Friday, 26 February 2010

we'll head south just hold my hand now...

red red red!! apparently it is national "wear somethign red" day, so i am doing my part ;p

today's outfit is a lovely strapless dress from the be beau collection at matalan..i love this dress, and definitely love the fact it's more loose than last time i wore it..i remembered jewellery too, this ring was accessorize i think, with it's flame-like colours, and the necklace was a cheapy primark one, which is the reason my neck is turning green today :(

and then one of my first pairs of irregular choice shoes ever - the infamous red toadstool heels, which i've worn so much they have completely worn the pretty sole graphics away..but they are sooo comfy, was so excited when i found them in my holiday wardrobe last weekend and decided to help them escape..

i tried on the dress from ebay the other day, starry one from river island, which i completely love, but something wasn't quite right with it..the lining was too big, the straps on that would have to be shortened for it to stop being so low it was showing my underwear through..but even without that, the starry outer layer seemed too loose for my liking and had to be tied really tight at the back so that it was gathering at the sides, and the front ruffley section made me feel a bit 'matronly', so i'm afraid it has to go..itook some pics anyway, but they haven't changed my mind..

my next dilemma..this dress..bought as vintage, it's just too loose for me at the top, so again i think it needs selling..i'm not exactly a vintage expert though, i just buy what i like, not drawn by specific makes or era, so i may need a little guidance to be able to list it accurately..the label says david butler, but doesn't give much more advice..


  1. woooh, love your outfit today- you look amazingly cute. Makes me wish i was younger and could get away with a dress like that.

  2. LOVE the bag today Char. I think the starry dress looks very pretty, but if you aren't happy in it then you shouldn't keep it, and I can completely understand the worry over the ruffle.

  3. Today's dress is so pretty. I'm of the same opinion as Lou about the starry dress - looks lovely but if you're not happy then there's not much point keeping it.

  4. Great red outfit :) Am becomming increasingly jealous of your shoe sollection!

  5. Awww! The starry dress is so pretty but if it doesn't feel right it had better go.
    Love you in the Matalan number, perfect length and fit plus young and funky.
    I've PM'd you over on MSE about the pretty vintage number.
    Have a great weeekend!

  6. Cute dress. As for selling a dress, if you don't like it, there is no point in keeping it.

  7. I LOVE todays outfit, you work red like no other.

  8. I love today's dress, you look really girly and pretty.
    Vicki xx

  9. Shame about the dress it looks miles better on you though than it ever did on me...I thik you suit it but if it doesnt feel right then it needs to go