Friday, 11 June 2010

when everything you'll get is everything that you've wanted, princess..

right, first up is the outfit i wore yday evening, after returning from work, just to pop to the library with my returns..the skirt was 30p from a car boot sale, the dino tee was a preset from my sis i think, and the star hoodie was from h&m..the oilcloth look shopper is my library book / shopping bag and was a couple of pounds from primark..i quite fancy changing the skirt so that it's shorter and maybe hitch the hem or something, or m,ake it it's lined and i could put another layer of net under it for more shape..

here are the nautical platforms i wore the other day, as requested by alex..keep forgetting to take pics of my shoes recently lol..they were from office a few yrs ago..and i also have the pink / gold version which are like barbie shoes!

talking of shoes, these turned up today - suggestions on what to wear them with would be appreciated muchly :)

and onto today's outfit..i started with the bracelet for this one, and then the fact that i bought this skirt the other week, and haven't yet worn found a plain grey tee and a nautical looking cardi (both new look), and added some irregular choice shoes, enough to cheer up any friday! the bracelet is handmade by me, with lego harry potter figures, and the trolls from the bank, along with some lego amused me anyway :)

and the shoes are recent ebay bargains, which fit perfectly so am rather pleased with them! :)


  1. Love those nautical platforms! I imagine the pink and gold version to be even more amazing! Todays outfit looks great on you!

  2. Your shoes are amazing, I would love to rummage through your place trying shoes on! Those gold brogues are beautiful and made me think of Columbia from Rocky Horror so you have to wear them with hotpants and fishnets! lol
    Kandi x

  3. Thanks for the extra shoe pic! They are gorgeous but I don't know that I'd like the pink ones as much - you know how much I dislike pink.

    The IC ones are amazing too! I'm a sucker for ribbon style stuff. And the bracelet is genius; so glad you took a photo of it :)

  4. I can't think of anything the gold shoes won't go with, they're fantastic =)


  5. OMG I am crazy for your shoes!!!

  6. Love, love, love the second outfit. So relaxed yet very cool. Bracelet is awesome and assures me I can do the same. I have a little lego basketball player that I want to make into a necklace before I see them play. And all the shoes are fab but I esp like the last pair, colours are gorgeous. x

  7. Love Love Love those nautical shoes!!!

    Sal xXx