Friday, 18 June 2010

they taped over your mouth, scribbled out the truth with their lies..

this week has been so stupidly busy, that all i'm going to do on this post is catch up on outfits..i'm feeling a little virtuous that i've managed to cycle to work 3 days this week out of 5, which is pretty good going..i was aiming for 2 days a week providing the weather is ok..

last weekend i went shopping with a friend (mainly so we could take things back from a previous shopping trip) and wore my blue petticoat skirt, alice print tee, and some irregular choice heels as i just felt like that kind of outfit ;)
top right is one of the dresses i found in primark on sunday, a fairly boring outfit by my standards, and have slightly ruined the front of the dress, as the lace was being caught on the chain of the necklace all day..
left is the floral tulip skirt i also found in primark at the weekend, with a dusky pink top from h&m and a green chucnky cardi, also primark..
and to the right is the most mismatched outfit of the week, tesco floral top, with a leopard print skirt, which i added bright blue/silver heels to..


  1. I am really liking that blue skirt Char. Very Alice!

    And who knew Primark did such nice chunky knits? The green cardi is lovely.

  2. Some more fab outfits Char. The blue skirt is devine and I love that you are twirling it... nothing like a good twirly skirt. x

  3. Aw I just love the blue skirt, so cute!

  4. I have tagged you in an award on my blog!