Tuesday, 14 September 2010

empty pockets tell a story..

oh boy. today's post is going to be both long, and image-heavy..i have found so many beautiful bargains recently to be excited about, and am nowhere near getting through wearing all of the recent additions to the wardrobe - do you think i shoud impose a shopping ban until all such recent acquisitions have had at least one outing? my bank balance would certainly appreciate it i'm sure..

this pretty purple dress is one of the new buys which needs an outing - foudn in the warehouse section of debenhams, aas my friend and i were actually walking through to find the duvet covers and home section..i saw it and bought it on impulse, despite the fact she didn't approve and that it reminded her of curtains..but each to their own i suppose..i've been drawn to a lot of dark blues and purples recently, so think this will feature quite a lot in upcoming outfits..

i think i'm a little bit obsessed with hats recently..I've acquired so many in the last couple of months, think I may even devote a post to them in the near the weekend i had a fairly lazy sunday, picking up a friend for an afternoon round the shops, mainly for a drive out and something to do..I decided to wear a hat I purchased on a trip to bham with my sis last week..I'm not really sure what the style of hat is, but I liked the bright blue of it, and decided I wanted to wear a pair of irregular choice heels which have only had one outing so far, and I felt they deserved go with these, I added a fairly plain sundress with a greyish blue stripe in it, and a cropped floral orange tshirt, both from river island at different times..the blue belt, I have no idea where that came from, it always makes me think of wrestling or something..

this pretty brown dress was a find by the lovely alex, in her local river island store - try as we might, neither of us have seen it anywhere else, or on the website, and there was only the one..she bought it, but decided against it, so i purchased it from her and it arrived last week, so i got to thinking about what to wear with pick out the orange in the pattern, i added these beads, and the rings, which came from h&m last week from the bullring, i like the stag the best!

another entirely new outfit, this floaty dress was such a lovely primark's printed with little zebras which i think are major cute! i really liked it, the length is quite short, but even so i decided to brave a pair of heels with it..this pair of lilac and silver "cage" style heels were not the kind of style i would generally go for, and really I was looking for a different pair, but i found them in the sale in new look, and they were an entire £3!! So far, in the last two weeks I've worn them twice, so at £1.50 a wear I do think they've been a fab bargain! i actually can't decide which item I like best from this outfit, because i really like the waistcoat! unbelievably this was another primark buy - they have a "limited collection" available at the moment, which seems to be filled with velvet and tweed pieces..a little more pricey than the regular stock, yes..but I personally think it's worth it for something that little bit's my nod to the tweed trend this season I guess, and I do think it will be featuring more often!!
and it's not just with the short dress and heels, recently I've been aware that I have been braver than usual when it comes to tryng things which I wouldn't..par example, we all know I've not been a trousers girl for a long time, but in the past month or so I have acquired two jumpsuits, and two pairs of harem pants, which I actually do like to wear..mainly as a lazy option when pjs just won't cut it, but I see it as a step towards broadening my horizons and not just sticking to the old faithful dress-tights-and-heels formula..
in my last blog post I know I briefly mentioned discovering a shop called vero moda, which I really liked (I'm sure I'm late catching on to this one but must say it wasn't a shop I'd ever really noticed prior to mine and alex's stumbling upon it in liverpool)..anyway, when my sis asked me to take her shopping for a new wardrobe to take to uni, I drove her to the bullring and tracked it down, in addition to my usual high-street haunts..she was impressed, ending up spending about £50 on several items of clothing.which is definitely good favourite of my own purchases frorm there is this floral playsuit - obviously i was drawn to the bright colours and recoiled at the fact it was a playsuit - i.e short!.. but after trying it on, i wasn't too revolted by the look, and as alex pointed out (sensibly) it's about the same length as many of my dresses, so not that bad - i think i just had a kind of mental block when it comes to shorts / trousers..determined they don't suit! i have worn it out of the house once so far, just chucking it on with a pair of flat boots and this navy chunky cardi, but next time i wear it i will try to make it more exciting! :)

another new piece - this green floral pinafore dress, slightly lower cut at the sides, and shorter in the skirt than i had planned, but a cheap charity shop curtain has found a new calling..i picked out the faded pinkky colour in the floral print with the plain dusky pink tee from h&m, and the bag was a new look one a long while ago, which i really like for the croc effect, and the shade of deep plum - it totally makes me think of autumn - purples and blues seem to be my favourite colours now we seem to be at the start of autumn!

