Wednesday, 9 June 2010

down, down, but definitely not out..

..just a big outfit post today, as i haven't for the majority of this week..
needless to say, blogger comments are still not working on my computer for some reaosn, and i haven't been able to find anyone who knows anythign about it - i can seem to comment on any which come up as a separate comment box, but not on those blogs which just have their comments at the bottom of the page - just get a white blank..
anyway, today's outfit is the green skirt, and the oversized floral shirt, not sure what made me want to wear this shirt, but have tied the bottom so it's at least a little more fitted than i biked to work again today, i have added a pair of leggings and pumps for the journey, and took my heels to work in the basket, along with a heap of parcels to post..

yday's outfit was a pale blue lace dress, from primark, which made me think "alice in wonderland" so i added the rabbit necklace i purchased recently in selfridges, and due to the weather my umbrella print rain mac from h&m..

the other day i was meeting a friend after the gym for a curry and a catch-up, and when i got home from work prior to leaving, it was soo rainy that i decided i needed to wear boots..and which were the most cheerful boots i could find!? these irregular choice peanuts ones..which i thought would go ok with this floral dress from topshop, with the red glittery heart belt i've had for yrs and never worn...

boring floral print primark dress with a purple shrug, from the other day.. and a red floral dress, i think from new look, which i put with a blut cardi and some crazy blue/white nautical striped platform heels from office with patent red platforms...


  1. I bet at work they are amazed that you come to work in so many fab outfits. My very favourite one was the light blue dress and the fab raincoat until I saw the last one, I think that looks really great on you!
    Kandi x

  2. Ooh I like a whole week's worth of outfit pics. The red floral dress is beautiful - any chance of a pic of the heels?

  3. Oh.....I NEED those boots!


  4. Great outfits! Your hair looks lovely in pigtails!