Friday, 24 September 2010

the ribbon on my wrist says do not open before christmas..

since my clothes inspiration seems to have taken a between-season break at present, i thought i'd take this chance to do something a little different and post some of the things which have recently made it onto my perpetual wish-list..

i have a little note section on my phone, which i do tend to update when i see something i like, but have to wait til payday or something..or something which is pricey and therefore goes on there for a couple of weeks, to see if i still actually love it as much after a couple more weeks - i'm such an impulse buyer!

the first is this lovely dark green cardi with a dog, from laura ashley - my sister often likes to mock my love for laura ashley - she seems to think it's aimed at 'grannies', but i think that's part of what i like about it - they tend to always go for classic cuts, and whilst expensive, it's one shop where you do seem to pay for quality..

i also love the deep bottle green shade of this, but i think that at £55 i need to take a look at my two drawers-ful of existing cardigans, and maybe pare that down a little prior to purchasing this one..

next one is rather unnecessary, as i do already own TWO sewing boxes, but i do love this little cath kidston sewing box, perfect for keeping all the necessary bits in for all the garments and projects i have yet to get round to "/

LOVE LOVE LOVE these - i tried them on in the Liverpool Office store, but managed to resist them, but i think they may be on my shopping list next week as soon as pay-day rolls around..they're impractically high -maybe, but the colour and the ribbons and the little tie detailing more than makes up for that! oh and the name - 'bedroom antics' - can't help but make you grin!

oh i was reading some fashion rag yesterday and turned the page to this taffeta beauty from jigsaw, but i think it's staying in paper version until sale-time, as i don't think i will ever have £295 to spend on a dress :(

it is beautiful though, i love the autumn shades, and the fact it comes with a removeable tulle net petticoat..
maybe one for the xmas list?? :D

of course, no wish-list of mine would ever be complete without a pair, or two, of Irregular Choice, as who can ever have enough pairs?! I love these, and they seem to be almost impossible to find now, so i shall be ordering them on payday!! :)

and this other pair of irregular choice..I
love the grey felt background, and the little Scottie dog detailing which runs from one shoe to the other..another pair for the Xmas list perhaps..


  1. Hehe, I do the exact same thing with the notes section of my phone!

    I'm so impressed at your restraint by not buying either of those two pairs of shoes yet! The IC ones will definitely still be around at Christmas so perhaps put them on a wishlist? Although I reckon if you're patient those amazing Office shoes will be in the sale in December...

  2. the dog cardi and shoes have stolen my heart.

  3. You really should buy the cardi and the first pair of shoes asap!

    Re your comment - yep, I love that jacket, just a bit too small for me!


  4. Ah, I think we love the same things - Cath Kidston and Laura Ashley :) I also get teased for the Laura Ashley love tho, mostly by people with no taste tho, so its ok haha!

  5. Amazing wish list. I always seem to put things on my list that I know I will never be able to afford!