Wednesday, 31 March 2010

well i'll just read a book instead, i don't care if we're just friends..

oh boy..(sorry, i seem to say that a lot recently)..isn't growing up a funny old thing..i mean, i don't feel like a "grown up", but when i look after my friends' daughters, or am leading my guide unit, i have to act as though i am, and they see me as one..which is scary when i feel as though there is so much to learn - always - maybe that's not something you grow out of..
it would seem that i'm at a decision point in my life, and there are a few to be made..i could further my career by studying law for a little longer, or do a proper architectural course, which would be related to what i do at the moment..relationship-wise, also, there are probably decisions to be made, i seem to float along in a little bubble at the moment, but at least i feel less fragile and scared these days, so time certainly does do something..

as for outfits, i forgot a pic yday, so two outfits here..yday's was a bit of a mish-mash of colours, vaguely matched to the new pink tshirt from the weekend and the irregular choice boots..the skirt must have been from the warehouse clearance place in cheshire oaks or something, as i rarely pay full price for anything warehouse..and the teal shrug was the first thing i could find to vaguely match..
and today's outfit was built around the plum colour of these tights - i had forgotten about this dress but apparently it's from primark..i love finding things i'd forgotten about..

Monday, 29 March 2010 crashed out as a heartthrob, when you woke up in a day job..

oh boy this is likely to be a loooong post..lots of outfits, and plenty of general ramblings thrown in for good measure, probably..
friday's outfit was a new sailor-type dress from matalan's be beau range, one which i have loved since they first introduced it..i'm not so taken with the dress after a day's wear as i was when i first saw it in the shop..this could be because they didn't have my size, and the size up looks a little gapey, so may need a couple of stitches, or it may have been the fact that despite a half-hour search of the flat, i couldn't find the flat blue suede boots which i'd planned to wear, and ended up having to go with a pair of heeled IC boots..which i think was a mistake with such a short dress..i'll give it another outing before relegating it to the sale pile..i went with the long cream nautical type cardi, and an anchor necklace which received a few comments, but was only from new look - several yrs ago, although i like it for it's Tatty Devine-esque (fab jewellery make) friday afternoon was rather lovely, i had the afternoon off work in order that i could have lunch / wander round the shops in town with my sister..purchases went as follows - blue / white checked skirt from h&m, which i've had my eye on for a while for it's alice-look..i had the idea that i'd want to team it with cream tights and the lacey ones from new look were perfect..the dusky pink top was a h&m buy as i already have and love the grey version- i think the lacey detail to the shoulders is great..and the floral long strapless top drew me towards it in dotty p's..and the necklace was in the sale, so i thought i'd get that to go fantastically with it!

on saturday i took my outfit inspiration straight from wonderland, to cheer myself up from the heartache frustrations of friday night, and also to give some of my new clothes an outing..the tshirt was a present from my mum last time we went to asda together, i love the george clothes range too (i am sooo far from a clothes snob!)..the tea-party necklace was a dolls house tea set which i added to a chain, the ballet pumps from faith, and the hairband from primark..the only thing i would add is red lipstick next time round lol..i spent saturday wandering the shops of telford, with my sisters, who took me out with them to cheer me up, so of course we hit primark..and my purchases from the day are as follows..the yellow lace dress, black rose print dress, green tights and sunglasses case were primark buys, the cupcake vest and the purple sunglasses from h&m whcih i exchanged for a pair of tights my sister changed her mind about..

sunday plans involved a run in the morning after waking up insanely early due to the lovely sunshine..and then lunch at my grandparents' house, giving me an oppportunity to wear one of the new dresses..i thought the contrast between the pale lemon and black tights would be too much, so opted for grey, and pulled the shoes back out of the "for ebay" pile, as they matched rather well..i also dug a cream / enamel look necklace from the jewellery box, which seemed to go ok, and then rushed out to get some flowers on the way to my nana's house..then, after spending a relaxing family afternoon with them, i headed over to my friend's house in the evening, in order that i could give her a hand with cutting out metres and metres of tulle net to make costumes for her guides to wear to an upcoming carnival event for the centenary year..once done, we spent a nice evening in watching trashy tv and with a chinese takeaway..i changed the heels for my cowboy boots before i went, and added this shrug/cardi from primark..

today's outfit was built around the other new dress from primark, which i also do really like..i've just boringly teamed it with a black cardi and tights, and a pair of black / gold zig zag print heels from irregular choice (duh!)..not very inspired, but i have loads to do today and needed an early start in the office, stopping at the royal mail pick-up on the way in order to sign for some vouchers from the mystery shopping surveys ;) yay..will head to town and have a look at something to spend them on lol..a good start to the week - who needs boys?!

