Sunday, 31 October 2010

instead of goin' out to dinner tonight, we can grow vegetables underneath our skylight..

having read this inspiring post by Vix yesterday evening, i've been thinking a little more about my own spending habits..yes, i managed to cut down on the clothes-spends last month, and use the money i would have spent for better things; getting on top of my bills, and paying things off sooner than i thought i would etc, but what else can i do..?

don't get me wrong, i'm not being forced to do this or anything, i'm not in a particularly 'bad' position - and i know people who are finding themselves in a much worse financial position than me (which isn't great when it's someone you care about) of my best friends has managed to get themselves into a complete and utter financial mess, and i guess that was what started me thinking about my own situation - it's all very well being judgemental and giving advice when it's someone elses' situation, but who am i to lecture on the subject?! it's not as though i have any debts, but neither am i in a position to buy my own property, which given the fact htat i am lucky enough to have a relatively decent job, with a little better control over my finances i should have been able to do by now - rather than spend every last penny in primark..

 i've never had a credit card; the thought of even applying for one scares me as i know what i'm like when it comes to shopping, i'm always led very much by my heart rather than my head and can quite often end up with things which i don't necessarily suit or, worse still, need..but neither have i ever been that big on saving..
i think i'm going to use the rest of the year to sort myself out a little bit, cut back on unecessary spending (not cut out all spending altogether, as that's kind of going from one extreme to the other), and then start the new year with a new financial resolution to save a set amount each month, which will be a start for me..i think with a bit of sensible budgeting i should be able to do this rather well..

i think it will just come down to "do i actually need that..?!" and making use of the ridiculous amount of things i have already got..i have become a little disheartened with selling on ebay recently, but i may make a bit of an effort to clear out some of the things i don't need / wear / have never ever worn and list them on there..

i realise this post has turned into more of a rambly diary-entry, but i'm going to post it anyway, and hope that it acts as a reminder to me :) please feel free to add any tips..

Saturday, 30 October 2010

i would stop time to stay with you..

i'm still playing catch-up with my outfit posts - hoping to get up to speed soon..this is a work one from earlier in the week, i was pretty desperate to wear my chunky new floral necklace, so went ahead and did so; whether it really goes with the dress or not, i'm not sure, but having had a fairly hectic week with busy evenings, i haven't done anywhere near the required amount of ironing, so the choice of suitably ready-to-wear dresses was somewhat diminished..i do like this miss selfridge dress, though - the print is rather cheerful ;)

i've noticed that i've been missing posting my shoes for the last few photos..will try to do some dedicated shoe-posts soon as i have had a few comments about them..

hope everyone is having a nice weekend :)

Friday, 29 October 2010

i would drive 100,000 miles, if you'd let me stay a while..


 on tuesday, i had a long-awaited day off work, and accompanied my dad and some of his friends to Oulton Park for a Porsche track day..perfectly timed by the weather, it seems to have been the only rainy day this week, and whilst we were there, the rain only stopped for a short while over lunchtime..typical!

i think my dad is definitely the reason i've always been fairly into cars (for a girl, anyway)..i've been with him to plenty of car events and race days over the years, and he's always had an impressive favourites were the ferraris, but he's moved onto porsches now, and  has quite a collection now..
the track day was run by Porsche Club gb and basically gives members a chance to bring their car, and run it round whichever racetrack they've hired for the day (obviously there are a few key rules - NO racing or timing, and let faster cars pass safely)..i was kinda amazed at how many members brought their brand new (Sept'10) cars, to drive them round at high speed on such a rainy day, but ho left his pricey ones at home, and brought his bright green (recently sprayed by a friend with a slow week in the bodyshop!) ebay bargain 944, bid on after a few drinks (pictured above)'s had a lot done to it over the yr or so he's had it, but even so, will never be worth the amount of some of the cars that folks were thrashing around!! one guy had driven his relatively new GT3 several hundred miles to the track, and spent all of lunchtime on the phone to the RAC as he'd been a bit over-zealous with it and managed to wear out a seal or something, resulting in a puddle of coolant under the car, and no way for him to get home!
we brought ours on a trailer, obviously hopefully we wouldn't *need* to use it, but you never know..despite the weather, we spent a few hours putting in plenty of laps, and the car definitely performs a lot better after it's recent improvements - there's still some work to do, but i guess it's an ongoing hobby - and it helps that some of his best mates are porsche mechanics (hence the trailer etc) was a fun day, and we didn't notice the rain that much..

