Wednesday, 24 March 2010

what would you think of me now? so lucky, so strong, so proud..

do you ever listen to songs that give you the shivers?? the one in my title today does..but that's an improvement, i used to cry when i heard it lol..i'm a nerd :S

talking of nerd-like behaviour, i took a photo of all the pairs of irregular choice shoes in my kitchen cupboards this order that i can stick them on the fronts of the box to make the daily shoe-panic a little easier..

first photo is the headband my friend gave me yesterday lunchtime to go with the shoes i was wearing :) i think i like it..although i did spend most of the afternoon adjusting it..

today's outfit - this dress took a lot of tracking down from good old ebay, several years back, i knew it existed, and had the skirt version, but wanted the dress - i so prefer dresses to skirts..i've gone with the same shoes from yday, not very inspired i know, but i like them and they haven't had a wear for ages, and i ended up rushing out the door this morning lol..the shrug was a cute sale purchase from new look, which i love for the colour, but forgot about it's mohair fluffy quality, and am now getting frustrated at the amount of fluff on my dress :(
um. and a pre-empted answer to a question that i;m sure it's only a matter of time before someone facvourite pair of ICs..that is a really tough one, as there are a handful which i completely love..
the boots have never been worn - i'm kinda not sure when i would lol..they currently reside on one of my shelves in the living room as a display piece, and attract a lot of comments from visitors..the tiger heels are my favourite pair, but i don't think they will ever be worn due to the sentimental reasoning behind them..and the underwear print ones, i love completely..i've worn these so much the soles are almost wearing out, so when irregular choice decided to bring out a remake, i snapped a pair up with alarming speed..i don't like the remodelled ones as much, as they have a slight point to the toe rather than the round-toes of the original pair though..


  1. Hiya Chick!

    You do have the most amazing collection of shoes. I think it would be hard to nail a pair of favourite IC shoes as they are definitely ones you need to be in the mood to wear specific ones.

    I have all my shoes stored in clear boxes so they are easy to see. It's a bit anal!


  2. Love the print on that dress! The tiger shoes are beyond cute!

  3. i wish i could be so organised when it comes to my shoes they are usually stuffed in any spare area in the wardrobe :@.

    I love your outfit, I think thats the same bolero shrug I wore to my sisters wedding...does it have a couple of roses on the lapel? Its lovely but I agree it moults everywhere!

  4. Cute hairband! I can't wear them for more than about half an hour haha.

  5. That headband is so cute. I love to see your shoes, so pretty x

  6. Songs that give me the shivers tend to get avoided - one day I'll listen to them but not just yet.

    Love the new headband and huzzah for some IC pics. The tiger ones are just amazing. I think I weirdly assumed they were bumble bee type shoes when I first them, haha.

  7. You have some great boots- I love the cowboy ones you previously wrote about.
    I'm really getting into hairbands at the moment (although they probably make me look about 13!)- as you say you end up adjusting them all day! x

  8. The tiger shoes, so cute! :3

    That's a very pretty headband, they can be a nightmare though, especially if they start slipping!

  9. I think the hairband is ever so cute but I know what you mean as I'm the same when I wear them, fidgeting with them.

    Lovely shoes. Those boots must be a great display piece!