Wednesday, 26 May 2010

its the same old you the same old get bored and I get cold feet..

well it's only one day until my bday, and i'm not really that excited about it yet..that said, i am feeling a whole lot more happy about it than i was in my last post! i have actual plans, i'm finally going to get to go to the CSI birmingham event, which i've been desperate to do for ages, so i'm really excited about that; and then having friends over / going to see SATC..spending a day in wales with the family and going out for bday lunch with them, then a day of shopping / lunching in chester :) so anticipating a busy but lovely weekend and much happier about it than i was a few days ago!!!!

i made some cakes (above) to bring to work today, as is bday tradition, and they seem to have gone down well - a mix of chocolate butterfly buns, plain sponge with pink icing / choc buttons, mint sponge with melted choc, apple and sultana sponge with syrup, and jam sponge with icing and cherries on top..

yday's outfit was thrown on in a rush (as with today's actually lol)..this purple/green floral dress was a total £10 bargain in a random store in the mailbox on a trip to birmingham when i'd just finished uni..and the shrug was a present from my dad from a little boutique in wales near our house there..i put a green belt around just because i like it lol (£2 in the matalan sale!)
today's outfit is a floral prom dress from warehouse, with a polka dot topshop cardi, and a duckling necklace i had a lot of help with tracking down! none of it really goes, but i kinda don't care!!

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

you called me strong, you called me weak, but still your secrets i will keep..

ugh..kinda fed up at the moment, as ever i don't seem to have enough time in the day to get everything i should be doing done, i feel fat, and this week is extra busy, with now having to organise a bday event for all the ppl who wanted me to do something, and are now not going to come..grr, i so wish i hadn't bothered saying i'd do anything..

i did have a lovely, sunny and marvellously relaxing weekend - a lot of time spent sunbathing in the garden with a few library books and a jug of squash..and my sunday was spent at the slot car festival at donington park, with my family (dad's really into slot cars!) sunday dress was the pale blue cherry print one i got in Cardiff from river island, which has
an open back so i ended up with a big red circle from the sun!

yesterday was lovely and sunny and hot outside, so i went for a flowery miss selfridge dress i've had for ages but hardly worn..too hot for a cardigan, so i just went for a bangle and a pair of irregular choice nautical wedges i've never worn, despite having had them for a few years..i discovered they are far too big, so much so that they were slipping off..need to invest in some insoles for them i think and see if that helps..

today's dress is another i haven't worn for ages and ages, bought from ebay, although originally h&m..i changed the cardi when i got to the car for a pale pink one, as i didn't think the grey went very well, and the shoes are some moss green heels with gold floral print on them..IC's of course, from the good old days when a trip to TK maxx used to end up in a new pair (or three!)..
tonight is to be spent baking cakes for bringing to work on friday, and also for the weekend if anyone bothers to come..which isn't looking likely..i may just go to wales instead..

Friday, 21 May 2010

no sir, well i don't want to be the blame, not anymore..

couple of outfits to catch up on, not done today's yet as i managed to forget my handbag at a friend's house last night (complete with purse, diary, and

left - miss selfridge sundress which i bought last autumn and wasn;t all that sure about, but i like it more with the bow tied at the front..think it gives it more shape, and it goes rather well with the new peach pumps..doesn't go with the clutch bag at all, but i just like that! lol..this outfit was worn the other eve to go and cook tea, which went really well..

wednesday outfit, was a bit of a mix, but i'm really liking stripes with floral atm, so thought i'd just see how much it all clashed..i liked the end result though! the stripey vest was a h&m buy when i decided i needed more plain-ish tops, as most of my skirts are quirkily patterned..this skirt was a total bargain in the warehouse sale ages ago (i rarely buy anything in warehouse that isn't in the sale!) at the bullring, and i just love the pale mint matched it with the new look shrug i re-discovered recently..

i employed the clashy side of my brain for yday's outfit too, teaming the recent blue/red dress from peacocks with a pair of dark blue lace leggings, and a pair of purple IC turtle shoes..mainly duye to the fact i painted my nails lilac on wed eve, and then couldn't think of anything i wanted to wear which went with them..added a flower brooch which i found in a local charity shop for £1.50, and a black cardi, and was too warm for most of the day..i didn't think it was going to work together too well, but it was ok, and i had so much to do yday that once i had an outfit on, i didn't have time to consider changing it (well, i may have changed the shoes once from the first pic)..still got far too much to do, but have big plans for different post topics next week..

