Friday, 18 June 2010

they taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies..

this week has been so stupidly busy, that all i'm going to do on this post is catch up on outfits..i'm feeling a little virtuous that i've managed to cycle to work 3 days this week out of 5, which is pretty good going..i was aiming for 2 days a week providing the weather is ok..

last weekend i went shopping with a friend (mainly so we could take things back from a previous shopping trip) and wore my blue petticoat skirt, alice print tee, and some irregular choice heels as i just felt like that kind of outfit ;)
top right is one of the dresses i found in primark on sunday, a fairly boring outfit by my standards, and have slightly ruined the front of the dress, as the lace was being caught on the chain of the necklace all day..
left is the floral tulip skirt i also found in primark at the weekend, with a dusky pink top from h&m and a green chucnky cardi, also primark..
and to the right is the most mismatched outfit of the week, tesco floral top, with a leopard print skirt, which i added bright blue/silver heels to..

Friday, 11 June 2010

you're just like the rest of those girls, they're all death by diamonds and pearls..

i know this is the second post of the day, but i was packing up some ebay sales the other day, and found a bag of vintage costume jewellery bought from a car boot sale, and thought i would sort them out..once untangled, i picked out the broken bits to make into something new, and the two necklaces i actually would wear..the rest is surplus and therefore up for sale here, if anyone wants anything, please either leave a comment here (i'll turn them off for the post if i can figure out how)..or PM me or something..first come, first served, they'll be charity shopped if not sold..
top row: 1. long cord necklace with various cream / white shaped beads..
2. white stones on a bracelet with a twist clasp..
3. various gold-coloured chains and bracelets all to go as one lot..
second row: 1. gold-coloured chain with large blue glass type pendant..
2. gold-coloured chain with embedded pearl effect beads
3. long strand of tiny pearly coloured beads with clasp..

this marbley pendant says channel island jewellery on the back, and i can't figure out what it is, it's really light-weight..
one grape/glass bead charm bracelet..
one job lot of various metal bangles..

next, large browney bead necklace..
one green/yellow/red pendant on triple cord..
one blue/ black necklace of various strands of beads..

i'm not online over the weekend much so if you leave a comment then, i'll get back to you on monday :)

when everything you'll get is everything that you've wanted, princess..

right, first up is the outfit i wore yday evening, after returning from work, just to pop to the library with my returns..the skirt was 30p from a car boot sale, the dino tee was a preset from my sis i think, and the star hoodie was from h&m..the oilcloth look shopper is my library book / shopping bag and was a couple of pounds from primark..i quite fancy changing the skirt so that it's shorter and maybe hitch the hem or something, or m,ake it it's lined and i could put another layer of net under it for more shape..

here are the nautical platforms i wore the other day, as requested by alex..keep forgetting to take pics of my shoes recently lol..they were from office a few yrs ago..and i also have the pink / gold version which are like barbie shoes!

talking of shoes, these turned up today - suggestions on what to wear them with would be appreciated muchly :)

and onto today's outfit..i started with the bracelet for this one, and then the fact that i bought this skirt the other week, and haven't yet worn found a plain grey tee and a nautical looking cardi (both new look), and added some irregular choice shoes, enough to cheer up any friday! the bracelet is handmade by me, with lego harry potter figures, and the trolls from the bank, along with some lego amused me anyway :)

and the shoes are recent ebay bargains, which fit perfectly so am rather pleased with them! :)

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

down, down, but definitely not out..

..just a big outfit post today, as i haven't for the majority of this week..
needless to say, blogger comments are still not working on my computer for some reaosn, and i haven't been able to find anyone who knows anythign about it - i can seem to comment on any which come up as a separate comment box, but not on those blogs which just have their comments at the bottom of the page - just get a white blank..
anyway, today's outfit is the green skirt, and the oversized floral shirt, not sure what made me want to wear this shirt, but have tied the bottom so it's at least a little more fitted than i biked to work again today, i have added a pair of leggings and pumps for the journey, and took my heels to work in the basket, along with a heap of parcels to post..

yday's outfit was a pale blue lace dress, from primark, which made me think "alice in wonderland" so i added the rabbit necklace i purchased recently in selfridges, and due to the weather my umbrella print rain mac from h&m..

the other day i was meeting a friend after the gym for a curry and a catch-up, and when i got home from work prior to leaving, it was soo rainy that i decided i needed to wear boots..and which were the most cheerful boots i could find!? these irregular choice peanuts ones..which i thought would go ok with this floral dress from topshop, with the red glittery heart belt i've had for yrs and never worn...

boring floral print primark dress with a purple shrug, from the other day.. and a red floral dress, i think from new look, which i put with a blut cardi and some crazy blue/white nautical striped platform heels from office with patent red platforms...

