Wednesday, 31 March 2010

well i'll just read a book instead, i don't care if we're just friends..

oh boy..(sorry, i seem to say that a lot recently)..isn't growing up a funny old thing..i mean, i don't feel like a "grown up", but when i look after my friends' daughters, or am leading my guide unit, i have to act as though i am, and they see me as one..which is scary when i feel as though there is so much to learn - always - maybe that's not something you grow out of..
it would seem that i'm at a decision point in my life, and there are a few to be made..i could further my career by studying law for a little longer, or do a proper architectural course, which would be related to what i do at the moment..relationship-wise, also, there are probably decisions to be made, i seem to float along in a little bubble at the moment, but at least i feel less fragile and scared these days, so time certainly does do something..

as for outfits, i forgot a pic yday, so two outfits here..yday's was a bit of a mish-mash of colours, vaguely matched to the new pink tshirt from the weekend and the irregular choice boots..the skirt must have been from the warehouse clearance place in cheshire oaks or something, as i rarely pay full price for anything warehouse..and the teal shrug was the first thing i could find to vaguely match..
and today's outfit was built around the plum colour of these tights - i had forgotten about this dress but apparently it's from primark..i love finding things i'd forgotten about..


  1. Those IC boots are just divine!

    Todays outfit is beautiful and your hair in that top photo looks lush! x

  2. That skirt shape looks freaking great on you! Growing up? Never! The thought scares me to death.
    Take care!

  3. drooling over your shoes m'dear x

  4. Any chance of a close up of the boots?

    I say bah to growing up. Good luck with the decisions though hun - just make sure you do what makes you happy :)

  5. Ive given up waiting for the day I wake up and feel like a "proper" grown up- its all over rated anyway! Im the same as I always was just with more responsibilities!

    I love that dress you are wearing today its very alternative business like if that makes sense? (probably not lol)...and Im jealous that you can get your hair like that!