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the last time you saw me, was in your closed eyes as i waited by the phone..

really speedy post today, as i'm already late - no time for anything as usual, i'm fairly sure there's a record to be had for the speed at which i'm currently typing, so please point out any errors lol..

today's outfit - very hastily thrown together in a grumpy mood due to my stupid petulant shower this morning, which decided to burn my head! nothing new, i thnk this outfit has been done before, but i've been a bit useless at picturing outfits recently so tyhought i better make the effort at least this morning with the camera! blue tulip skirt was matalan (£3), with a dullsville black vest, and a river island sale purchase which has left fluff everywhere all day :S

t'other outfit is from a meal out on saturday, with the family, who i spent the day with on of my favourite parts of a relaxing day or so at the holiday house, is the fact that i get a whole other wardrobe which i get to rummage thru - this dress is from h&m, and the necklace was about £3 from asda in the xmas sale..

am now off to a friend's house to cook tea..first proper meal i've cooked in far too long, and i'm going to try and dissuade myself from getting lost at the clothes section in the supermarket!

Friday, 14 May 2010

everything i know about breaking hearts, i learned from you - it's true...

i'm not generally a socks girl..we'll start there..i have one or two pairs, nicked from the ex, which are used for the gym..and i used to have a pair with dinosaurs on, which i lost at the gym - along with my trainers (i mean, seriously, who nicks someone's worn trainers, complete with used socks?!?! - but i came back from the pool and they were nowhere to be seen :S )..the only other pair i own are these knee high grey ones - blatantly only purchased for the lacey edges and cute ribbons..i'm so fickle!

well, when lovely sock 'fanatic', alex extended this unofficial challenge my way, who was i to say no - let's face it, it's the last day of what has been a fairly crappy week, and i wasn't exactly brimming with outfit-inspiration anyway..therefore, after a good half hour search for one elusive sock last night (WHY do they do that?!?! at least with tights you can never lose a half!)..i built an outfit around them..after much deliberation, i figured this tulip skirt would look ok, if put with other greys..i like the rabbit print cardi (excuse the fact i had just washed my hair lol)..but there was just something i didn't quite like about the whole i went with plain grey top, and a leopard print cardi..

as you can see, i tried heels first, but wasn't sure about the socks then (and my feet still hurt from yday's evil shoes) in the end i went for the new stripey red and white river island pumps..on the way out of the door so forgot to photo them..
and a couple more photos for good measure.. one of the headbands i made the other day in my sewing frenzy, and also one of the granny-chic cardi/shirt things (i have no idea what it's classed as really lol) i picked up in the severn hospice shop the other day..i love the fact they have shoulder pads, and pearly buttons and lace, and i think with a little altering, they'll make nice little cardis...

Thursday, 13 May 2010

you are, the only one that needs to know..

i'm finding myself inexplicably drawn to yellow's and yday's outfits, and one last week (which i haven't pictured but will do) were all pretty yellow..both of the dresses are from primark, which has had some lovely dresses in recently..the yellow cardi, used for both outfits, was picked up in a charity shop last year for a couple of quid, and has been hiding in the drawer ever since..