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

keep building a wall round my heart, but then i see you and it all falls apart..

well here we are again at the start of another week..i have oh so much to do, the to-do list seems to get longer by the minute, but the thing i seem to have lost completely is my enthusiasm :(
i have a guide camp to plan, letters to write, things to photograph and sell, wardrobes to clear out (!!) and projects to finish making, as well as (at least) two stone to lose, and a meal plan to create..and my commenting still doesn't work, which is making me feel awful, as i'm reading all my usual blog subscriptions, but with no way to let you lovely people know that i'm still on board :(

hmm, well at least my weekend was rather nice - saturday was spent exit surveying, with a pop into town in the afternoon, missing the library by just a few minutes as i got distracted by all the one-day sales and reductions in the shops..that said, all the things i have my eye on are the ones which are not reduced - which i think is some kind of shopping law! in a similar way to the fact that there is a shopping law which states that the dress you've had your eye on for ages will either sell out by the time you go back for it, or that you'll get it, and it will be reduced in the sale the next day - both of which seem to happen to me haha!

ho hum, and sunday i went to a garden party, arranged by girlguiding for the centenary year, and held at Himley Hall in Dudley, for all of the leaders of the midlands..we got a bus to the hall, had a picnic, and then played croquet (which i had to do in bare feet, as my heels were not allowed on the croquet lawn!) which point it started to pour with rain..i'm not really a wimp when it comes to rain, the way i see it if i'm out and it starts to rain, i'm already wet, so what does it matter if we keep playing in the rain?! it was fun anyway and i did manage to win one hoop! then we had cream tea, and my friend and i went off to the swing boats, for a childish game of seeing how high we could get it to go!! by the time we got on the bus to go home, i had totally dried off, and was ready for a snoooze, but it was such a lovely afternoon and i think really nice that us leaders got somethign special arranged just for us :)

my outfit for the garden party was a vintage laura ashley floral / bow print dress, with a pinky red satin shrug from primark, and a pair of yellow primark heels, as we had been warned in advance that the ground wasn't all that forgiving to heels..

Friday, 4 June 2010

we take three steps forward, and three steps back..

first of all - can i just say a giant sorry for not posting any comments recently, my PC isn't letting me comment on any blogs, just comes up with a big blank space on the comments sections, as though the page hasn't quite's really frustrating, but i can't seem to solve it despite trawling through the help pages on blogger..any advice would be gratefully received...

for a girl who owns upwards of 250 pairs of shoes, let's take a guess at what is a really vexatious thing to hear..

"oh she's wearing those pretty shoes, again"
..last time i went to a meeting to plan the division event we are holding for the girlguiding centenary, i inadvertantly wore the same shoes as the first meeting we had a few weeks previous..apparently! so today i have given another pair a chance, as we have another meeting this's more the fact that unless i make a conscious effort, yes, i am drawn to certain favourite / comfy pairs..and i feel that is a shame when i have so many pretty pairs which i love...i'm considering doing a similar challenge to the shoe girl diaires, which i came across recently..

to the left, is the beautiful bunch of flowers which arrived at work yesterday from a lovely friend :) not only were they a lovely suprise and very pretty, but also made my meany ex horribly jealous as an added bonus! :D

today's outfit, is a warehouse prom dress from a couple of yrs ago, i just felt in a purple mood today, with a sparkly purple shrug i used to way most days in uni, and thought i had lost or got rid of u8ntil recently when i found it had fallen down the back of the chest of drawers where the cardigans live..the necklace is actually from primark, although i always get comments of suprise when i tell people this! i hope everyone has a lovely weekend to look forward to, i'm doing exit surveys all day tomorrow, although i'm hoping the shops are busy tomorrow so it won't take too long, i have a friend coming for movies and sleepover, and a garden party on sunday so i hope the weather stays nice, and i promise to actually take pictures this time!

oh, and in response to one of my comments from yday, which asked about my's a pashley poppy model, in blush pink..and it's one of my favourite things in the world!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

where's your picket fence love, and where's that shiny car?

