Tuesday, 23 March 2010

i read your letter (the one you left when you broke into my house)..

well, i woke up this morning, to the sound of the birds outside my window, and the sunshine blaring in - this didn't last very long, as it is now fairly dull and grey so something needs to be i have decided, through today's outfit, to give spring a little shove on it's way, just to help it hurry up..i found this dress in the depths of my wardrobes at the weekend, and remembered it hasn't seen the outside of those white flat-pack wardrobe doors in so long, it was probably time for it to venture out..the colour always makes me think of spring time..i'm not sure of the make (and am at work, so not going to try and attempt to shuffle it round to read the tag in the back) but i rescued it from a little boutique in the town where my parents have their holiday house, a couple of summers ago, having passed it in the window the day before..i did add a long grey cardi to this before i left the house, i've decided it's spring, but it's still not warm enough to leave the house bare-armed lol..

i'm still in the midst of a clothes grump, but am trying to ignore the self-hating thoughts that endeavour to escape from my head when i look at the pictures of my outfits at the moment..

i had to fit some pink into the outfit somewhere, as i spent my boots voucher on a new nail polish in hot pink yday, and one of my guides had lots of fun trying it out on my nails for me, so i opted for the irregular choice heels with all sorts of rosebud and sequin embellishments, which i love but had almost forgotten i owned..i am planning to challenge myself to wear a different pair of ICs every day, for i dunno, a week?? two weeks?? challenge ideas greatly accepted lol..

an exciting event at work today - i am getting a new computer, which means i need to get all of the photos / files off the old one..for this task, i have brought in my hard-drive in from home, which contains all of my photos, ever! so, i may get around to posting some of my memories at some point in the week..and i plan to host a giveaway at some point, although i'm not quite sure hwat to give away yet lol..


  1. A beautiful spring-like outfit there, Char. Love yellow with grey, so delicate and pretty together. Liking the sound at nosing at some old snaps, great idea for a post.
    PS Bet you've got enough shoes to wear a differnet pair a day for two months!

  2. Char, you could wear a different pair every day of the year and not run out!

    You look beautiful in that fantastic dress - I wish you weren't so down on yourself :(

  3. I honestly don't know why you're so hard on yourself, I can't see anything in you that needs changing.
    I definitely think you should do an IC challenge, a different pair every day til you run out =) x

  4. The dress is lovely. Hope it helps drive the nicer weather here to stay.
    I definitely think you should do a shoe challenge for at least 2 weeks. Would love to see that.


  5. Love the shoes. Cute blog! :)

  6. I am so jealous of how well you wear yellow! And those shoes are <3 <3

  7. Lovely summery type dress! You can wear yellow, lucky thing, it makes me look washed-out/jaundiced.

    I adore those shoes! Amazing amazing. A different pair of ICs every day for a month would be fun if not a little envy-inspiring. :)

  8. Hee hee! Love that your challenge would be to wear fabulous shoes every day for a week - isn't that just normal life for you, Char?! ;)

    Today's footwear is oh so pretty. Very jealous!