Thursday, 25 March 2010

well this is quick, but not quite painless!

well my new ebay purchase turned up yday, a lovely red vivien of holloway halter dress - if you haven't come across this make, they are fab for 50s style dresses and petticoats, in all sorts of beautiful prints..i thought i could probably get away with a plain red one for work, so have dressed it with the houndstooth cardi i picked up in the tesco sale a few weekends ago and decided to take back because i didn't know what to wear with it..the handbag was a present from my dad from a tiny shop in wales, i love it and really ought to use it more often!

tonight i have a friend coming for tea, so am feeling more and more guilty about the lack of time i have managed to spend at the gym this week, will have to try and find time on saturday morning to go, and then maybe sunday eve after family lunch at the grandparents'..

i also want to make time for a decluttering session..i think this will need a couple of evenings setting aside at least..i'm a total hoarder, and very materialistic, so tend to end up with a lot of stuff that i am never actually likely to get round to using..likewise, i need to have a sort-out of my clothes and shoes, and will perhaps try to do a car boot sale at some point in the next few weekends, if the weather gets a little nicer..
i've added a pic of one of the shelves in the living room, and the one in the is fairly evident, it's all a rather huge mish-mash of things..the kitchen one isn't so bad, although when i first moved in it just held the clock, glasses and teacups..trouble is, i have so many cute kitchen bits and pieces that i don't really want to hide them all favourite place for cute homeware has to be tk maxx, where i have, on various rummages, found the cupcake chopping board, the pink colander, flamingo cocktail sticks, little chef man whisk, and the egg timer..
the shelves in the living room just seem to be a magnet for everything that doesn't otherwise have a the jars of beads etc for jewellery making, a pair of irregular choice heels which i have actually worn and then returned to the shelf furby, who no longer works, so not really sure why he's still there..the dinosaur toy was a present from my sis when i fell for it in a charity shop lol..and the tiny drawers were another tk maxx find..the purple kitten was painted by me when my little sister had a pottery-painting bday party, which was rather fun, and the candlesticks were a present from my best friend at uni, from woolies a few yrs ago..think thats all lol..


  1. That dress is gorgous, Char! Love how you've made it into day wear with the oversized bag and checked cardi - perfect fit too!
    Love all your pretty sparkly bits, I'm a sucker for a flamingo cocktail stirrer!
    PS Glad you've changed the font colour, I've had trouble reading your last couple of posts...must be me age!

  2. I love that dress and your flat is awesome!

    Don't beat yourself up about the gym, god knows how you find the time to go at all, ever!


  3. Such a pretty dress and it is lovely on you. I bet your wardrobe looks fab stuffed with dresses =)


  4. Gorgeous dress - such a vivid colour and great shape.

    I love all the funky kitchen stuff. It doesn't look cluttered to me - hope you're not going to car boot any of the stuff in the pics.

  5. I wish I could get away with wearing a Vivien of Holloway to work! I'd wear mine every single day if I could do - I almost have enough for each day of the week now :o)

  6. Furby rocks. I fix them.