as for my outfit, a 6am start, and a chilly, rainy morning..i went with the warehouse floral trousers i wore at the weekend, over a pair of thick tights, and with my plum coloured pixie boots from primark..a couple of vests, and this thick jumper with rabbits printed on it, also from primark..i wore the ear muffs i'd found in the urban outfitters sale in liverpool for the first time, and totally needed them (except for when i was wearing a crash helmet)..and added coat, scarf and toes got cold, but other than that it seemed to be suitable attire..

Thursday, 28 October 2010

truth be told i miss you - and truth be told i'm lying..

this is an outfit from earlier in the week, i seem to be so behind with the photos and actual outfit posting on the correct day just doesn't seem to be happening - does anyone else ever fall behind...? i guess at least i'm posting more often..

i've featured this dress on the blog before, (see here) and just wasn't sure about it the first time's one i bought on impulse and am not sure if it really suits me, plus it's a size big, and i'm always uber self-conscious about my size :(

anyway, i thought i would use the belt from the dress over the top of the cardi, as that's equally kind of worked, although if i did this again i may use an actual cinch belt, as it was literally just tied in a bow, and therefore kept coming a little loose..

dress: be beau at matalan..
navy lace leggings, and floral jersey cardi: primark..

although maybe not *technically* broken my shopping ban, i did go to the shops whilst visiting my friend at the weekend and come away with a few bits and pieces - mainly accessories..
the black bead necklace seemed to be the only one left in h&m so i thought i needed to snap it up quickly - the beads are giant, and floral printed in mustard and white..i thought it had a total vintage feel to it..also from h&m i got this pair of red polka dot tights..which i am determined to wear - i really like them!
and, of course, a few primark pieces - the scarf is a lot brighter shade of blue than the photo seems to show..
i was very excited when i managed to find the birds on a branch ring, which i've seen on so many blogs recently, i love that it's a two-finger ring..
the multi-strand necklace was a bargain at £1 on the sale rail, and given my love of nude tights, i couldn't get through a primark trip without stocking up! reckon that counts as an epic fail on the clothes-ban...?

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

And we'll roll the dice on a beach-front tropical paradise

 apologies for the fact that these pictures were taken before i'd had the chance to make my hair look that little bit more presentable..
this was my simple Sunday outfit, having spent the previous evening at a friend's house, this was my outfit for our lazy day of shopping, and lunch out..

the star print dress is from george @ asda a couple of yrs ago i think, and i love the colours..i teamed it with bottle green tights, and the teal beads to bring out some of the colours of the stars, and the black cardi, which is a little boring by my standards..that said, i did also add a dark green winter coat to this, and purple satchel bag, (and purple nails)..

a lot of people have asked for a little more about i'll happily do a Q+A post in a week or so..therefore if there are any questions, please comment with them in the meantime :)

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

if you love me at all, don't call..

due to saturday morning's downpour, which timed itself nicely to coincide only with my walking home from the library - 5minutes later and it was glorious sunshine again! nevertheless, i had been drenched, and therefore had to change outfit before leaving for my friend's house..

the dress is one of the many i purchased on my last trip to the newlife centre, and hadn't yet worn - i am making a bit of an effort to wear some of the things which i haven't got round to yet, before i buy anything new..the dress is a bit of an odd length on me, but maybe it just seems that way because i teamed it with these pixie boots, not sure..the topshop cardi was one i had lusted over for aaaaages and then finally bought myself earlier this year on my bday shopping trip, and the silky scarf is antoher one which is just frustrating unless tied in a couple of knots!
as i was just wearing this for the car journey, and the remainder of the evening, i wasn't fussed about being particularly "dressed up" or  i probably would have gone for heels..

