Thursday, 11 February 2010

paper bags and plastic hearts..

ok, first things first, i have to admit that i didn't exactly stick to the no-buying-clothes..i went to do my food shopping last night and bought a skirt from the clearance rail..more on that later..i felt kinda bad, but i tried it on and thought it looked good, and it was the last one, in my i thought i owuld get it, based on the fact that it was reduced to £2.50 and i had £5 vouchers to partially pay for the shop anyway..but at least i have the guilty confession off my chest..

i also caved in and purchased a grey nail polish, which i've been wanting for a while now as i seem to be wearing a lot of grey (mainly down to the fact that i've been wearing my grey knee-high boots excessively, due to the fact that my other flat boots have been sat mournfully by the front door, waiting to be taken to the cobbler's to be resoled for an age! *mentally adds that to the to-do list for the weekend*

that said, i think i need to invest in a top-coat for my nails, as i have managed to ruin one already today!

i managed to eventually settle on an outfit around the new skirt, but the further i get through the day, the less taken i am with it..i had painted my nails, and knew i wanted grey..first tried the lacey shrug, which just doesn't go too well with the shade of the tights and the top (too many diff shades of grey, i thought), so i changed that for this cardi i've had for yrs and yrs from h&m..i think it looks ok, but not entirely convinced, i'm not sure if it's the skirt, or the whole lot, or what, but i was in a rush by this time and left for work..
and the jewellery-purge continues..


  1. I adore everything !

  2. I think the skirt was a wise buy - it really suits you. And voucher shopping = free shopping so you haven't broken your ban.

  3. The skirt's a great shape on you, and a wise buy. It's free so you haven't REALLY broken any rules. Bet it looks great with those pretty new Asda shoes, too.
    PS I like you in fitted clothes, you've got a lovely, shapely figure and great legs.

  4. I LOVE that skirt, such a great buy!

    R.E. a topcoat, my local superdrug had "beauty uk" ones reduced to 50p, might be worth a look?

  5. Naughty naughty you! But I'll forgive you, because it looks so wonderful on you!

  6. can I spy a second pair of those shoes you are wearing today in the first photo? Either way they are FAB.

    Loving the skirt too, what a bargain

    I love that bow hair clip...are you selling or is it for display only??

    Queenie xx

  7. Voucher shopping NEVER counts as real it was a super deal.....Good for you:)