Thursday, 25 March 2010

baby, seasons change but people don't..

well i'm sure this is breaking some kind of unwritten blog rule, but i figured i'd use this lull in things to type, to post some more of the shoe pics up..when i get home this eve i need to tape the first round onto their boxes, and then photo some more - arg!
the parrot print wedges were bought last spring, and haven't yet been worn - they came from the one shop in my town that stocks ICs, the selection of which is usually dire, and i bought them to treat myself after working a grand total of 48 hrs at my second job that week lol..good old payday splurges..maybe i;ll get another second job..
some more of the shoes..and also, i was asked where i get them / whether i paid full price for them all - no chance lol!!!
the robot ones, were from schuh, so i did pay full price minus student discount, but i think they're fab, esp. the little robot on the ankle strap..need to wear these!
these pink boots cost me £15 from ebay, the soles have still got quite a bit of life left in them, although i have been told that due to the nature of the flat soles, the boots are unlikely to be able to be re-soled when they do get worn out..that said, they fared well in the floods last autumn, and i often ride my bike in them lol..i also braved the muddy car boot in them last weekend..i love the retro girly on the side, and the anchor / polka dots which give them a bit of a nautical feel!
although i'm not generally a fan of kitten heels, these were one of my first pairs of ICs and have been worn a few times lol..i love the bikini print and remember getting them with my paypal funds with the first cash i ever made on ebay which gave me a great sense of satisfaction at the time :) these were worn to the cinema with my then boyfriend, to see Cars when it came out..i'm not sure why i remember that lol..

well this is quick, but not quite painless!

well my new ebay purchase turned up yday, a lovely red vivien of holloway halter dress - if you haven't come across this make, they are fab for 50s style dresses and petticoats, in all sorts of beautiful prints..i thought i could probably get away with a plain red one for work, so have dressed it with the houndstooth cardi i picked up in the tesco sale a few weekends ago and decided to take back because i didn't know what to wear with it..the handbag was a present from my dad from a tiny shop in wales, i love it and really ought to use it more often!

tonight i have a friend coming for tea, so am feeling more and more guilty about the lack of time i have managed to spend at the gym this week, will have to try and find time on saturday morning to go, and then maybe sunday eve after family lunch at the grandparents'..

i also want to make time for a decluttering session..i think this will need a couple of evenings setting aside at least..i'm a total hoarder, and very materialistic, so tend to end up with a lot of stuff that i am never actually likely to get round to using..likewise, i need to have a sort-out of my clothes and shoes, and will perhaps try to do a car boot sale at some point in the next few weekends, if the weather gets a little nicer..
i've added a pic of one of the shelves in the living room, and the one in the is fairly evident, it's all a rather huge mish-mash of things..the kitchen one isn't so bad, although when i first moved in it just held the clock, glasses and teacups..trouble is, i have so many cute kitchen bits and pieces that i don't really want to hide them all favourite place for cute homeware has to be tk maxx, where i have, on various rummages, found the cupcake chopping board, the pink colander, flamingo cocktail sticks, little chef man whisk, and the egg timer..
the shelves in the living room just seem to be a magnet for everything that doesn't otherwise have a the jars of beads etc for jewellery making, a pair of irregular choice heels which i have actually worn and then returned to the shelf furby, who no longer works, so not really sure why he's still there..the dinosaur toy was a present from my sis when i fell for it in a charity shop lol..and the tiny drawers were another tk maxx find..the purple kitten was painted by me when my little sister had a pottery-painting bday party, which was rather fun, and the candlesticks were a present from my best friend at uni, from woolies a few yrs ago..think thats all lol..

