Friday, 23 April 2010

i watch you spin around in your highest heels..

morning all :) it's not as sunny as it has been the past few days, but i'm in a totally cheerful mood (mainly due to as discovery i made yday which first of all had me annoyed, but after some thought, just makes me glad that i made the decisions i did, even if they were tough at the time!) - feeling fairly relaxed and glad that feeling poorly earlier in the week led to me cancelling all my evening plans, as i've pretty much needed the break i think, and have made a fair amount of progress with my perpetual to-do list..

i painted my nails red last night, so dug this dress out of the wardrobe this morning to kinda go with them..i've put it with my long dark green cardi, after a mad search for that this morning too, but disappointingly, the boots didn't make it out of the house - i've managed to hurt my feet, and then made them worse by running yesterday eve - bad times!

oh and the necklace is new, from topshop..a cute apple on a chain, which makes me think fairytales - i'm loving the princess thing at the moment, and have just discovered that i'm off to drayton manor at the weekend (a guides thing) but we have to dress up in gold costumes - which could be fun..will get home and rummage thru the wardrobes when i can :)

i also realised that i haven't yet added the newest addition to my flat - a friend gave me a heads up on one of the dress shops which is closing down in town, and i popped in to pick up this dummy for next to nothing - albeit it's not an adjustable one, but it's a start, and i can use it for some of my the moment it's being used as an ebay-photo model..any takers for this babydoll dress before it gets listed....?


  1. I'm really glad you've enjoyed a bit of a break hun.

    The dress is lovely. Shame about the boots but you don't want to mess up your feet and I'm sure you've got plenty of flats to choose from ;)

  2. Hurrah for feeling good! I'm glad you're seeing that in a different light now. I love everything, the necklace, nails and dress will look so cheery, perhaps reflecting your mood?
    Looking forward to seeing your gold outfit too.
    Vicki xxx

  3. I want a dummy! Lucky lady getting your hands on a bargain one! Love that apple necklace, I had a similar one in a goldy colour from primark but unfortunately it turned green rather quickly!

  4. Glad you are feeling better from having a bit of a rest break. Gorgeous colours in the dress and that necklace is snow white delicious! How lovely of your friend giving you the heads up so you could get a dressmakers dummy. x

  5. I love the apple necklace, and your divine dresses of course! Your so lucky you can rock red xx

  6. oooh, I used to have an apple pendant necklace when I was a wee girl. Would love another one now - will need to have a look. Fab look as always. You know what works for you and have such a strong sense of personal style - I really admire that. x

  7. Well done on getting the dummy! It'll be great for Ebay and if it is more or less the same size as you it'll be fine for dressmaking. Mine is adjustable but it is so far removed from my shape it's only good for getting a rough idea x

  8. Love that floral dress. SO pretty.