Wednesday, 2 June 2010

who said that it's better to have loved and lost, i wish that i had never loved at all..

Today's outfit is one of my favourite purchases from the weekend, i wasn't sure about the fact that this dress is reeeeaaallly fitted, but i don't think it looks too bad on..and i love the fact it combines my two favourites at the moment - stripes and florals! i did something unheard of on my trip to chester on monday and actually tried on things before buying them - alex's influence - and bought it anyway, despite not being entirely convinced i could pull it off..but have received one compliment so far on the dress, so i think it's ok :) the striped cardi is really thin tshirt material, from primark, which i thought would be perfect for layering over things in the summery evenings..

and onto my lovely birthday presents, plus my shopping from the weekend - these yellow shoes were a present from my sis :)
some of the random gifts from my mother below: dinosaur drink coasters, a sparkly calculator for my desk at work, a
handbag keyring/bookmark and sex and the city / one fifth ave books..the dinosaur necklace had me very excited when it arrived in the post..the tights, pearl ring, horse belt, sandals and big bead necklace were a few of the primark purchases from saturday, and the turquoise earrings arrived in the post with a card from a friend..i plan to wear them with the sandals as i think they'll go rather well..also picked up another (!) striped and floral dress, from primark on saturday, which i like, except for the ruffles which i plan to alter as they hang in a rather odd way at the moment..and obviously the rabbit necklace which i wore on sunday..
some of my monday purchases: (the dotty p's dress of course), the yellow polka dot dress was £7.99 from h&m, and the fab sunglasses were from there as well - i loved the tropical colours..the miss selfridge sale provided me with the bargainous striped / sequin dress for £7!!! (i tried this on and wasn't sure at first, but was persuaded by everyone in the changing room that it looked fine, but i think i'll be waiting for a brave day to wear it)..the scarf was also from the miss s sale and i figured i could wear them together as the coulours are fairly similar..the stripey cardi was primark (as mentioned), and the daisy ring was a new look find..the bag was a bday present from mum and dad, from one of the local boutiques in wales..
the yellow irregular choice shoes i have mentioned, i also bought some popcorn print pj's from the david and goliath shop in the bullring - i always find it a total challenge to narrow it down to my favourite pair, but try to limit myself to one pair per visit (which isn't that often, maybe a couple of times per yr lol)..also i totally fell for this floral trilby, and at £3 in the new look sale, i figured it was a total bargain - i will challenge myself to wear it ! i seem to be drawn towards yellow at the moment, the stripey cardi really appealed to me, for the nautical stripes, and i think i will put some nautical buttons on it just to add to the effect a little..presents include: 'a piece of cake' recipe book, where the wild things are dvd, dinosaur money box, and various baking things such as dinosaur cupcake cases and edible glitter ! the topshop earrings are just about noticeable, they have vintage style bambi-deer on them, which reminded me of some of the old picture books my sis and i used to read as kids!
these two floral dresses (pink and peach ones) were from new look..the star print skirt, from the miss selfridge sale, and the various vest tops from primark..the greatest yellow sun hat was from h&m, as was the yellow stripey top..i told you, i seem to have a thing for yellow at the moment..

and the final pictures: the topshop heart cardigan i have wanted for ages, and finally treated myself to on my birthday..white sequin top, yellow bow top, floral button-front skirt, yellow floral dress, and various underwear, all primark. presents: white watch (next), glitter bead bracelet (from little sis), pirate writing paper, and various dinosaur things..lots and lots of new beautiful things to keep me occupied over the next goodness knows how long!! :D my only dilemma is what to wear first!


  1. Looks like a truely successful shopping trip! Love the floral trilby, I bought a black one with a floral sash the other day, have yet to wear it though :S Love all your dinosaur themed presents!

  2. Oh wow, I don't even know where to start with this one! I suppose firstly with a great big yay for having made you try things on. And the sequinny dress does look great on you, as does everything you bought! There's so much lovely stuff in all those photos.

    Gutted I ran out of time and had to miss H&M though as it looks like you got some gorgeous stuff from there. Let me save up some dosh and we'll have to have another shopping trip :)

  3. Wow what a fab birthday you had, and all of your goodies are beautiful, I love having a nosey at other peoples stuff! I adore your dresses my favourite is the DP striped dress it looks great on you!
    Kandi x

  4. What lovely pressies - you are obviously adored by your family and friends. xx