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

what would you think of me now? so lucky, so strong, so proud..

do you ever listen to songs that give you the shivers?? the one in my title today does..but that's an improvement, i used to cry when i heard it lol..i'm a nerd :S

talking of nerd-like behaviour, i took a photo of all the pairs of irregular choice shoes in my kitchen cupboards this order that i can stick them on the fronts of the box to make the daily shoe-panic a little easier..

first photo is the headband my friend gave me yesterday lunchtime to go with the shoes i was wearing :) i think i like it..although i did spend most of the afternoon adjusting it..

today's outfit - this dress took a lot of tracking down from good old ebay, several years back, i knew it existed, and had the skirt version, but wanted the dress - i so prefer dresses to skirts..i've gone with the same shoes from yday, not very inspired i know, but i like them and they haven't had a wear for ages, and i ended up rushing out the door this morning lol..the shrug was a cute sale purchase from new look, which i love for the colour, but forgot about it's mohair fluffy quality, and am now getting frustrated at the amount of fluff on my dress :(
um. and a pre-empted answer to a question that i;m sure it's only a matter of time before someone facvourite pair of ICs..that is a really tough one, as there are a handful which i completely love..
the boots have never been worn - i'm kinda not sure when i would lol..they currently reside on one of my shelves in the living room as a display piece, and attract a lot of comments from visitors..the tiger heels are my favourite pair, but i don't think they will ever be worn due to the sentimental reasoning behind them..and the underwear print ones, i love completely..i've worn these so much the soles are almost wearing out, so when irregular choice decided to bring out a remake, i snapped a pair up with alarming speed..i don't like the remodelled ones as much, as they have a slight point to the toe rather than the round-toes of the original pair though..

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

i read your letter (the one you left when you broke into my house)..

well, i woke up this morning, to the sound of the birds outside my window, and the sunshine blaring in - this didn't last very long, as it is now fairly dull and grey so something needs to be i have decided, through today's outfit, to give spring a little shove on it's way, just to help it hurry up..i found this dress in the depths of my wardrobes at the weekend, and remembered it hasn't seen the outside of those white flat-pack wardrobe doors in so long, it was probably time for it to venture out..the colour always makes me think of spring time..i'm not sure of the make (and am at work, so not going to try and attempt to shuffle it round to read the tag in the back) but i rescued it from a little boutique in the town where my parents have their holiday house, a couple of summers ago, having passed it in the window the day before..i did add a long grey cardi to this before i left the house, i've decided it's spring, but it's still not warm enough to leave the house bare-armed lol..

i'm still in the midst of a clothes grump, but am trying to ignore the self-hating thoughts that endeavour to escape from my head when i look at the pictures of my outfits at the moment..

i had to fit some pink into the outfit somewhere, as i spent my boots voucher on a new nail polish in hot pink yday, and one of my guides had lots of fun trying it out on my nails for me, so i opted for the irregular choice heels with all sorts of rosebud and sequin embellishments, which i love but had almost forgotten i owned..i am planning to challenge myself to wear a different pair of ICs every day, for i dunno, a week?? two weeks?? challenge ideas greatly accepted lol..

an exciting event at work today - i am getting a new computer, which means i need to get all of the photos / files off the old one..for this task, i have brought in my hard-drive in from home, which contains all of my photos, ever! so, i may get around to posting some of my memories at some point in the week..and i plan to host a giveaway at some point, although i'm not quite sure hwat to give away yet lol..

Monday, 22 March 2010

the worst is over, you can have the best of me..

oh today is proving to be a good start to the week already, for amusing-to-me-only reasons i shan't bother to divulge..

from a clothes point of view, i have an outfit pic from a couple of weeks ago which i didn't post for some reason, so that's my only outfit post today as i've been photo-shy all weekend and avoided pictures..the dress is an orangey red colour, from miss selfridge, which i dressed down with grey cardi and tights, ans then teamed with green polka dot heels (irregular choice) to pick out the red and green stars on the cream star/insect print scarf i picked up from zara a couple of weekends back :)

other than that, i've decided to post a few of my favourite things..all fairly random, like most of the things i own i suppose, i seem to get drawn to pretty things, in the same way as i do when clothes shopping..the furniture in my flat is mainly from a huge trip to ikea when i moved in, which is where the sofas, and pink shelves / tables came from, but i have picked up a few other pieces of furniture since, the blue trolley in the back of most of my outfit pics was from a lovely freecycler, which needed a little restoring and has been a bit of an ongoing project lol..i'm hoping to paint another coat and then do some stencilling, but would prefer to wait until the weather gets a little nicer so that i can do that outside, and avoid the lingering smell of paint in the flat lol..(it may also have a little to do with procrastination, of which i am apparently a giant fan)

this lloyd loom blanket box was such a fab ebay bargain at £15 including courier, which i've repainted blue once as it was rather faded, but plan to paint over in a lighter shade, again when the weather gets a little's perfect to go at the end of the bed for all my linen and pj's though..

