Wednesday, 29 September 2010

if you'll be my bodyguard, i can be your long lost pal..

a really quick outfit post today, which i know i haven't done in shamelessly long - sorry!!

today's outfit started out with the dress, which is the same as the floral matalan one i bought a couple of weekends ago, and which i really like the shape of..the main reason for this dress in particular was that i had an assignment to do at lunchtime which i was told had to be "smartly dressed"..i have real trouble with these kinds of tags! i mean, apart from being a complete oxymoron, what the heck is "smart casual"?!

because i work in a fairly relaxed, small office environment, i never give 'work' clothes that much consideration, i tend to go for my wardrobe staples which are a dress and heels in varying colours and styles..but, as i'm sure is eveident, i've never been part of the black trousers brigade, even in waitressing jobs i've tried to inject a little of my own style into the 'wear black' requirement..i'm quite sure that sometimes my friends see me as a little too 'dressed-up' for daytime wear, and at others, with the kitsch and kooky prints of which i am so fond, too casual when it comes to client meetings or this specific requirement over clothing did throw me just a little..what does one wear in a "smartly dressed" situation?! a suit? even if i owned one i'd think it too formal or too funeral..i always see trousers as casual (if jeans) or too frumpy (on me, even the tailored variety)..not that i own any to choose from..

so i started with the dress, and went from there, through a couple of floral cardigans, which i then decided against as i felt that pattern-clashing, whilst deliberate, (possibly even to the point of ironic) were probably a little too, i went for the plain teal shrug, which i tucked into the belt of the dress at the back in order to avoid the superhero-cape look of the right-hand up, as i feel that's always neater and more formal than just letting it loose, especially as mine doesn't seem to have any particular style at the moment!

i then added the lengthy bead necklace as i like the colour, and put a pair of black / white polka dot shoes (irregular choice, present from my sis) with the whole lot, and a cream rose ring..all in all i was quite pleased with the turn-out, although i;m not sure how it rates in the smart-casual it just me who has issues with this?

oh, and as it turned out, by lunch it was pouring with rain, so my outfit attempts were hidden by my winter coat anyway :(


  1. Smart casual is such a difficult one isn't it? I tend to associate it with trousers and a dressy top but if you don't wear trousers then that's a bit of a problem! I think pretty dress and plain accessories fits the bill perfectly :)

  2. being architect and liking this style I must ask you about what are your point of view about minimalims?

  3. Love the new background, Char! Smart causal is such a misnomer, for a dress code supposed to make people relaxed it causes major headaches.
    You look prefectly lovely. I bet your city shorts would have been a good alternative. xxx

  4. Yay! I think that is the first time I've got your lyrics! I know, I'm rubbish...

    I like your take on smart =) x

  5. Marina - minimalism? I don't really consider myself a fan, as I'm sure you can see from the amount of furniture and other things in my flat!
    Architecture-wise, I definitely prefer old buildings, they have a lot more in the way of character, and the build quality is a lot better!

  6. I hate smart/casual! I am forver feeling over or under dressed for occasions! Love the dress and bright shrug!