Wednesday, 3 February 2010

why do i tire of counting sheep, when i'm far too tired to fall asleep..

slow day at work today, so i've been thinking about my clothes shopping ban..i popped into town at lunch to get a watch battery fitted, and managed to refrain from any unscheduled trips into accessorize or topshop, just because of the no-spend rule, so i think that just the fact that i made the decision to do it, will keep me on the "straight and narrow", for now anyway..

and to add to that, there's not really anything i've seen whilst browsing etc that i'm lusting after..

is it just me, or do some of the jewellery offerings this season look easy enough to do at home?!?! reading an accessorize newsletter this morning i noticed that their latest necklaces look decidedly handmade; topshop too, will have to do better than "half price delivery" to tempt me into ordering, especially with their half-hearted jewellery attempt..

so, what with all the challenges recently going on, and my focus away from new things for a while, i thought it best to take stock of the things i already have, as i'm an awful one for being drawn to something similar to that which i already own..most recently, i've been drawn to gloves, scarves and hats as the natural additions to recent winter outfits..fair enough, you may say, but who really needs this many gloves? or hats? and don't even get me started on least they get worn throughout most of the year..


  1. I reckon most highstreet jewellery is DIYable to some extent. I really need to restock supplies so I can test this theory!

  2. I think even I could make a few of the peices on the high street at the moment! And thats saying something!

  3. I am a scarf addict, forever adding scarves to 'the scarf box' in my wardrobe. Yet I wear the same three on rotation, every winter. I need to think about that...

  4. High street stores copy indie jewellery makers! I refuse to buy high street jewellery anywhere but Primark (mostly... sometimes Topshop's rings tempt me!) because I know how cheaply they can be made and how easily I could make them myself!

  5. I couldn't make jewellery at all - fat fingers!

    I only two pairs of gloves but loads of scarves!


  6. Love all your treasures!! Im an accessory hoarder! Thank you so much for the blog award!! it really means alot. xo