Friday, 19 March 2010

i still try holding onto silly things - i never learn..

oh such a hyper mood this morning, it's being a really good day - although apparently my grammar is appalling, (sorry Jen, if you read this) :P

right-ho..first of all, today's outfit - actually put together with a little thought to the fact that i'm off to wales for a party straight from work, so will wear the same dress and just change shoes and cardi..the dress was from the 'floral frocks' collection in oasis several years ago, which i totally fell for at first sight, and have had a substantial amount of wear out of since..i tried to dress it down with boring grey cardi and tights, for the office, but will switch to my cream sequin jacket and a pair of stupidly high heels later..i am also wearing the topshop duckling necklace which arrived in the post yday c/o one of the lovely MSE fashionistas (just to add a general thanks to all mse'rs who read this, as they are a super lovely bunch who often manage to succeed in cheering my days up :) )

next photo, is some of the irregular choice shoes which make up my collection :)

um, yes, that would be two of my kitchen cupboards, yes that would be the fridge next to them, and yes, that is only some of them..i've not actually counted how many pairs of shoes i have for several years lol, i guess perhaps that's a task for a rainy first pair of ICs was bought on a shopping trip with some school-friends to the Bullring, when we were in yr 11..they were a HUGE purchase, I'd never paid more than £100 for anything in one go ever at that stage lol so pi ummed and ahhed over them all day, and went back to buy them just before we went home..i wore them almost everyday to college and was totally hooked on the brand ever since! the first pair, were the yee-hah cowgirl boots..they are still going, just about (the soles are wearing through, but i love them, so much so that my ex bought me a backup pair, which are still in brand new condition, so that when these ones finally die, i can still wear them lol..i'll feature more of my pairs soon, thanks to queenie for this suggestion..

Thursday, 18 March 2010

your lipstick, his collar, don't bother angel, i know exactly what goes on..

oh boy, i so need to turn my attention to saving up for a sound-dock - i miss music!!

that said, all in all it's been a really cheerful week so far, *thinks things are on the up in all areas of life* lol..

today's outfit is same skirt, different colour..does anyone else think it just makes sense if you find something you like / feel comfortable in, to buy it in as many colours as physically possible :S (especially when they were £3 each!!)

i've teamed it with a stripey tshirt, from h&m, and my lovely heart print irregular choice heels which always make me smile when i wear them..the necklace in the pic is a telephone charm, from my friend's shop in town yday's so cute - the receiver is magnetically attached to the phone lol..i did change my jewellery before i left the house tho, am currently sporting a pair of robot earrings, made from shrink-paper..

also yday, as well as purchasing my friend a bday present for the weekend, went back into the shoe shop which is closing down, as the bags had been reduced even further, so snapped up a large grey yumi handbag..also pictured are my latest irregular choice heels, as requested by alex in the comments last post lol :)

i really need some ideas for non-outfit post content for my blog, i've been hopeless at the photos recently, so for days when i forget, any suggestions as to what you would like to see??? xx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

don't tell me not to fly, i've simply got to..

blah, kinda feeling like the lack of sleep over the past few days is starting to take it's toll..but no problems, because a couple of hours in the gym after work ought to put a stop to that! apologies for the god-awful photo this morning, i had just completed 2hrs worth of housework before leaving for work, so was running round like a mad thing..but first off when i woke up this morning i managed to remember to paint my nails, leaving them enough time to dry properly today lol..a lovely "rose libertine" colour, sent to me by the ever lovely daisychain (xx) and i figured the florals on the new look stripy/floral dress matched it rather well, so went with that..and a green cardi, and annoyingly it was too short for heels, as i won a fab pair from ebay yday which would have gone really well..but i decided against it..i did remember in my rush to put a necklace on though *not sure how well it shows in the photo* but it's a tiny perfume bottle on a long gold chain, which i love and was an absolute bargain once in the queue in new look, down to £1 on the clearance, and i ended up being more excited about that than whatever it was i was queueing up to

Monday, 15 March 2010

you can lie awake in bed, or come and sleep with me instead..

