Wednesday, 10 March 2010

i'm weak and you were my medicine, i won't stop till i am under your skin..

woohoo, yet another day of feeling totally drained! i went home and slept (well, as best i could) for the whole evening yday - as in seriously, 6pm came and i was tucked up in bed in my pjs..and yet still i feel awful :(

due to the fact i looked so tired, yday's outfit is pictured in component form only..the floral skirt i had totally forgotten about, but according to the tag i paid £55 for it last year sometime..arg! maybe i need to do a wardrobe stock take as well lol..i teamed it with fairly basic teal top, pearls and grey cardi and tights, with a pair of blue pixie boots i'd kinda forgotten about recently.

as for today, i felt i really better get back to the real outfit posting..the top and cardi were both purchased at h&m at the weekend (the great minus-shopping trip as i came back with more money in my bank than i had started with lol)..the skirt was a h&m purchase a year or so ago, but i'm never usually brave enough to wear it as it's got a prom feel to it in my opinion..but today i decided to give it an outing..along with my trusty bronze ankle boots, irregular choice :) hair up due to laziness and deciding i didn't have time to dry it properly before leaving for work..

have also got a couple of things to offer up on here before charity shopping them, for sale at whatever it costs to post them only..comment or PM me if you are interested in either:

pale brown vest top, originally from tesco, with motorbike print..size 12
bullseye board game..never opened, no idea how i acquired it or what it involves to be honest lol..


  1. Two beautiful outfits there, Char. That cream skirt is a fabulous length on you, you should really consider altering that fab vintage striped maxi to the same length.
    How on earth could you forget that gorgeous Monsoon skirt?! The print, style and colourway are perfection itself.

  2. fabulous outfits as usual. You must have an amazing wardrobe of clothes to forget that skirt :).
    Boots are lovely -but no way i could even contemplate wearing them all day.. I'm rubbish with heels.

  3. Both of those outfits are just perfect Char.

    Sorry you've been feeling so down and out. You are welcome to my mobile number if you want a texting friend x

  4. I really like that cream skirt, Char, it's got a classic look to it, especially teamed with the floral top. I don't think it's too dressed up in the slightest. xx

  5. I absolutely adore today's outfit and especially those amazing IC boots. The long skirt is utterly beautiful on you and works so well with the pretty cardi.

  6. I like both outfits, very ladlike and glam! The flowery skirt is pretty- don't know how you forgot it x

  7. The most cute and super lovely chic and cheap vintage clothes is here!

    check it now!!


  8. Haha. I just realized I could see your pictures bigger by clicking on them. This whole time, I've been squinting trying to see the outfits.

    In any event, the outfit is gorgeous. Really pretty colors!

  9. Hey lovely. I've missed you this week. Lovely cream skirt it's so pretty.
    Vicki xxx

  10. I love that floral skirt it is beautiful! I really need to invest in some pretty skirts like that I think.

    *goes off to scour ebay*