Thursday, 16 September 2010

you think i'm funny when i tell the punch line wrong..

sorry, vix, i know i've been promising a new car post for ages - here are some not brilliant pics - it looks better with the roof down, but not in this weather haha..i'm still experiencing that new-car glow, and i've had it a couple of weeks now, but it does still excite me every time i drive it..i did have a bit of a dilemma when it came to thinking about a new car..i work only the other side of town to where i live, so it's not like i need a car for that, i have a pretty pink bike which i do try to make as much use of as possible on summery days..

my last car was a land rover, (my second one) perfect for carrying huge amounts of (mostly, unnecessary) stuff around with me, but also great for off-roading when it comes to car boots and guide camps, both of which feature a fair amount in my life..but, after it proved itself to be a little more than slightly unreliable (they sadly didn't make their reputation based on build-quality, it seems), i decided to broaden my horizons..which meant more choice, even further from a decision!
luckily, my dad loves to car-shop, so we did a tour of the local garages to come up with a short-list of options..and came back with the decision made, and the deal done - i just had to wait a month until it could be registered as we bought the showroom's demonstrator "/
that said, that was clearly a good decision, as the sales guy tells me that they have subsequently sold several others, which won't be ready 'til october - i mean, seriously, who want's to wait until october for their new convertible..
i think the choice of car has somethign to do with my recent love of hats - it has heated seats, which means come winter, i WILL be driving around with the roof down (provided it's not actually rainign) with the seats warmed, and wrapped up in a chunky scarf and wooly hat - i've always wanted a convertible, so better make the most of it!! :)
and to keep it topical, i was feeling fairly uninspiured this morning, so just wore the outfit i suggested in yday's post - new floral warehouse dress with the navy lace body under it, and some purple poetic licence shoe boots i wore not that long ago..


  1. Hoorah for a car post! It's gorgeous, Char. I'm not surprised it's being driven on short journeys as well as long ones. Love the colour, too.
    I think you should channel your inner Grace Kelly and try wearing a few chic chiffon scarves around your head and maybe track down some vintage driving gloves.
    Love the frock with the lace body underneath. xxx

  2. It's beautiful and it suits you! I love new car smell, is it divine?
    Kandi x

  3. Oh it's LOVELY! What bad timing that you didn't have it when you came to stay. I can just see us belting around in it, Thelma and Louise style ;-)

    The dress and lace body look fab too. Pfft to your friend who said it looks like curtains - it's nothing like!