Monday, 29 March 2010 crashed out as a heartthrob, when you woke up in a day job..

oh boy this is likely to be a loooong post..lots of outfits, and plenty of general ramblings thrown in for good measure, probably..
friday's outfit was a new sailor-type dress from matalan's be beau range, one which i have loved since they first introduced it..i'm not so taken with the dress after a day's wear as i was when i first saw it in the shop..this could be because they didn't have my size, and the size up looks a little gapey, so may need a couple of stitches, or it may have been the fact that despite a half-hour search of the flat, i couldn't find the flat blue suede boots which i'd planned to wear, and ended up having to go with a pair of heeled IC boots..which i think was a mistake with such a short dress..i'll give it another outing before relegating it to the sale pile..i went with the long cream nautical type cardi, and an anchor necklace which received a few comments, but was only from new look - several yrs ago, although i like it for it's Tatty Devine-esque (fab jewellery make) friday afternoon was rather lovely, i had the afternoon off work in order that i could have lunch / wander round the shops in town with my sister..purchases went as follows - blue / white checked skirt from h&m, which i've had my eye on for a while for it's alice-look..i had the idea that i'd want to team it with cream tights and the lacey ones from new look were perfect..the dusky pink top was a h&m buy as i already have and love the grey version- i think the lacey detail to the shoulders is great..and the floral long strapless top drew me towards it in dotty p's..and the necklace was in the sale, so i thought i'd get that to go fantastically with it!

on saturday i took my outfit inspiration straight from wonderland, to cheer myself up from the heartache frustrations of friday night, and also to give some of my new clothes an outing..the tshirt was a present from my mum last time we went to asda together, i love the george clothes range too (i am sooo far from a clothes snob!)..the tea-party necklace was a dolls house tea set which i added to a chain, the ballet pumps from faith, and the hairband from primark..the only thing i would add is red lipstick next time round lol..i spent saturday wandering the shops of telford, with my sisters, who took me out with them to cheer me up, so of course we hit primark..and my purchases from the day are as follows..the yellow lace dress, black rose print dress, green tights and sunglasses case were primark buys, the cupcake vest and the purple sunglasses from h&m whcih i exchanged for a pair of tights my sister changed her mind about..

sunday plans involved a run in the morning after waking up insanely early due to the lovely sunshine..and then lunch at my grandparents' house, giving me an oppportunity to wear one of the new dresses..i thought the contrast between the pale lemon and black tights would be too much, so opted for grey, and pulled the shoes back out of the "for ebay" pile, as they matched rather well..i also dug a cream / enamel look necklace from the jewellery box, which seemed to go ok, and then rushed out to get some flowers on the way to my nana's house..then, after spending a relaxing family afternoon with them, i headed over to my friend's house in the evening, in order that i could give her a hand with cutting out metres and metres of tulle net to make costumes for her guides to wear to an upcoming carnival event for the centenary year..once done, we spent a nice evening in watching trashy tv and with a chinese takeaway..i changed the heels for my cowboy boots before i went, and added this shrug/cardi from primark..

today's outfit was built around the other new dress from primark, which i also do really like..i've just boringly teamed it with a black cardi and tights, and a pair of black / gold zig zag print heels from irregular choice (duh!)..not very inspired, but i have loads to do today and needed an early start in the office, stopping at the royal mail pick-up on the way in order to sign for some vouchers from the mystery shopping surveys ;) yay..will head to town and have a look at something to spend them on lol..a good start to the week - who needs boys?!


  1. I love your Alice inspired outfit, and the yellow lace dress looks gorgeous on you
    *wants it*

    Have a wonderful week beautiful xx

  2. Oh gah, why does the lace dress look fantastic on everyone apart from me? I tried it on and looked like a lacy sack of spuds.

    I love all your new purchases Char. And as expected, the Alice outfit is fantastic. But then so is that super cute sailor dress as well, in fact so are most things you wear! Not that I'm jealous or anything, haha.

  3. i liek this yellow lace dress alex, but i did buy the long sleeved version in grey in Jan and that looks hideous on i think some of these primark lace numbers are just ghastly on anyone..

  4. Lace is so tricky to pull off, can look really frumpy but you look it!

  5. I love the dress from Matalan..don't sell it it suits you.

    The lace dress i love too...but then i have it in grey!!

  6. great photos!! love the lace dress :)
    vicki xo