Monday, 25 October 2010

and i'm 23 and invincible, got the world figured out and a bird on my shoulders..

 nope, your eyes are not deceiving you - i actually left the house in a pair of trousers on saturday morning! they were a sale purchase from the warehouse outlet store quite a long while ago now, and i hadn't really given much thought to what i'd wear them with, but i decided on saturday that if i wasn't going to get rid of them, i'd have to get some wear out of them!!
i have to say, i'm still not convinced..i thought that some super-high heels would combat the frumpy bagginess of the cut, but i'm not really sure if that works or not..and i thought that i'd just chuck on a fairly boring vest, in a petrol-grey type colour to pick out the colour of the floral pattern, and a sequin blazer-style jacket which i picked up from tesco (yes, again!!) in the sale for £6 back in Jan..

i'm not sure what my weird "thing" is with trousers..i'm always conscious of my "middle section" when i wear a pair, and yet i don't seem to get that same self-consciousness with a skirt and top, which would surely be the same?! i've never been happy with my legs, and maybe that's another reason for not being overly sure - i've always considered myself to have somewhat chunky thighs, and this year's cycling has certainly made sure my calves have grown too, which i'm not happy about one little i'm not sure whether these will be featured again..they may just be sent to the blog sale page..unless i can think of a different way to wear them, as i'm not overly convinced with the look..
i had to change by the time i got home anyway, as a short downpour struck whilst i was walking home (thankfully the shoes dried out ok - i was a little worried due to their velvety finsih!) and i got drenched, so have got another saturday outfit to show also!

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Little League in '93 taught me how to take defeat..

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. Sorry for no outfit post today, typing this speedily on phone as I'm at a friends house for the weekend..outfits
to post tomoro tho..and I seem to have befriended a cat!

I'd like to ask for some suggestions..I have a
little giveaway planned for the next week or so, but want to know what else people would like posts any suggestions/ questions are welcome..

Saturday, 23 October 2010

i wanna run, but only far enough to make you miss me..

 hello all..sorry for being so disorganised for the past week or so, have had so much to get on top of, that the posts have been slipping a little, but i think i'm back on track now..
one of the outfits from this week..
the dress is a primark number, purchased much earlier in the year..picked out of the wardrobe as i was feeling relatively uninspired and it was *relatively* crease-free..

the rest was fairly dull, as i just chucked on a black cardi and black tights - the first wear of the black tights must mean winter is well and truly on it's way..

talking of tights, i was reading one of the Sunday supplements a couple of weekends back, and something caught my attention on tights - basically a whinge that after all of the exciting opaques, patterns and colours, there was a move in the 'fashion pipeline' back to the nude tights..have been desperately trying to track down the article to link, but the writer was going along the lines that granny-style nudes are not cool, esp not for winter..I totally have to disagree here! I live in nude tights most of the time, winter or summer, as I'm not all that happy with entirely baring my legs, and most of the time the weather doesn't give much opportunity to anyway! But what's so wrong with them?! Ok, so I have to buy then often as they don't often last more than one or two wears with me. But as I get them
from primark on the whole, they hardly break the bank. And I think they go fine with everything; whilst I do like opaques, abd bright colours, I'm
not all that confident with them for everyday wear, and I have always thought that black opaques are a little wintery..I guess my point is, nude tights totally get my vote, they're one of my wardrobe staples!

and last up, the shoes..a pair of irregular choice, which I though went ok with the pinks in the dress, and in the lipstick print scarf I threw on too as i was leaving the house..I must really learn the trick to keeping silky scarves on me, I find they all just fall off me, which causes great frustration..

Friday, 22 October 2010

'til the time you start changing the rules, i'll keep chasing the soles of your shoes..

 for a few moments this morning i did have to consider whether or not it was acceptable to leave the house in a rather indecently short pinafore dress, and heels..well, whilst i wanted to wear the heels, i wasn't sure i was quite confident enough for them, and changed into flat pumps (tesco yet again!!)

the outfit is (well, apart from the pumps now), entirely primark..when i purchased it, i had absolutely no idea what i was going to wear with a sheer grey bardot-cut top..but i rather like the neck  details, it's quite ruffled..and i think it works nicely under this pinafore..have just realised what a terribly unflattering shape that photo makes me - maybe the pinafore dress isn't so great after all  :( ! oh well..
the silver sequin shoes are primark also, i don't wear them very often - had sort of forgotten i owned them, but i did bottle out of wearing them today..i like the fact that they have a removable ankle strap, and unlike similar styles, work just as well without them if you don't need an ankle strap..

