Friday, 30 April 2010

i'm sure i've seen this look before, done a thousand times and a million more..

oooh the excitement is upon for a weekend in cardiff, seeing lostprophets tomorrow night and coming back sunday, hoping to fit in some significant shopping time too!! the weather is nice and rainy outside, but even that isn't getting me down - it just changes my shoe choices slightly for the weekend i guess, as i noticed this lunchtime that pale pink fabric doesn't bode too well in the rain ( ....sorry IC's :( ......)

yesterday's outfit didn't quite seem right all day - i liked the dress when i last wore it, although i;ve never liked this cardigan - i need to find a better grey one i think..i didn't even go for the yellow heels in the end, as i felt it didn't look right for work somehow - too short for heels maybe?? not sure, just wasn't having a very "happy clothes" day i guess..

today has been another crazy busy day, too much to do and not enough time to fit it all in, but i do work better under pressure, so shouldn't really complain! i've made a list of things to pack / do before we leave tomorrow morning as well, so that's all good, just have to remember the tickets!

today's dress is probably one of my favourites, it seems to lend itself to clashing, but has also got that dressed down quality just right..i love this necklace with the berry coloured beads, which i snapped up along with a matching bracelet set in the phase eight sale back in jan..and the bag doesn't get used enough - a present from my dad, it spends a lot of time looking at me longingly, hoping to be used, so i thought i'd give it a day out.. the shoes are IC's, and now drying out under my desk, after a rainy trip to town for a MS assignment at lunch which did not go very well!
if you haven't yet, please pop along to my last post to enter the giveaway, and i will be back after the weekend with all sorts of new ideas to post about, plus hopefully some pics from the weekend, i'm rather looking forward to planning some "weekend outfits"..think, much more clashy and much more mental shoes - i love weekends away !!! :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010

you lift me up and then you throw me back down..{giveaway}

finally, better late than never (as so many of the things i plan to do and then take ages to put into practice recently)..
i promised to run a little giveaway when i reached 50 followers, which i seem to have done recently :) thank you to everyone who visits!!

i think i will basically just put together a box of goodies (jewellery, nail polish, and accessories?) over the next week or so, as i don't have anything to promote or anything, as some other blogs i've seen..

so the comments on this post will be open for a week, at which point i will randomly pick one as a winner..the only rules for entering are to comment on this post, with what you would like to see in my blog posts in the future, or any questions you may wish to ask as a Q&A post i will put together soon..

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

say it's true, or everything that matters breaks in two..

i think i need to learn not to try and do everything to try and keep everyone happy all of the time..i feel as though i don't have enough time to do anything at the moment, and that there is always something i should have already done..exhausted!

today's outfit is similar to the first time i wore this skirt, but i was in a hurry to straighten my hair, so just added a green vest and teal (?) polka dot cardi, with my green mushroom heels and some pearls, fairly simple but i think i like this outfit..

Monday, 26 April 2010

it's a game but we're all just victims of love..

a rather speedy outfit post today, as i've not had much time to stop all day, and have to head straight to guides this evening after work..

had a nice and productive weekend, saturday was spent rearranging my living room, and also trying on / clearing out *some* clothes, and reminding myself of others i may have forgotten about..
saturday's outfit was this green polka dot dress, purchased in the primark sale in manchester about 4yrs ago, for the bargainous sum of £5!! odd how i manage to remember how much i paid for everything i buy, as well as when i have worn it (in this case once to uni about 3yrs ago, and not since - until sat!)..

today's outfit is the new floral sundress i purchased from topshop - i'm liking the colourful spring-ness of it, although it's rather short..i also like that i paid for the majority of it with vouchers, whcih i don't really class as a spend - so it really only cost me £5 as well!! :)
i like this cardi too, a h&m one i also have in green, and the dino necklace was a toy which i turned into a necklace and totally love for it's quirky kitschness..i got told i looked nice today as well, which has boosted my cheerful mood!!

hopefully everyone else is having a relatively cheerful day also ;)

Friday, 23 April 2010

i watch you spin around in your highest heels..

