Friday, 19 March 2010

i still try holding onto silly things - i never learn..

oh such a hyper mood this morning, it's being a really good day - although apparently my grammar is appalling, (sorry Jen, if you read this) :P

right-ho..first of all, today's outfit - actually put together with a little thought to the fact that i'm off to wales for a party straight from work, so will wear the same dress and just change shoes and cardi..the dress was from the 'floral frocks' collection in oasis several years ago, which i totally fell for at first sight, and have had a substantial amount of wear out of since..i tried to dress it down with boring grey cardi and tights, for the office, but will switch to my cream sequin jacket and a pair of stupidly high heels later..i am also wearing the topshop duckling necklace which arrived in the post yday c/o one of the lovely MSE fashionistas (just to add a general thanks to all mse'rs who read this, as they are a super lovely bunch who often manage to succeed in cheering my days up :) )

next photo, is some of the irregular choice shoes which make up my collection :)

um, yes, that would be two of my kitchen cupboards, yes that would be the fridge next to them, and yes, that is only some of them..i've not actually counted how many pairs of shoes i have for several years lol, i guess perhaps that's a task for a rainy first pair of ICs was bought on a shopping trip with some school-friends to the Bullring, when we were in yr 11..they were a HUGE purchase, I'd never paid more than £100 for anything in one go ever at that stage lol so pi ummed and ahhed over them all day, and went back to buy them just before we went home..i wore them almost everyday to college and was totally hooked on the brand ever since! the first pair, were the yee-hah cowgirl boots..they are still going, just about (the soles are wearing through, but i love them, so much so that my ex bought me a backup pair, which are still in brand new condition, so that when these ones finally die, i can still wear them lol..i'll feature more of my pairs soon, thanks to queenie for this suggestion..


  1. Don't ever give me your address Char, I'll stage an armed robbery to get my hands on so many IC shoes! Hahaha. What a collection!

    Today's dress is stunning and the necklace is SO cute. Glad you finally managed to get one.

  2. ARGH OMG *dies* IC heaven! I hope you've got them declared on the home insurance!! What an amazing collection. I must be such a cheapskate as I've never spent over £100 on a pair of shoes - the closest I got was my hiking boots (serious technical footwear). Feel rather sad now lol!

  3. Such a pretty dress on you, Char and you look beautifully smiley today, too. I can't get over those shoe boxes, they look AMAZING.
    Have a fab weekend, dearie!

  4. I LOVE that dress on you Char, really truly beautiful x

  5. That dress is gorgeous and I love how you have dressed it down for work but will be wearing it out later, very cosmo :D I'd love to see a pic of the evening outfit too

    Hurrah for an IC post - wow you have so many! So not only skirt rehab but IC rehab too...or perhaps just shopping rehab? You have such gorgeous taste and style though it would be a shame to curb it ;) I'd love to play dress up at your house xx

  6. love the dress, you look gorgeous!

  7. Gorgeous dress Char. And I'm so pleased someone found the necklace for you, aren't they all gems over on MSE. I'm having major shoe envy right now. x

  8. Wow, so many beautiful shoes, not that I can see in the boxes but I can imagine! x

  9. What's wrong with your grammar?! I see no problems here! :)

    Love those cowboy boots.

  10. Oh wow! That is an amazing collection of shoes! I am slightly boot obsessed and have a good sized collection, but could do with them all on view like that, as they tend to get forgotten under the bed!