another item i just wasn't sure how i would wear when i saw it in the
store, but seeing it again in bham, i decided the floral / bird print was just too cute to resist - h&m have got some lovely floaty pieces in at the moment, and although this top was a little shorter than i would have chosen, i decided to layer it with similar colours and for a day at work it seemed to work ok..the tulip skirt is one of my old favourites, and it works really well as a simple basic piece that can be dressed up or down, depending on how i feel that particular morning..

my impromptu visit to the shops at the weekend not only led to the purchase of the purple warehouse dress at the top of the post, but also a trip to primark..knowing how much i loved the zebra print dress when i had worn it, i couldn't resist the floral version of the same - i do tend to end up with the same item in various different colours when i really love this a bad thing, i wonder?? also, not sure how i will wear the blue lace bodysuit, but i liked the dark blue colour, and quite fancy a little more layering in the future, so will maybe try it under the warehouse dress, or a different summery short-sleeved dress to give it a layered wintery feel..the petticoat skirts were in the sale at £5 each, and i loved both the colours so much i had to get them, with thoughts of layering them under dresses for a fuller look..and the furry headband was a bargainous £1 which i also couldn't resist..the necklace is all those layers of beads in one, which i liked as well - primark really do have some lovely things in store at the moment!

i think i am generally fairly excited about the change of the season..i always get that warm feeling when it comes to considering scarves, hats and gloves..along with winter coats..all the nice warm layers which come with the start of the school year..that said, i'm picturing crispy autumn mornings, turning to that frosty crunch underfoot - neither of which i should think we will actually get to experience - more like slushy rain, and storms..damp gloves and soggy scarves just don't create that same snuggly image for me, but it's nice to dream!! i look forward to layering, and mainly hats this year - i really am becoming a little obsessed with funky headwear!!! today's outfit was chosen around the fact that i wanted to wear my new accessorize cloche hat - it's purple and probably the most expensive hat i have ever purchased - also the most expensive part of the outfit - but the dress was a bargainous £1.27 from ebay, otherwise i'm sure it would have been more expensive!!
the shoe boots are a pair which i picked up in the sale in the irregular choice store in london (mainly because they were my size and in the sale), they are a poetic licence pair - a little less "out there" on the whole than their sister brand IC, but some of them are just as lovely - i think anyway :) i figured that they would go with the colour of the hat rather well anyway, and pick out the purple of hte print on the dress..


  1. Those blue shoes and the purple ones are so pretty and those animal rings are gorgeous too. xxx

  2. So many beautiful things to comment on, Char! I agree, you shouldn't buy anything else until you've worn everything new - shop your wardrobe and all that!
    I'm loving the Paris scene RI dress, the stag ring, all the hats and those divine cage heels, but there again I've been back and visited three times now and spotted something new each time. xxx

  3. You're freaking me out at how similar our tastes are! I had that River Island eiffel tower dress and absolutely adored it (bought online), but it was too tight over my bust-huge disappointment, because I felt all princessy in it! I bought 4 lovely dresses at that time and had to send them all back.

    Love the H&M animal rings-haven't seen them in my local, but then it's pretty crap.

    Also haven't seen the zebra/floral primark dresses-would love them!

  4. So much lush stuff!!!

    I really want those cage heels. Pass them my way when you've finished!


  5. Oooh almost too much stuff to comment on!

    First up, I am so chuffed that the RI dress looks so good on you. I am still sad it looked rubbish on me but hey ho! I imagine it as the mysterious stranger in your wardrobe room now.

    I LOVE that last outfit. Fab dress, amazing shoes and the hat! I must get me a cloche hat.

    And yup, no more buying for at least 3 weeks! Get some of this worn first.