morning all :) it's not as sunny as it has been the past few days, but i'm in a totally cheerful mood (mainly due to as discovery i made yday which first of all had me annoyed, but after some thought, just makes me glad that i made the decisions i did, even if they were tough at the time!) - feeling fairly relaxed and glad that feeling poorly earlier in the week led to me cancelling all my evening plans, as i've pretty much needed the break i think, and have made a fair amount of progress with my perpetual to-do list..

i painted my nails red last night, so dug this dress out of the wardrobe this morning to kinda go with them..i've put it with my long dark green cardi, after a mad search for that this morning too, but disappointingly, the boots didn't make it out of the house - i've managed to hurt my feet, and then made them worse by running yesterday eve - bad times!

oh and the necklace is new, from topshop..a cute apple on a chain, which makes me think fairytales - i'm loving the princess thing at the moment, and have just discovered that i'm off to drayton manor at the weekend (a guides thing) but we have to dress up in gold costumes - which could be fun..will get home and rummage thru the wardrobes when i can :)

i also realised that i haven't yet added the newest addition to my flat - a friend gave me a heads up on one of the dress shops which is closing down in town, and i popped in to pick up this dummy for next to nothing - albeit it's not an adjustable one, but it's a start, and i can use it for some of my the moment it's being used as an ebay-photo model..any takers for this babydoll dress before it gets listed....?

Thursday, 22 April 2010

i put my faith in you (so much faith) and then you just threw it away..

today's skirt - another of the primark haul from sunday afternoon..along with a 50p beret, in a cute colour i *may* already have, but i'll worry about that when it's beret-wearing weather again -next my head anyway, it's spring and hats and gloves are away in hibernation..

i'm wearing it with grey tights, pink top, and a teal shrug..along with a pair of bright pink mary jane heels, which were a topshop sale buy i'd forgotten about - and will probably be ebayed, as there's just something i'm not sure about..

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

i'm an addict for dramatics..i confuse the two for love..

right. i hope nobody will mind, but i am taking a little break from outfit posting for a while..
i may still post the components, but i'm just not feeling in a very "photo" place atm..that said, i'm still (always) in a shopping today is my recent purchases:

the black / yellow floral dress is a primark bargain (£15) and i loooove the bow detail at the front..the floral tshirt was £6 on the sale rail at tesco yday and i have teamed it with my green tulip skirt today and a long chain with an enamelly ice cream pendant, which has gems of the same colour scheme..

i only popped to the shops for something to do at the weekend lol, and did set myself a perfectly reasonable (tight by my usual reckless standards) budget..and kinda hadn't realised how many new clothes i ended up with until i got them out to photograph yday eve..for some reason i can't get some of the pics to be the right way round though, so the rest are going to have to wait until tomorrow..
these two are my most recent ebay wins - the green / pink floral dress is an asos one, which sold out around the time of the last SATC movie, as it's a lot like one carrie wore i believe, and i've been keeping an eye out for it ever since so quite excited, although this does need taking in a couple of sizes..the other is a next dress, a kind of oatmealy colour, with polka dots, which i love..a little disappointed that it's missing a button and the spare isnt' inside, but i'm sure i;ll track down something similar, or perhaps change the lot..

Thursday, 15 April 2010

it's not the end of the world now baby, but i can see it from here!!

oh god i have barely had time for real life, let alone updating my blog here for ages - sorry!!

i'm off to guide camp tomorrow eve, so a lot of last-minute panicking and organising is occurring at the moment, but i promise that by the time i get back on here next week, i will have thought of the basis of my blog giveaway as i am at 50 followers (thank you!!)..

today's outfit:

striped puffball skirt, and teal tshirt, both picked up in h&m yesterday evening whilst i was waiting around to meet a friend..

the green heels are irregular choice, with mushrooms on..and the blazer is still featuring strongly in my work outfits at the moment..