morning all :) lovely day to cycle to work for the first time this year, so started out early, in order to have plenty of time and miss the busy time, and stop at the parcel office on the way to pick up a lovely birthday parcel from a friend!! a good start to the day! lol
basically as you can see i was a little indecisive with the outfits, but had planned on wearing the new stripey cardi..i love the outfit to the left, i think the anchor print on this skirt adds to the nautical look of the stripes, and i do like the yellow top, although it's turned out to be quite see-thru, so i didn't feel totally comfortable with it..not sure why, but i thought i'd change..ended up with this floral dress and kept the cardi, with leggings and converse trainers added for cycling ease..irregular choice yellow shoes (from sister) as my shoes for once i'd got there..
next i have been tagged to do a Q&A by the lovely Vicky at ladybug-says..
1. What shoe size are you? i try to kid myself i'm a 7 when i see some lovely ones, but i'm more like a 7.5 which means most of my shoes are either a little too big or a little too small...
2. Where do you work? i work for a practice of architectural technicians, which involves architectural CAD drawing, as well as being responsible for the day to day running of the office
3. Favourite piece of clothing you own?my irregular choice tiger shoes..
4. Your favourite blog? the blog i read every day without fail at the moment is closet365
5. Do you have any pets? i did have four goldfish, which lived in a tank in my office, but they were getting too big for the tank so have been moved to my dad's pond to make way for some new, smaller fish..
6. How many siblings do you have? two younger sisters, 20 and 13
7. If you could live anywhere where would it be? i would love to move to a big city, although i wouldnt' want to leave my pretty flat..if i had to move, it would be either to manchester or paris..
8. What were you doing before this? waiting on hold to speak to the bank..
9. What’s your favourite food?gnochhi with goats cheese and spinach and butternut squash..
10. Do you have a middle name? emma
11. Your favourite websites? ebay, or the irregular choice site..
i know a lot of people have already had this tag, so i'll leave it open to anyone who hasn't and wants to partake ;)

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

who said that it's better to have loved and lost, i wish that i had never loved at all..

Today's outfit is one of my favourite purchases from the weekend, i wasn't sure about the fact that this dress is reeeeaaallly fitted, but i don't think it looks too bad on..and i love the fact it combines my two favourites at the moment - stripes and florals! i did something unheard of on my trip to chester on monday and actually tried on things before buying them - alex's influence - and bought it anyway, despite not being entirely convinced i could pull it off..but have received one compliment so far on the dress, so i think it's ok :) the striped cardi is really thin tshirt material, from primark, which i thought would be perfect for layering over things in the summery evenings..

and onto my lovely birthday presents, plus my shopping from the weekend - these yellow shoes were a present from my sis :)
some of the random gifts from my mother below: dinosaur drink coasters, a sparkly calculator for my desk at work, a
handbag keyring/bookmark and sex and the city / one fifth ave books..the dinosaur necklace had me very excited when it arrived in the post..the tights, pearl ring, horse belt, sandals and big bead necklace were a few of the primark purchases from saturday, and the turquoise earrings arrived in the post with a card from a friend..i plan to wear them with the sandals as i think they'll go rather well..also picked up another (!) striped and floral dress, from primark on saturday, which i like, except for the ruffles which i plan to alter as they hang in a rather odd way at the moment..and obviously the rabbit necklace which i wore on sunday..
some of my monday purchases: (the dotty p's dress of course), the yellow polka dot dress was £7.99 from h&m, and the fab sunglasses were from there as well - i loved the tropical colours..the miss selfridge sale provided me with the bargainous striped / sequin dress for £7!!! (i tried this on and wasn't sure at first, but was persuaded by everyone in the changing room that it looked fine, but i think i'll be waiting for a brave day to wear it)..the scarf was also from the miss s sale and i figured i could wear them together as the coulours are fairly similar..the stripey cardi was primark (as mentioned), and the daisy ring was a new look find..the bag was a bday present from mum and dad, from one of the local boutiques in wales..
the yellow irregular choice shoes i have mentioned, i also bought some popcorn print pj's from the david and goliath shop in the bullring - i always find it a total challenge to narrow it down to my favourite pair, but try to limit myself to one pair per visit (which isn't that often, maybe a couple of times per yr lol)..also i totally fell for this floral trilby, and at £3 in the new look sale, i figured it was a total bargain - i will challenge myself to wear it ! i seem to be drawn towards yellow at the moment, the stripey cardi really appealed to me, for the nautical stripes, and i think i will put some nautical buttons on it just to add to the effect a little..presents include: 'a piece of cake' recipe book, where the wild things are dvd, dinosaur money box, and various baking things such as dinosaur cupcake cases and edible glitter ! the topshop earrings are just about noticeable, they have vintage style bambi-deer on them, which reminded me of some of the old picture books my sis and i used to read as kids!
these two floral dresses (pink and peach ones) were from new look..the star print skirt, from the miss selfridge sale, and the various vest tops from primark..the greatest yellow sun hat was from h&m, as was the yellow stripey top..i told you, i seem to have a thing for yellow at the moment..

and the final pictures: the topshop heart cardigan i have wanted for ages, and finally treated myself to on my birthday..white sequin top, yellow bow top, floral button-front skirt, yellow floral dress, and various underwear, all primark. presents: white watch (next), glitter bead bracelet (from little sis), pirate writing paper, and various dinosaur things..lots and lots of new beautiful things to keep me occupied over the next goodness knows how long!! :D my only dilemma is what to wear first!