oh boy, how do i have so much energy this morning, i've been awake since 3am - grr @ insomnia, but i'm hoping i'll be wired enough on life to keep me going through work and my guides meeting..

this weekend has been full of bargains, i went to tesco on friday eve to buy the foood i needed to cook sunday dinner, and lost myself in the clothes sale for a little while lol..and then headed home via matalan, which had another fab sale on!!

then, saturday i spent the day in town with my sister, which was rather fun, involving a trip to the cinema to see alice in wonderland..i have to admit that after all the hype and anticipation, i wasn't all that impressed..on the way home however, i was drawn into the closing down sale of one of the local shoe stores and found some fabulous bright pink pixie boots and a yumi clutch bag, which i couldn't resist, and definitely made up for the disappointment! (i'm so fickle!)

yesterday was a nice family day where i went to my parents' house and cooked lunch for them, but clothes-wise i had a bit of a nightmare, a total confidence-crushing fat day where everything i tried looked hideous :( in the end, i was running out of time, so went with this wraparound floral dress from h&m last year, with a green vest underneath, to go with the green mushroom heels (irregular choice of course, to cheer me up!)

today's outfit is made up of the friday night bargains - my whole outfit cost less than £20 which i'm sure is some kind of record for me lol..the green skirt is just a different colour of one of my most-worn work skirts recently, i also bought a red one as they were £3 each! the top was from tesco, where i also treated myself to some kiwi-green nail polish (perfect with the skirt imo!) so i've just teamed with black tights and heels. the nail polish is alright, although seems to chip easily as i did two coats this morning and already some is coming off..

i'm liking this happy mood, going to put all thoughts of boys and annoyances out of my mind and concentrate on the good things for a while :) hope everyone else is having a happy week too xx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

i'm weak and you were my medicine, i won't stop till i am under your skin..

woohoo, yet another day of feeling totally drained! i went home and slept (well, as best i could) for the whole evening yday - as in seriously, 6pm came and i was tucked up in bed in my pjs..and yet still i feel awful :(

due to the fact i looked so tired, yday's outfit is pictured in component form only..the floral skirt i had totally forgotten about, but according to the tag i paid £55 for it last year sometime..arg! maybe i need to do a wardrobe stock take as well lol..i teamed it with fairly basic teal top, pearls and grey cardi and tights, with a pair of blue pixie boots i'd kinda forgotten about recently.

as for today, i felt i really better get back to the real outfit posting..the top and cardi were both purchased at h&m at the weekend (the great minus-shopping trip as i came back with more money in my bank than i had started with lol)..the skirt was a h&m purchase a year or so ago, but i'm never usually brave enough to wear it as it's got a prom feel to it in my opinion..but today i decided to give it an outing..along with my trusty bronze ankle boots, irregular choice :) hair up due to laziness and deciding i didn't have time to dry it properly before leaving for work..

have also got a couple of things to offer up on here before charity shopping them, for sale at whatever it costs to post them only..comment or PM me if you are interested in either:

pale brown vest top, originally from tesco, with motorbike print..size 12
bullseye board game..never opened, no idea how i acquired it or what it involves to be honest lol..

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

wouldn't it be grand to take a pistol by the hand..

this afternoon i've been having a huge headache, so have dug out my ipod in order to drown myself in the music i used to love - i don't listen to enough music now, but am savign up for a pod-dock so that all things lyrical-genius can soon be beliting out at full volume at my house ;) whilst i was at uni i went through such a music phase, never turned it off, and i really do miss it!!

i'm in a permanent state of run-down tiredness at the moment, and couldn't manage to snap an outfit pic where i didn't look like a zombie (hence the lyrics in the title), so i have decided to offer up my latest brooch creations me for more details if anything takes your fancy and i hope too return to a less zombie-like state in the next few days or so...

Monday, 8 March 2010

sometimes i feel like i live in grand central station..

finally have 5 minutes to breathe, so have decided to do the quickest blog update in the history of ever..i've spent my weeekend back and forth to shops, guiding training days, mystery shopping, and asll interspersed with cake baking, for the coffee evening i have planned for this's outfit was thrown together in a rush, but all goes ok i think..the skirt and gold shoes are matalan, the top / cardi h&m and the necklace is from accessorize, although has broken once since i bought it so i have fixed / altered it slightly..i promise a more interesting post next time..

