Thursday, 28 October 2010

truth be told i miss you - and truth be told i'm lying..

this is an outfit from earlier in the week, i seem to be so behind with the photos and actual outfit posting on the correct day just doesn't seem to be happening - does anyone else ever fall behind...? i guess at least i'm posting more often..

i've featured this dress on the blog before, (see here) and just wasn't sure about it the first time's one i bought on impulse and am not sure if it really suits me, plus it's a size big, and i'm always uber self-conscious about my size :(

anyway, i thought i would use the belt from the dress over the top of the cardi, as that's equally kind of worked, although if i did this again i may use an actual cinch belt, as it was literally just tied in a bow, and therefore kept coming a little loose..

dress: be beau at matalan..
navy lace leggings, and floral jersey cardi: primark..

although maybe not *technically* broken my shopping ban, i did go to the shops whilst visiting my friend at the weekend and come away with a few bits and pieces - mainly accessories..
the black bead necklace seemed to be the only one left in h&m so i thought i needed to snap it up quickly - the beads are giant, and floral printed in mustard and white..i thought it had a total vintage feel to it..also from h&m i got this pair of red polka dot tights..which i am determined to wear - i really like them!
and, of course, a few primark pieces - the scarf is a lot brighter shade of blue than the photo seems to show..
i was very excited when i managed to find the birds on a branch ring, which i've seen on so many blogs recently, i love that it's a two-finger ring..
the multi-strand necklace was a bargain at £1 on the sale rail, and given my love of nude tights, i couldn't get through a primark trip without stocking up! reckon that counts as an epic fail on the clothes-ban...?


  1. Accessories don't count as clothes. That's official.

    Lovely dress by the way. It does not make you look big in any way, shape or form.

  2. Oooh red polka dot tights? Me likey xx

  3. Big? I was just thinking how tiny your waist looked! In fact Jon wandered in whilst I was reading and commented about how pretty you are.
    LOVE those lace leggings and accessories definately do not count because they make an existing outfit far more wearable and saves you buying a new frock. xxx
    PS Feel free to link my post, I'd be honoured.

  4. You look gorgeous. And I agree accessories don't count as clothes, so no-ban-break