the blog-win bracelet makes yet another appearance, i'm not sure i'd realised i had so many grey-based outfits until i started wearing this haha!!
apologies for the somewhat abysmal quality of this last photo, i was just leaving the house ( late of course - for someone who rarely sleeps and is therefore up at 5am most days, it's shocking how late i usually am to leave the house sometimes - i just faff!!) and thought of this hooded scarf thing, purchased a couple of yrs ago from river island (had to totally talk the ex into this, he thought it was mad!) it's basically a chunky scarf with a hood, and pom poms - i love it, but rarely remember scarves, so don't wear it enough!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

we're smiling but we're close to tears..

 oh boy i'm so stressed atm..we have our girlguiding centenary finale event this evening, and i don't feel that i'm getting anywhere near completing all the things i had planned to by this point, so this post is short and sweet..another tesco clothing item, bought from the sale about 6wks ago, and finally worn, with a pair of cream lace new look and some blue pixie boots bought from the office sale ages ago..
more exciting posts tomorrow onwards, once one more stress is out of the way - sorry!! :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

every time i look into your eyes..make me wanna die..

apologies for my somewhat moronic expression here, not sure what i was trying to achieve!!
i totally wanted to wear these boots yesterday, so styled the rest of the outfit around them, and they did manage to brighten up my day quite a lot, making it a much more promising start to the week!!

i chose the relatively simple-cut dress, added the skinny belt to pick out the red of the poppies in the print, and the red shrug whcih is from tesco (again - i do seem to have a lot of tesco clothing!!)

i really do like these boots, they were from ebay, but are an office pair, and had no wear on them when they arrived - i was v pleased to find a pair, my friend has the same boots, bought whilst we were in uni in the Office sale, and I have kept my eye out for a pair in my size ever since..and have now finally worn them - i think they'll be a foootwear staple once the weather starts getting a little worse, they're so comfy!! :)

hope everyone else is having a nice start to the week!

Sunday, 17 October 2010

and the shoes you've grown into, will soon start wearing you..

 just another quick outfit post, i love the print on this blouse, but hadn't been sure how to wear it, as the shape is a bit odd..just rather loose..but liking the bow, and the print, i gave it a go over a bluey-coloured vest top, and a boring black jersey skirt..
the rose bracelet from yday is making another appearance, as i do like the colour match, and whilst i know the shoes are barely visible, they are the purple velvet heels from new look :)
hopefully everyone is having a nice weekend, i am having a really relaxed one, as a bit of a contrast to the way the week turned's hoping next week is better...

Saturday, 16 October 2010

surrounded by some bunnies and it aint even easter..

 ok, so this really doesn't have much anything to do with bunnies, but i can't get that song out of my head this week!
this week's lovely post arrived on wednesday and i really did need cheering up! it totally worked, having utterly fallen for her ears headband on Nikki's recent blog post, she kindly made me one..Nikki has very recently, and very bravely opened up her own etsy shop, where she is selling some of her amazing creations..please go and check her out here, as she is fabulously talented and creative !! thank you, nikki, i love my ears very much!! :)

Friday, 15 October 2010

the friday sun bears down again, as we drive with our friends..

 i really really loved this "seven curses" dress from the moment i set eyes on it, in all it's £150 all saints glory..i stuck it on the wishlist and made a beeline for all saints everytime i went to the bullring after that, but the price seemed determined not to fall..
i then found it on the website a little while later down to £90, which i felt was a little more reasonable..and bookmarked the site until payday, when it was 'sold out' - grr!
finally, the story ends with sis and i going january sales shopping to the bullring and there being a few left on the sale rail for £46; resulting in me squeaking in excitement at finding a 12, and rushing to the checkout!! i love the print, which reminds me of pirates and monsters..
today i decided it would go nicely with the grey rose bracelet which was part of the giveaway win i received last week..i love it!! other than that, i just added a thick pair of bluey grey tights as it seems to be a fair colour match, and a dull black cardi..

