Tuesday, 2 March 2010

sorry i'm not home right now i'm walking into spiderwebs, so leave a message and i'll call you back..

for the first time in a very long while (if ever) i went shopping with an actual list, written out with all things i have decided over the past month that i actually needed..i never do this (despite the fact that everytime i go shopping with my mum she asks what i plan to wear each thing with - my standard response is "everything"..) the main thing my list consisted of was basics..tops really, in plain colours in order that i could layer/match them with all the patterned pieces in my wardrobe..i also needed a plain grey, and a plain black cardi..more grey and black tights as there seems to be some kind of washing machine vortex in my house, and black leggings..

here's what i ended up with following an afternoon's shopping in Liverpool on Saturday..

the first photo: floral print skirt with gold waistband (primark) leopard print ear-muffs (urban outfitters sale), striped / floral print sundress (new look), black leggings and blue bag (primark)..

photo 2: long mint green plain tshirt, oversized lace vest, which i'm not entirely sure how to wear, and pastel blue heels (all primark), and pastel floral orint dress (topshop) which i have had on my mental wish list for a long time..

photo 3: floral shopper bag and lilac sandals - bargain at £3 for the shoes! (both primark), and a couple of long vests which i figured would be good for layering (h&m)..somehow i managed to forget
the tights section in primark - grrrr! so these are the only pairs i ended up with from the day..but i managed to remember grey, as well as a grey lace pair and a plain black pair, which ought to keep me going for a while at least..

photo 4: the cardigans! the black one is just a plaion long one, as i had put on the list (h&m), and the rest are primark..i'm not totally convinced about the nude coloured one, but i think that over a floral dress perhaps it will look good..
my initial girlish excitement as i entered trusty old primark, was heightened if anything when i came to the dresses many floral prints, that i had to get some of them in both colours..the bag in the 5th pic was a sale purchase from dotty p's, and the grey tshirt is a plain one, but with lace detail on the shoulders (h&m)..

pic 6: the green /grey shift dress has been on my wish list for a while too as i think it would be a nice shape to be able to team with grey tights and some green or black heels - with the clutch bag above maybe as a work outfit, so i jumped for joy when i discovered it was being placed in the sale at half price as of sat (dotty p's)..the grey floral dress was a wish-list item too (new look) which i think may work okay with the nude cardigan and on the right is another vintage-look floral number from primark..

pic 7: the current fairytale trend is captured in the only jumper i purchased on saturday (new look)- i am not usually a fan of jumpers, and this one is cropped as well (eek)..i think a hard and fast rule of my wardrobe is that if something is wider than it is long, it shouldn't be worn, so i'm going to have a play around with this jumper and see if i actually like it on..more florals, this time in vest form for layering, or sunnier weather (primark), and plain blue, black, grey and striped tshirts (h&m)..the floral skirt (primark) i like due to it's vintage style button detail on the front, but i'll have to try it as i think it's supposed to be high-waisted and i'm not sure i do that very well..

the less said about picture 8 the better..thinking the jersey dress would be nice for work, i picked it up but having tried it on it's going back, perhaps with the middle floral one too, which is a shaped tshirt dress..i like the top half on, but not the clingy nature around my hips, so unless i can team it with a forgiving pinafore dress, it's going back too..the black floral one i like (all primark)..
finally, i saw these bags, and treated myself to the white one as a day to day handbag, and the turquoise one as i new gym bag (both primark)
and as if i needed to add to my jewellery collection lol..the floral bangle, enamel-look necklace floral gem ring and turquoise ring (which is almost an exact replica of one i almost bought in river island), all filled me with the joys of spring..the pirate ships were a rather cute quirky take on the nautical trend at the moment, and i love this pair of vintage-look kitten earrings..they remind me of the illustrations in ladybird storybooks i used to have when i was little lol..
finally, my outfit post today..the only thing i am wearing from shopping trip is the floral ring, which doesn't really go but never mind..forgive my hair, it just won't behave today..the leopard print dress is from h&m, teamed with a teal new look shrug and plain black tights and heels, and the floral print handbag is from topshop last year..
i sitll have lots of trying on to do, and wanted to make sure i was happy with the new clothes before i started wearing them, as in the past i have ended up with so many items in the wardrobe which still have the tags on and have never been that's why, in case anyone thought it was odd that i hadn't worn any of the new clothes yet..