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

sorry i'm not home right now i'm walking into spiderwebs, so leave a message and i'll call you back..

for the first time in a very long while (if ever) i went shopping with an actual list, written out with all things i have decided over the past month that i actually needed..i never do this (despite the fact that everytime i go shopping with my mum she asks what i plan to wear each thing with - my standard response is "everything"..) the main thing my list consisted of was basics..tops really, in plain colours in order that i could layer/match them with all the patterned pieces in my wardrobe..i also needed a plain grey, and a plain black cardi..more grey and black tights as there seems to be some kind of washing machine vortex in my house, and black leggings..

here's what i ended up with following an afternoon's shopping in Liverpool on Saturday..

the first photo: floral print skirt with gold waistband (primark) leopard print ear-muffs (urban outfitters sale), striped / floral print sundress (new look), black leggings and blue bag (primark)..

photo 2: long mint green plain tshirt, oversized lace vest, which i'm not entirely sure how to wear, and pastel blue heels (all primark), and pastel floral orint dress (topshop) which i have had on my mental wish list for a long time..

photo 3: floral shopper bag and lilac sandals - bargain at £3 for the shoes! (both primark), and a couple of long vests which i figured would be good for layering (h&m)..somehow i managed to forget
the tights section in primark - grrrr! so these are the only pairs i ended up with from the day..but i managed to remember grey, as well as a grey lace pair and a plain black pair, which ought to keep me going for a while at least..

photo 4: the cardigans! the black one is just a plaion long one, as i had put on the list (h&m), and the rest are primark..i'm not totally convinced about the nude coloured one, but i think that over a floral dress perhaps it will look good..
my initial girlish excitement as i entered trusty old primark, was heightened if anything when i came to the dresses many floral prints, that i had to get some of them in both colours..the bag in the 5th pic was a sale purchase from dotty p's, and the grey tshirt is a plain one, but with lace detail on the shoulders (h&m)..

pic 6: the green /grey shift dress has been on my wish list for a while too as i think it would be a nice shape to be able to team with grey tights and some green or black heels - with the clutch bag above maybe as a work outfit, so i jumped for joy when i discovered it was being placed in the sale at half price as of sat (dotty p's)..the grey floral dress was a wish-list item too (new look) which i think may work okay with the nude cardigan and on the right is another vintage-look floral number from primark..

pic 7: the current fairytale trend is captured in the only jumper i purchased on saturday (new look)- i am not usually a fan of jumpers, and this one is cropped as well (eek)..i think a hard and fast rule of my wardrobe is that if something is wider than it is long, it shouldn't be worn, so i'm going to have a play around with this jumper and see if i actually like it on..more florals, this time in vest form for layering, or sunnier weather (primark), and plain blue, black, grey and striped tshirts (h&m)..the floral skirt (primark) i like due to it's vintage style button detail on the front, but i'll have to try it as i think it's supposed to be high-waisted and i'm not sure i do that very well..

the less said about picture 8 the better..thinking the jersey dress would be nice for work, i picked it up but having tried it on it's going back, perhaps with the middle floral one too, which is a shaped tshirt dress..i like the top half on, but not the clingy nature around my hips, so unless i can team it with a forgiving pinafore dress, it's going back too..the black floral one i like (all primark)..
finally, i saw these bags, and treated myself to the white one as a day to day handbag, and the turquoise one as i new gym bag (both primark)
and as if i needed to add to my jewellery collection lol..the floral bangle, enamel-look necklace floral gem ring and turquoise ring (which is almost an exact replica of one i almost bought in river island), all filled me with the joys of spring..the pirate ships were a rather cute quirky take on the nautical trend at the moment, and i love this pair of vintage-look kitten earrings..they remind me of the illustrations in ladybird storybooks i used to have when i was little lol..
finally, my outfit post today..the only thing i am wearing from shopping trip is the floral ring, which doesn't really go but never mind..forgive my hair, it just won't behave today..the leopard print dress is from h&m, teamed with a teal new look shrug and plain black tights and heels, and the floral print handbag is from topshop last year..
i sitll have lots of trying on to do, and wanted to make sure i was happy with the new clothes before i started wearing them, as in the past i have ended up with so many items in the wardrobe which still have the tags on and have never been that's why, in case anyone thought it was odd that i hadn't worn any of the new clothes yet..