Thursday, 14 October 2010

tell the devil that he can go back from where he came..

not really feeling myself at the moment, but this is an outfit from the other day, the skirt was a tesco sale bargain £2.50, and the top was also from tesco. the coat has been a winter favourite of mine for the past few years, after finding it in the warehouse outlet store at cheshire oaks..i remember getting home and realising that it still had the security tag in it, and at the time we didnt' have a warehouse store anywhere near, so dad took the hacksaw to it, and we had to hope it wasn't one of those ink ones!

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

she just feels rejected..had her heart broken by someone she's obsessed with..

today's outfit photo is really blurry, i'm not totally sure why, but i dropped the camera on the floor the other day whilst trying to take a speedy timer-photo, so that may just have something to do with it!
the dress is a fitted leopard print number, bought ages ago from tesco (really am suprising myself a little at how much of my clothing is from tesco!)
the black cardi is a relatively boring one, but a wardrobe staple for days when i'm feeling in need of something less "out there" than my usual pattern-clash..
and the gold belt was a total impulse buy from asos a few yrs's a little too large to be a waist belt, which is why when i wear it i tend to prefer to layer it over the top of everything else..i love the little elephant buckle detail!
i don't have a lot else to say today, not in a very good place at the moment, but i'm sure it will get better with time..

Monday, 11 October 2010

right now i need you more than i ever did before..

a thoroughly uninspired outfit choice from friday, this dress was one i hadn't worn before, purchased from ebay - i think it's vintage but not sure, at the very least it's handmade; there are no tags and it just has that "look"..but it fits me really nicely so i am happy with it, just not sure about the boring cardi i put with it..i wasn't feeling very inspired (or happy by the look of my expression!!)

but never mind, it's a new week now, after all!

Saturday, 9 October 2010

i've been running around, always looking down at all i see..

not really a huge amount to say about this outfit, except maybe sorry for the sad state my hair seems to be in, this was taken after a day at work and a couple of hours helping out at my friend's guide unit in the evening, so i guess all the excessive sweeping up of the village hall took it's toll!
this dress i picked mainly to match the nails that one of my guides painted for me at our meeting on monday eve, a kind of deep red colour, which is well matched to this dress - the other laura ashley bargain sale dress i was really pleased with - this is the one i'd been price-stalking for ages (there's v little wonder the snooty woman in our local store doesn't like me is there, all i do is go in, find what i want, and then huff over the price!) but at £35 this was, in my book, a bargain..i do love the style on me, it's a proper girly dress!!
the heels i picked were an ebay find fairly recently - i already have the yellow and red versions, and am always on the look-out for the baby pink gingham pair ;) they're a lovely simple old-style pair of IC's, which i do have in plenty of colours and patterns in my collection, but they are soooo easy to wear!!!

Friday, 8 October 2010

i simply remember my favourite things, and then i don't feel so bad..

today's blog post is all about yesterday's real post..(and also my outfit)..

first of all, as i was ploughing my way through another stressful day at work, the post arrived with some lovely things to cheer me up!! the lovely, and clearly v talented Alex made me this pom pom scarf (she has done a post on how), which i'm trying to decide what to wear with, but looks lovely and snuggly for the cold days we seem to be having all of a sudden - i had to de-ice my windscreen this week for the first time!!

my second lovely item of post was a parcel from the lovely vicky of ladybug says as i was one of the lucky winnners of her giveaway!!
she wrote me a lovely card, and i won all these goodies, so i'm very excited! i love the print on the scarf..

as for yesterday's outfit, i was pleased when i found this vintage dress in the wardrobe, and it turned out that it fits a lot better than the last time i wore it, when it was a little tight around the waist - i do have some issues when it comes to shopping vintage; whilst i love it, i don't really have the figure for a lot of the lovely vintage dresses i come across, so i tend to end up feeling fairly elephanine..that said, i have managed to find some lovely pieces and it hasnt' put me off my love of vintage styles! i do also love this waiscoat, maybe one of my favourite ever primark finds, and there is also a close-up of the pixie boots, as the last pic wasn't very good..the ring is a primark bargain as well i think, and is currently being superglued back together as i managed to break it in two shortly after taking this pic ;S
as for the faux fur headband, it was down to £1 in primark, and whilst i#m concerned i look a little bit like i'm off to russia, i kinda like it..and it was cold with the roof down yday!