i was tidying up my flat-shoe storage drawers last week, and came across this pair of patent yellow peep toe's which i love..i love the bows on the front, and the cheerful bright colour..i don't love the fact that the slingback straps at the back only tend to stay on my feet for a few steps..but i put up with them all of yesterday with the black dress..
today's dress is quite short too, as seems to be the trend at the moment - with some dresses waaaay to short to be public..ever (green lace new look dress, i mean you!).you can't see from the photos, but this one has a really cute criss-cross effect of the straps at the back..which i've hidden with the cardi, as frankly it's not warm enough not to..but i decided flat shoes were needed once again..didn't want to go for the same ones, so thought i'd wear this IC pair, which i've not worn out before..i made it to about lunchtime today (including a trip around the supermarket) before having to take them off as my toes were getting a little squashed..i think they need "wearing in around the house" a little more..but i'll put them on again later lol..
my lovely new daisy necklace, is from my favourite ever daisy ;) and came in the post with a cute letter too xx
and as for the title to my post today (apart from the fact that the lyrics are by my favourite band ever)..i've been thinking about my blog, basically as a result of victoria's latest post which i read last night (here)..i don't know about anyone else but i know that the reason for my blog posts is to get my thoughts down somewhere, me it's a bonus that anyone reads the random thoughts that i spill all over my little corner of the web..i love to read everyone's comments as and when they feel like writing them, and i do read every one, (that's why i put them on 'mod')..that said, if i didn't have anyone following / commenting on my posts, it wouldn't stop me posting..sorry if this doesn't make much sense..basically i think i'm trying to say that i think blogs are personal, esp. when they are about all aspects of your life, and i think they should be written about whatever you like, whenever you like, and not for someone else..i know i have enough work and other things in my life with strict deadlines, and which have to be done for other ppl, and i like my blog to be something different to the structured nature of the other areas in my life..that's all i guess..

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

and the best is, no-one knows who you are..just another girl, alone at the bar..

i'm still playing catch up with all the recent pics i haven't yet posted, which is mad considering that i didn't even take many outfit pics last week due to no camera -which was a shame as i liked some of them a lot! maybe i'll try on for photo purposes, if i get time lol..i never seem to have enough time in the day recently!

the two to the left are from the guide getaway i went on at the weekend, wtih my friend and some of her unit..for some annoying reason i didnt' get a pic of my floral tent, but i will camp again soon so it's sure to get a mention..we went to warwick castle, with 1200 other girl guides from across the country, and spent an evening watching all of the various sword-fighting/archery/birds of prey shows, had hot chocolate and watched a ball of fire being catapulted from the trebuchet in the dark...and then on sunday the girls spent a day to theirselves in the castle grounds..i didn't manage to get the sword out of the stone, but i did have a nice day, weather better than expected and received a lot of compliments on my favourite hat ;)

as the bus wasn't set to leave until 4, my saturday morning was spent cycling into town in the rain, and visiting the library etc and various other chores..i managed a couple of shops as well, and will post my charity shop bargains next time i promise, i'm almost up to date lol..i've been waiting to wear this oversized jumper (very o'sized on me because the only size left on the website was an 18, but i put a waist-belt underneath it and tucked the hem up and under at the front, which i *think* helped)..i loved this outfit anyway, the jumper is over a h&m prom dress which i've worn so often recently..and the headband is one i made on friday night in a rare moment to sit down with the sewing machine, from the leftover floral fabric from a dress i made..

one of my saturday charity shop bargains was this grey pinafore, it's only from primark, but i've been looking for one in plain grey for ever so long, so was really excited when i found one in my size! the reason i've wanted one for so long, is so that i have something to wear this floral shirt with.,it's been a long dilemma! i thought i'd keep the rest simple on monday, with some flat pumps, and a long chain with a mouse pendant on which i bought from a local shop..

and yesterday's outfit? well, this dress was a sale purchase from dotty p's last summer, a present if i recall correctly..which i had chucked on a coathanger with this satiny shrug and as i wasn't exactly feeling uber inspired i figured they went fine together..i added a pair of irregular choice mushroom heels, and a long gold chain with a gold heart and some beads in blues and bronzey colours and tried not to pay attnetion to the mess that is my hair at the moment..

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

our broken fairytale, so hard to hide...

oh wow it's been ages since i posted an outfit / photo post!
first photo, as requested by the lovely
vicki, is one of my favourite ever dress creations - and the first proper dress that i had made from a pattern..the material wasn't much, i bought 3 metres @£3.99ish per metre, but i also joined an evening class for 10 weeks, as an intro to dressmaking, which i think was the best £80 i've ever spent! this was my finished result, and i wear it quite often, it fits perfectly (obviously) and the pattern is the sort of thing i'd be drawn to anyway..hopefully i'll finish putting together some of the piles of fabric pieces i have cut out and ready to pin/sew together soon so have some more to show you..