  1. My goodness me... what a great lot of stuff you got... i think i love all of it. And you always look so brilliant and quirky .. I love how you dress.. well done and hope you enjoy wearing all those lovely things :)

  2. Absolutely love that leopard dress! Its a great shape.

    Am also liking the stripey dress and floral skirt in the top picture and the dress on the left hand side in the fourth picture.

    You've got a haul of very lovely things there! Will look forward to seeing them on you in future blog posts.

  3. I love everything ! I can honestly say there's not one item in your shopping that I don't like. The striped/floral dress from New Look in pic 1 is lovely, I look at it every time I go in that shop :0)
    Looking forward to seeing lots of the outfits on you over the coming days/weeks.
    Love the bags and accessories too.
    J xx

  4. I love your leopard print dress too! Too many gorgeous new dresses to mention them all, but I'm coveting the stripey one in the first pic and I love your new everyday handbag (I am a handbag fiend...) Looking forward to seeing how you style all this. x

  5. Oh my goodness what a lot of pretty pretty things! Im so jealous! I love that stripey dress in the first pic and the leopard print one really suits you.

  6. Oh Char, I love it all so much! We seem to be Primark floral dress twins now though! Will have to diarise when I'm wearing them so I don't clash with you, tee hee.

  7. Oh I have to go to Primark again now! Last week they hardly had any florals and now look grrr.
    Love all you finds, I look forward to seeing them on,
    Vicki xx

  8. I'm truly lost for words! I don't think I've ever seen such a haul.
    My favourite thing has to be the turquoise clutch bag (I've got a at least 3 pairs of shoes it would match) and those TS Galleon earrings.

  9. OMG what a haul. Love all the floral prints, yay for spring! Will look forward to seeing you in them. x

  10. Amazing buys, really feel the need to visit Primark now!

  11. Wow Char, I don't even know where to start with the epic awesomeness of this post x

  12. That is the most amazing shopping haul i have ever seen!

  13. Wowzers! What a haul! I don't think I've ever bought that much, and I thought I had an obsession! ;) Love all the florals and nudes. I tried those pastel blue heels on today but very sensibly stepped away - way too high for me!

  14. this is an impressive lot!! you did welll, i'm very impressed!!

    i love primark, wish there were one in the states!

  15. I'm so envious of all the pretty dresses you have! those would be perfect for spring :)


  16. oh my. i love floralllllllssss tooo :):)

  17. I have the blue floral dress in picture 5 and the grey floral dress in picture 6 :) LOVE all your purchases! LOTS OF THEM!!

  18. Great purchases!

    Just stumbled by & I love your blog! :)
    - Audrey Allure <3

  19. Wow you went on a shopping spree! I love all your purchases and am now craving a shopping trip myself!


  20. Sounds like you had a good shop! And mainly primark or sale items, so you probably got a lot for your money. You have bought some lovely things- eyeing up some of these pieces myself for when I next go to Primark x

  21. wow you had a huge shopping sesh and bought some beautiful things...can I be nosy and ask how much you spent? ;) Primark in liverpool is fab isn't it, it's massive and I can spend a couple of hours in there easy and still not be done :D xx

  22. wow. that is a lot of shopping. Lovely dresses!

  23. Ooh hello! This is my first time to visit your blog and I love it!

    EEEK I love all your items! You've got some fantastic finds.

    Have a fab week girlie, I've got a little givaway on my blog atm, if you have a moment.

    Otherwise, I'll be back!