Tuesday, 23 February 2010

you've been the only thing that's right in all i've done..

feeling ill and overtired today, but also in a weirdly excitable mood..i'm not sure why, although i am having a busy week already and it doesn't look set to quieten down until sunday :S

off to feed my newfound bingo obsession this evening again as it's cheap night so my bingo-friend is dragging me along for company..which is fine by me..

just a couple of outfits to post, as i've been away from home and spent a whole sunday in guiding uniform (well, my take on it) for our county thinking day celebrations..

saturday was spent driving up and down to wales, so i could catch up with the family / pick up little sis..i wore my new nautical "love" tshirt from next, with a blue leopard print mini skirt from primark with tulle net layers underneath so plenty of volume..i added a few bangles, and my trusty grey boots, which i'm getting truly bored with after a weekend of wearing nothing but!

today's outfit was fairly uninspired as i just wore the first dress i picked up and a black cardi / tights combo..remembered some jewellery in the form of gem heart earrings from topshop, and a rose brooch..and also added the purple poetic licence shoe-boots and my pom pom scarf from accessorize when i went out for if the dress isn't colourful enough for a dreary snowy tuesday..will hopefully think of something a little more interesting tomorrow..


  1. I love that striped jumper on you xx

  2. love today's dress, lovely. You've got such a pretty style

    Queenie x

  3. Really cute nautical top Char, and I'd never have thought to team it with animal print, but it works!
    Vicki xx

  4. I want that nautical jumper!!! Todays outfit is fab, can't go wrong with the classic dress/cardi/tights look!

  5. Love that striped top - it looks great on you. Enjoy bingo! :)

  6. Stripes and animal print, I'd never have put them together but it works so well. Enjoy the bingo, it is a wonderful game

  7. Hope you had fun at the bingo :)

    And the dress is lovely. Oh, to be able to pull something so pretty out of the wardrobe.

  8. Two lovely outfits there, Char! I know what you mean about dreary, snowy days I have to wear my most outrageous clobber to make myself happy.

  9. Funny how we posted similar things! You rock the stripes and leopard xx

  10. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.............................................

  11. you have such a beautiful blog :) if you have time would you look at mine?
    thanks and keep up the great posts :)