next up, whilst it seems like ages ago, i went to Cardiff for the bank holiday weekend, to see lostprophets, and also partook in a little retail therapy! the gig was amazing, at the international arena, and i really enjoyed it, regardless of the fact we got completely drenched in the rain on the way home - our hotel was only 10mins walk, but a lovely downpour started just as we left! my outfit for saturday daytime (mainly just travelling) was a topshop floral dress, wit
h a grey leopard print primark cardi, and a pair of grey tights with my pinky rosebud ICs, so that i could wear them with both outfits..i changed into a black and white polka dot dress for the concert, with some ancient topshop pumps which got so disgustingly beer-covered that they ended up being chucked out! i purchased and wore a tour tshirt over the dress for the gig, and a shiny green waistcoat cardi with some long green beads (which i think can kinda be seen in the photo)..

my sunday morning was spent with a lovely book and a long and relaxed continental breakfast in the hotel whilst my friend caught some more Z's before shopping..then we hit the city for some shopping!!

my shopping outfit for the day was one of my fave dresses, the h&m flamingo print one which i've had so much wear from over the yrs, and judging by the prints we were seeing in the stores, i'll be wearing for most of the summer too as there seeemed to be a lot of tropical prints around!

the floral cardi was a £6 bargain from tesco, as they had 25% off when i was in the other day, and i couldn't resist it - whilst we were shopping two people asked where i'd got it from, so i guess it's quite an appealing print or something..i also got lots of queries about where my bag cam from - i had totally forgotten i owned this amazing piece of kitschness until i was packing for cardiff lol..i love this watermelon bag and again it looks like i'll get plenty of use from it this summer without looking like i'm completely unfashionable..(not that this would bother me)..
as for my actual purchases..i actually bought a cropped floral print t shirt..after saying just last week how much i don't understand cropped tees..i loved the print and colour and pocket detail of this, as well as the fact it was cheap..i've worn it once so far, will post a pic next outfit post, and i quite like it..the pale blue cherry dress made me almost jump with excitement when i saw it, and i loved the candy striped red and white pumps..all from river island..
the brown floral print bag, and the triangle bangle were topshop purchases, i didn't see much else i liked, and have wanted the bracelet for the last few times i've been in, and kept telling myself i'd get it next time i went to topshop lol..i had £20 topshop vouchers from some surveys, which made them quite reasonable so i didn't feel too bad..the kids in glass houses t shirt is obviously from the gig too as they were supporting..and the rest of my purchases were primark..a very floral shopping trip!

Thursday, 6 May 2010

if i go crazy then would you still call me superman...

apologies for the lack of outfit posts this week, i left my camera at the parents' house at my dad's bday the other day and haven't had chance to retrieve it just yet..which is frustrating as all the new clothes are on there, and it means i'm going to have to try on yday/today's outfits again for photo purposes as i've been quite happy with them for a change lol - i wonder if this has to do with the fact that i haven't yet photo'd them??

anyway, onto the next thing...
the winner of my first ever giveaway:

i used the random number generator on to give me a number between 1-12 for the comments which entered...and it came up with 10, so congratulations to
Sarah (please send me your address so I can send you your winnnings !! )

nextly (i realise this is not a word)..i was tagged what seems like a lifetime ago by Disco Goth with the Plastic Joy award..the rules state that i need to choose 5 tv/film characters which, um, how to put it, i'd be happy to share some joy with...? lol

first two were fairly easy, although mainly because i grew up loving both of these movies:
1. kevin o'donnell, from coyote ugly..i loved this film, and clearly had a thing for the aussie accent..he was cool, and caring..and i liked the fact he would park his car anywhere and put his own clamp on it - i've been tempted in the past to do this!

2. patrick verona, from 10 things i hate about you - see, i told you - the aussie accent, i used to watch a lot of home and away as well lol..i think he was attractive because of the 'bad boy' image...
3. Angel, of Buffy-the-vampire-slayer fame..i've never been a massive tv watcher, but i do remember watching buffy when i was younger - and twilight just doesn't do it for me as far as vamp's go, it's DB all the way!
4. this is where things start to get tricky as i only have 2 places left..more recently, sherlock holmes, for the fact that he's a bit of a loveable rogue..

and finally..although i think that the list changes on a week by week basis..

5. big..just because, i like the thought of someone sophisticated to look after me :) and because i have a shoe collection to rival carrie's!