Thursday, 8 April 2010

you wrote your number on my hand but it came off in the rain..

ugh i hate being under the's especially annoying today because the actual weather is glorious which means i don't really want to waste my time being ill :(
but never mind, i've dressed to try and stave off the miserable ill feelings, in a primark skirt i've worn loads since finiding it in the sale rail a few years ago - anything with a sneaky layer of tulle net underneath and i'm sold! this blazer has seen a lot of wear recently too, considering it was a panic buy a few days before graduation..the anchor print tee caught my eye in h&m on monday, and the topshop shoe boots actually hold the title for being my favourite shoes ever..

the top photos are from my crazy dressing up session the other evening..the toadstool dress i love, and think it would go well with this mustard belt, if i can find something to make a small enough hole in the belt, to make it fit my waist rather than my hips lol..
the floral top in two of the pics was £2.99 in h&m the other day, so i couldn't refuse! i tried a couple of outfits for it, but am not totally sure how to wear it's a lot longer and more loose than i think it should be for skirts, but i'm not brave enough to wear it just with leggings..not outside the house anyway! but it was a bargain, and i think it's ok layered over the black lace dress..maybe..
the striped tee and mushroom shoes ended up being my outfit for the pub quiz t'other night (maybe partly due to the fact i was so waylaid with outfit trying-on that i may have lost track of time..) and i finally wore my robot necklace (just about visible)..which i love ;) and we won the quiz!

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

i hope you know that where you are i wish you well..

some amusing pics today..mainly due to the fact that alex doesn't seem to believe i ever used to wear have dug out some photos from my trip to south africa, where all i seemed to wear for 3 weeks was shorts/trousers..that has probably been the one exception in the last few yrs since college, where i definitely went through a jeans phase, although also by about halfway through the first year, i did start to be a little more adventurous in what i wore - last week whilst digging through the wardrobes i found one of my favourite items of clothing ever from college lol..a pair of bright yellow dungarees..not sure i would wear them now - which is kinda an upsetting thought as i would have thought i was a lot MORE experimental with outfits these days..

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

the days they turn into years..the eyes they drown in tears..

quite a few outfits to post up from the easter weekend off was spent with a day of doing very little (which was well-needed in order to try and recharge my batteries a little), and then a couple of days with the family in wales..

saturday's outfit was a really quickly thrown together strapless dress, with cream lace tights and a cream bow print cardigan, all of which came from new look..i spent the day travelling up to wales and relaxing with family whilst the rain poured down easter sunday was spent having a meal out with the family, with a walk to the paper shop in the morning, sicne the weather was so bright and sunny!

yesterday outfit - cobbled together from some of the things in my wales-wardrobe which i'd forgotten about - these red riding hood boots for example..whcih i teamed with a simple white / red striped tshirt, a blue and red floral skirt and a grey leopard print cardi..the beret and striped gloves i added later on when i returned home as i headed into town on the bike..

today's is also fairly simple, although i wanted the opportunity to wear this pair of sandals i found for £3 in teamed with the floral cardi and green skirt..
have already got a busy week planned and it's only just into the first work day lol..hopefully i'll do a giveaway soon too..

Thursday, 1 April 2010

i'll take these storms away, start a brand new story..

ok..first up, responses to some of my comments - thanks for the lovely comments on my hair - i'm kinda hating it at the moment, as i think it needs tidying up, although the length i do like..will endeavour to trim it at the weekend..

next, i have added a pic of the boots from the last post, as requested..they are unbelievably comfortable for a day's wear, and i love the bows on the back..
then i have to post my bargains from yday's lunchtime trip to town lol.. the striped dress is a uttam london one, charity shop bargain, along with the basket bag with the flamingos/palm trees, the gold clutch bag (£2!!!) and the 25p mint striped bangle..yay!
the blue croc bag is one i've been lusting after for ages in river island, and this wardrobe print tshirt is fab to be teamed with a tutu style skirt in summer..

today's outfit is nautical-themed again - i think friday's are clearly nautical days! the tulip skirt i've worn before, from matalan, and have gopt in three colours now, but i love the style and it actually makes me feel good..which is rare at the moment..these shoes were on the wishlist for such a long time, and finally ordered from office..i love them, for their nautical look, and the style is actually really wearable - i've worn these for days at a time and they have been pain-free!! the top combines the current nautical and parisienne trends, and was a matalan (be beau) find a couple of weeks back - i unearthed it from the depths of the wardrobes last night and decided i wanted to wear it, and think it goes well with this skirt / shoes..liking today's outfit..which makes a welcome change, so enough said..