, i believe from primark when i went through my serious pirate phase lol.. *gone*

grey owl on branch brooch, bought from dotty p's and never worn..*gone*

diamante butterfly brooch, came from a vintage shop as part of a huge collection of jewellery *gone*
the opia brooches were (obviously) bought from primark, sometime in the last year or so, when the manchester store decided to place the jewellery section temptingly close to the checkout, in order to persuade me to pick up various items i did not need! the pearly bronzey one could work quite well with this season's nude coloured trend (*gone*) ..the blue one is missing a jewel so i doubt will be of any interest to anyone :S

the black sequin bow came with a new look cardi, but i took it off as the cardi itself was too lightweight to cope with it, and i haven't found anything else i wanted it on..

the round stud brooches are from a set i picked up in h&m when i went through my nu rave phase lol..they're pretty small (smaller than a 5p piece), and the speech mark one is also from h&m, (again, part of a set which i only wanted one of..not very sensible shopping!)
as for the necklaces:

silver sparkly robot charm on silver coloured chain, from new look last year, but i haven't got round to wearing yet.. *gone*
silver coloured chain with blue square pendant, from next..
dark grey chain with purple flower pendant, not sure where from..
gold coloured chain with sparkly diamante pandant, ??
green smiley face charm on black cord necklace with dog clip fastening, probably claire's or somewhere, several years ago..
silver coloured tear-drop pendant on silver coloured chain, i think from next..
long silver chain with red plastic heart charm, from a local store..
i imagine there will be more to add tomorrow :)

i've told you time and time again, you say the words but don't know what it means..

today's outfit is based on the fact that i am proud of the fact that i can now fit this vintage floral dress, bought a year ago in London's Seven Dials area..vintage shopping always makes me feel huge, although at a modern day size 12, i seem to be about average on the high street..i'm not completely happy with my size and shape, but i do realise that realistically, i will never be model-skinny, and it wouldn't suit me anyway..i went with grey tights, and a silvery grey primark cardi, and some silver glitter heels (which aren' t in the pic, but have featured before as they're a comfy pair of heels for a day in the office / walking into town at lunch)..
last night i managed to have a bit of a clearout of some more of the plethora of jewellery i seem to have collected over the's a massive job.. i sorted out some bits for sale, which i will offer on here in a second post i think, so that they don't get confused, as there are to be photos of some of my favourite pieces also..

i think it's probably clear by now that i'm definitely not a label snob - i don't really do anything designer (my favourite designer is obviously irregular choice, who it can't really be said are high-brow or ridiculously expensive, i'd say more "high-street deisigner")..i think this is even more clear from my jewellery collection, all things cute, girly and kitsch which catch my eye..i tend to pick up pieces from high street stores, such as Freedom at Topshop, or Accessorize, but also i make trips to charity shops, where i always like to have a rummage through the jewellery baskets..also, i make a lot of my own - fimo is great fun for brooches etc, and i have endless pots of beads and buttons for whenever the inspiration strikes me..

basically, what i learnt when sifting through the bowl of brooches last night, is that i had so many i had forgotten about, which i never wear..i therefore want to try to make a conscious effort to finish my outfit off every day with a brooch, or a cute necklace, or some earrings..especially at the moment whilst i am refraining from buying anything looks like i don't need to anyway!

whilst still on the subject of the clothes ban..i am doing rather well..i technically haven't caved in and bought anything yet - quite the opposite; i am taking back the velvet leggings at lunchtime and there is a rather lovely floral cardigan i am coveting, but i am determined to wait until the end of the month, regardless of the refund! at the weekend, sis and i went to asda for some food, and a wander through the george section, naturally..we found this last little pair of purple and gold sandals, on the shelf in my size, tempting me..for £3! so sis treated me, which meant i didn't break the clothes ban rules and have a beautiful pair of new shoes :D
the biggest challenge of the evening was detangling some of the necklaces..a selection are shown in some of the pictures, and again, these have been collected from any number of sources..some of the silver ones were passed on by my mother or grandmother, a lot are from the high street or my friend's local shop..the huge enamel one is one of my favourites (and most expensive necklaces) bought from dorothy perkins last's slightly evil due to weighing so much, and i've only worn it once as i feel it has to be the focus of an outfit..

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

i'll make it through each day, singing death or glory..

today has been a good day..i've narrowly avoided an uncomfortable night out this evening, and am super busy, which is at least keeping my mind off things which may otherwise ruin my good mood..

part two of the great jewellery clips..pictured here are the massive quantity which i seems somewhat ridiculous, therefore, that my hair always looks so unstyled..i need to work on that i think! (i haven't listed any up for sale specifically, but if there are any which take your interest, please either comment or email me with an that i have no real plans after the gym this evening, i think i'm feeling brave enough to tackle the necklaces, which i think will need to be spread over several posts..

outfit from yday was pictured last night, due to the fact that after a sleepless sunday night, laziness prevailed yday morning and i didn't get up early enough to do everything before work o'clock..i bought the oversized shirt from h&m in december, but it hadn't featured before yday, quite simply because i was kinda at a loss as to what to wear it with..i'm really not a jeans or trousers person, i personally think that jeggings, worn as a stand-alone bottom half, are the work of the devil..i base this on myself, and the hatred of my legs, as a LOT of people make them work very well..but, i tried it with a few skirts, and it just didn't seem hopefully i managed to style it ok under this jersey pinafore dress, from french connection (worn very few times, but a sale purchase, so i don't feel too bad about it just sitting there unloved in my wardrobe - i have a love/hate relationship with it, but on this occasion, i think it did okay)..i was glad to find a belt that went ok with it though, and teamed it with grey tights and flat shoes..

today, the infamous polka dot new look skirt makes an appearance..i thought i'd keep it..(i'm hopeless at returning things, and therefore compromised with the velvet leggings, which are a definite return!)..i think it looks loads better with full tights, and a loose tshirt, which i decided to layer (mainly because i love the top one, but it's completely see-through, which is a little much for the office)..i had to go with the blazer as the elusive black cardigan is still nowhere to be seen - i even checked my wales wardrobe at the weekend for all the items i've realised are MIA recently, but to no avail!..i'm liking the skirt more now than last week, though - any thoughts?? oh and the shoes are a beautiful pair of IC kitten heels..i don't usually do "in-between shoes", it's either heels or flats, as i hate the fact that i have such huge feet and always think that kittens exagerate the size of them..but for these, i'll make an exception..